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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Melf, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. Melf

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    Greetings All,

    We are closing in on the end of October which means pumpkin carving- and submitting your Gary Con X events! GC is early in March this year, so I am asking you all to submit your events as soon as possible to help us get all the work done from approving and assigning space to getting it into the event guide.

    Event Submission ENDS on December 31st, 2017. Ideally I would like to have 90% in by Thanksgiving. Please take a few moments in the coming days to submit your events. As a GM you are part of the team that makes Gary Con happen. This is an especially important year as we mark a decade since my Dad left the world. I really want to see two thousand gamers having a blast playing all sorts of games, swapping stories, and otherwise celebrating together.

    OK- so here is how you submit an event. Go to the TTE website, log-in and get your badge.

    Once you have your badge click on the "Host" tab and select "Submit Events". Here is a direct link

    If you run into any problems, let us know and we will lend a hand.



    Note: I saw some discussion about the end time Sunday. There is no change in the hotel's policy or in our desire to play later into Sunday. The contract requires that we clear out of the convention space by 6 pm Sunday to allow for clean up and use of the facility on Monday. That usually isn't an issue, but if a big group came in and wanted all of the space at 8 am Monday the hotel would require us to clear out on time. Every year the Grand has kept several areas open to allow for gaming into the wee hours. I fully expect that to continue for Gary Con X and on into the foreseeable future. The staff really likes gamers and they keep telling me that it is their favorite group each year.
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  2. gamerdork

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    I've enjoyed my time gaming at past Gary Cons, but with increasing prices I am unsure that I can afford even the minimal 4-day pass. I might like to run games, but wonder how many hours/slots I need to run in order to get compensated a weekend pass? Or is that not even a possibility?

    thank you, and happy gaming!
    - Corey
  3. Melf

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    Hi Corey,

    There is a GM rewards program in place. The information is on the website. If you GM at all you get a GM badge; run 8 GM Stadium cuo (soda and beer specials), 12 hours gets the unique GM shirt each year (cutoff date in OCT or NOV typically). To get a badge credit for the next GC run 16 hours or one 4 hour slot a day.

    We are looking at establishing a GM room with water, snacks, printer/copier comfy chairs and tables as an additional thank you. And I almost forgot about the GM concierge service where we bring GMs a drink and a snack each event.

  4. gamerdork

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    Thanks for the info! Is the GM badge for the weekend, or only the day(s) I run a game? And what happens if my game gets no players and does not run? (I want to run a home brew minis game, but I know Gary Con may not be the best con for that.)
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  5. Jarlaxle

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    Melf-your submission link goes to GaryCon 9.

    And I submitted 2 more games, because I found my Tobruk box! :)
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  6. Melf

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    DRAT. I have both saved as favorites and I must have grabbed the wrong one! Thanks for the heads up and for the events!

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  7. Melf

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    Link is fixed and goes to GC X now.
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  8. Khasimir

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    Aye, as I submitted my 5 events last night! :)
  9. Melf

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    Maybe I wasn’t clear, please let me try again. You purchase a player badge in order to submit events. Once you submit events you get a badge that says GM in it and not Silver. It’s good for all 4 days because we only pre-reg 4 day badges. If you GM 16 hours at Gary Con in 2018 you will have a credit for a badge to 2019. So prime the pump once and it’s free for younas long as you GM- and you earn the other cool perks too.

    If a game is submitted, approved and has people signed up for it- and not a single person shows up. That’s not the GM s fault and it counts. If the GM fail to show up and run the event as promised then he/she forfeits any benefits earned. Of course if someone is ill or has an emergency communicate with the GC staff and we can try to mitigate the impact for the players.

    Thanks for asking those questions.
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  10. gamerdork

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    Excellent, that is very clear now. Thanks again for your time!
  11. Bogie

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    I have submitted one game so far, a Spelljammer adventure. I am considering running a second adventure, but I wanted to check if it is OK to run a Gaxmoor based adventure in the graveyard / tombs just outside of Gaxmoor, but running it using 2nd ed AD&D rules instead of the rules Gaxmoor was written with?
  12. stahlnee

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    Bogie - quite acceptable to run an adventure using a different rule set that it was originally written in.
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