Attn: GMs - found another glitch, I think.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jeffery st. clair, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. jeffery st. clair

    jeffery st. clair Troubadour

    I recently checked the games that I'm running to see who has signed up so far, and I found that two of my games are listed as having 0 (zero) tickets left, even though they are not actually full tables. One is my Star Frontiers game 308146, and the other is my AD&D game 408409. There should be 1 and 3 seats left, respectively. If this is happening to others on the site, then there could be a lot more seats left at a lot more games out there.

    Just wanted to let our organizer gurus know about this.
  2. Dale

    Dale Administrator

    We will look into this tomorrow. Good catch, as there seems to be a small goblinoid with that game.

    Thanks, and will update you.
  3. seskis281

    seskis281 Level 0 Character

    I have one too... A Darker Shade of Ale C&C sat morning, it reads full but only showing 6 names for 8 spots... with theSP issues I am guessing that two may have returned tix early but the count remained on the game total?
  4. Dale

    Dale Administrator

    Yes. It seems there is a small glitch. We will get it corrected and that will open a few more games up.

    We are not going to list which games are affected, but will update when it has been fixed.

  5. Madcity

    Madcity Level 0 Character

    How does one see who is playing in their games. I click on the game I am running and no names appear?
  6. osarious

    osarious Chevalier

    On your Registration Page, find your Submitted Event and click on the "Tickets Left" number (even if it is zero) and it will show you the names of those who signed up for your event.
  7. Madcity

    Madcity Level 0 Character

    Sorry just says 0 and nothing to click on to see names.
  8. osarious

    osarious Chevalier

    Just click on the zero.
  9. Dale

    Dale Administrator

    The event full bug has been fixed. Events that looked full might now have seats available.

    Take a look at the event listing.

  10. Madcity

    Madcity Level 0 Character

    The Zero is just there no link to click. Update Now it works.

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