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    Hi guys
    Is anybody here interested in playing Birthright?

    Im running 3 six hour long Birthright games.
    It should be enough time to expand a realm, compete for power, and crown one of the PCs as the new sovereign.
    Ive created a custom map that accomodates an eight player sandbox.
    Birthright domain rules are pretty obscure and can be difficult to keep track of, but Ive created some tools to track the domain level play.
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  2. sir jon

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    I don't recall Birthright ever being run before, but I could be wrong. Having it as an option isn't a bad thing!
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  3. Scott308

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    Hmm. That could be an interesting game to get into. I haven't played any Birthright before.

    ARCHIE Level 0 Character

    Well I hope you are able to join me for a session. If run well, Birthright strikes a nice balance between D&D and games like Risk and Catan.

    ARCHIE Level 0 Character

    I have one scenario where the PC Lords all start in the center capital and have to band together (or not) to defend the country from invasions.

    I have one scenario where the king is dying and the PCs need to fight each other to become the heir.

    And I have one scenario where the crown is usurped by a monster and they must work together to defeat it.

    Its gonna be epic!
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    ARCHIE Level 0 Character

    Game 389: Thursday (bright and early) at 8am to 1:50. A sinister monster has usurped the crown and taken control of the capital. Who will slay the creature and take control for themselves?
    Game 425: Friday from 4pm to 9:50. Defend the country from foreign invaders! The lord who finishes the strongest may make a bid for the crown....
    Game 407: Saturday 3pm to 8:50. The king is on his deathbed, and there is no heir apparent. Civil war is inevitable, and alliances are made to be broken....
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    ARCHIE Level 0 Character

    Each player starts with a tenth level fighter, a five province realm, and a selection of military units.
    Each Domain turn you will raise taxes, accrue Regency Points, handle random events (like brigands, monsters and intrigue in your realm), make war, and perform Actions that will increase your power and position you for greatness.
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    Ooooooh... I see a couple people dropped out of my Friday and Saturday afternoon games.
    Now’s your chance to sign up!
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  9. diaglo

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    i play Gorgon's Alliance all the time. never had anyone in my area interested in playing the normal campaign on a regular basis.
  10. ARCHIE

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    Everybody should play a Birthright ssession at least once.
  11. ARCHIE

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    Thank you to everyone who participated in my Birthright games.
    I will definitely be tweaking some of the rules for next year.
    Garycon XII will have quicker mass combat rules, a bigger map, and more epic story lines!

    Not to mention a character level adventure session for all you regents to roleplay!

    Stay tuned!
  12. ARCHIE

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    I learned some lessons last year in regards to certain rules that don’t work so well in a convention setting.

    Im going to run tighter scenarios in four hour blocks, instead of the six hour sand boxes.
    A smaller map will help keep the game moving fast.

    I will be running 2 domain level games as well as 2 adventures set in the world of Cerilia.
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  13. Poindexter

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    yes. to get the most out of the event i find it best to narrow the scope to something that can be accomplished in the time limit. all the regular campaign style hooks and side quests need to be trimmed or the players become distracted and you quickly run out of time.
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