ADA Mobility Considerations for the Grand Geneva

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    #5: ADA Mobility Considerations for the Grand Geneva

    The Grand Geneva was built in the 1960's well before ADA considerations factored into most designs. Below are some useful pieces of information for those with mobility issues.

    A sincere thank you to Maria Turner for providing this information.

    Elevators: There is only ONE elevator by which guests can access the second floor meeting rooms or travel via the lower level to access the Forum area indoors. If you are in the lobby facing the lounge, the elevator is located to the right of the Lobby Lounge, catty corner from the little coffee shop just off the lobby.

    2nd floor conference rooms Galewood A-D and Evergreen I-III are accessed via the elevator adjacent to the Lobby Lounge.

    The Forum and Westgate conference area is accessed either by crossing the parking lot or taking the elevator adjacent to the Lounge down to the lower level and traveling through buildings 2-4. You will encounter a series of ramps. This is a much longer route than crossing the parking lot, however if weather is inclement the indoor route is warm and dry.

    Yawning Portal GM Lounge located in Loramoor A-C is accessed via staff elevator off the kitchen. You must be accompanied by a hotel employee to use that elevator. Request escort via either the Concierge stand in the Lobby or the Front Desk.

    Swinghurst Theater on the second floor of the main building is NOT ADA accessible. There are several steps before the entrance to the room, and the room itself contains tiered, theater-type seating.

    ADA restrooms: There are ADA restrooms throughout the resort; however, the entrance to the ladies restrooms on the second floor of the main building near the Galewood and Evergreen conference rooms are very tight because of stone pillars that flank the doorways. Wheelchairs and scooters need take care when entering/exiting. The doors to the restrooms near the Maple Lawn conference room will be propped open to facilitate wheelchair access. Those doors are extremely heavy and are not equipped with automatic door openers. We appreciate attendees leaving this door propped open to allow those with wheelchairs easier access.
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    Nice. Good info to give.
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    Take everything you know about hotel design. Flip it over, shift it diagonally, and you have the Grand Geneva.
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    I never realized this until I took a "wrong turn" this year. I was able to roll my cart from a Maple Lawn room all the way to the Forum with no stairs!
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    Seems like this should probably be bumped with 6 weeks to go.
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    On the way from the Grand to the Forums, I died of Dysentary.....Twice!

    On the first day I waned to head back to my room before my next game but got lost, last sign read Great Western Trail. Made it back in time to check out.....

    Frank Lloyd Wright is an evil, evil man and possibly a wizard....

    ok, last one. On the last day of the con I was rolling my game bag to the forums. Someone by the lego map next to the pool pointed out I could cross the parking lot in 30 sec and get to the forums instead of the hazardous switchback tail.

    Its a silly place. :)
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    First year at the Grand I almost did die of dysentary. Ok, that's hyperbolic. It was probably food poisoning and I only had about a 10% chance of dying.

    And yeah, there is a way to minimize the stairs from the main lobby to the forums. First is, weather permitting, going across the parking lot outside. It's direct and there are ramps to get to the forum doors. Second is a path meticulously followed through the labyrinthine halls of the buildings. It took us a while to find it, and each year a few times to remember - but it's possible. Disclosure: I'm not as familiar with the north-end buildings, but I do seem to recall there is a ramps-only path there as well.
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    The resort is a maze and built before ADA considerations were required. But you can get from end to end but it takes some time.
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    As I noted: take everything you know about hotel design. Flip it over, shift it diagonally, and you have the Grand Geneva.
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