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Discussion in 'RPG Discussion' started by shalaban, Oct 4, 2009.

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    About that FF chart if you go to the DMG chart where it says what level for the xp of the monster you'll see some that don't fit from the original MM but there are ones from that book which listed the level and were placed incorrectly. Its easily fixable by following this guideline but you can't use the rolls straight out of the book.

    Some people don't even use scaling (Heck, I don't). I believe the players should "scale" their way out of there if its too big.

    "But what about the paladins, Gene? What about the paladins?"

    Hey! Here is the world's tiniest violin playing for the paladins. What can I tell ya? Learn to manage your healing potions....


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    I have never scaled my encounters either. I always thought that was pretty silly, life sure as hell isn't scaled. When your traveling cross country, those 300 Orcs can usually be avoided with a few precautions i.e. scouts, and common sense. That's something I find really amusing/irritating about 4th ed, is how micro-managed and perfectly balanced the combats are based on group level. Why not just play a miniature game instead? You could just name your minis and give them some personality. "This is Darvin the Ranger. He has a thing for Halfling women. He makes them dress up in school girl outfits and talk like Korean bar girls." OK, maybe not that much personality! :lol:
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    Yikes! TMCD! (Too Much Character Development) I mean halflings- c'mon thats disgusting. Almost as bad as gnomes. ;)
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    *Eyes start bleeding.*

    Please tell me when I can come out of my nice little corner. This is starting to get very skeeerrrry. :shock:

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    You know I almost forgot, I made a tactical stairs reference map layer to layer of the temple dungeon a while back, did you see that?
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    Actually, Darvin sticks to halflings. His half-orc buddy Nivrad is another story though.

    All Nivrad's old orc buddies think Nivrad's moniker "Shaver of Gnomes" means he cuts the little buggers down without mercy, when in fact it refers to his secret gnome fetish which includes shaving them, then dressing them up as french maids before forcing them to massage his knobby feet..

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    I think that was what brought on the TMCD comments...

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    ***Druvas throws up in his mouth***
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    Lol! :lol: Now I am sure this thread is a dead topic… :shock:
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    Its Alive! Its AlivE!


    Seriously, looking back at this all over the place thread, I wanted to get back to bringing up "brain-picking". I'm actually pretty tone deaf in bars/restaurants with a big table full of people so don't bother talking unless you're in close proximity! I just recalled not hearing a word of anything over meals in the bar restaurant at one of the Lake Geneva cons so it just got to the point of exhasperated nodding. I think if you can't yell over background noise then stow it for afterwards or pass a note down.


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