A few issues I had during Gary Con X

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Reidzilla, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. Khasimir

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    Amen. I cannot overstate how much I enjoy the venue. The nostalgia, the layout, the service (hiccups aside), the views, the amenities, etc. Should you ever decide to change venues, it will be a sad day.
  2. Mitch the Bard

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    Agreed, 100%. I am certain it is a wrestling match between wanting to see the celebration of your father's life grow, as it should, and wanting to keep it to a size where such a wonderful, wonderful venue can host it. I do not envy Luke and the decision makers.
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  3. DTaylor

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    Thanks for listening and working hard to change things, Luke!
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  4. Navar

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    Thanks Luke & team for all your work. This thread has brought up some annoying issues, but the bottom line is I can't for the next five weeks to go by & to be arriving in Lake Geneva.
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  5. Jarlaxle

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    There is NO reason they can't run the card on the spot. Heck, the guys in the vendor room do it! Any tablet or Smartphone can run a card now with a $7 reader. (Heck, Walmart sells them.) They have to take a card to run it...what is this, 2001?

    Will they run out of chips-again-by lunchtime Saturday? Or did they finally give up on the fresh kettle chips?

    Thank you for the time and work you and the rest of the staff put into this every year, Luke.
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