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    People ask me all of the time what Artemis is... and I tell them it is not a game that I have any involvement with on the business side - I just think its really cool. We have built a slightly cheesy starship bridge display for it, and invite you to come and be a crewman on board that vessel. Great - that still doesn't tell you much.

    Help is on the way :D My wife and daughter have been taking a class in making YouTube videos, and while they aren't really that good at it yet, they made a video at our NYE party of the gang playing Artemis of the very display we will be bringing. She did have the lights on pretty brightly, and Spielberg's job is safe, believe me, but I thought this might both entertain and inform folks, at least a bit, concerning the Artemis event we're bringing to Gary Con. Hope to see you on the bridge!
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