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    Reposting from our website blog so forum users may comment.

    Gary Con fans,

    We hear you- communication has been lacking leading up to event registration.

    Integration of a totally new team, new venue, and new systems has left a lot of uncertainty in the details leading up to now. Many of the timelines and decisions have been finalized only in the last 7 days or so as a result of finally getting all of our back end functions in place. We’ve had our heads so buried in getting things built that we failed to look up and keep you informed.

    Many of our volunteers have put forth a herculean effort over the last several months to rebuild this event from ground up while still preserving the history, community and spirit of Gary Con. Some of them are visible and you know them- many you haven’t met yet. We knew this was going to be a crazy year. The good part is that we don’t have to do a lot of that work again. It’s done. Now we can concentrate on getting your feedback and continuing to grow and make this the best gaming convention it can be.

    To address some specific concerns about event registration- the date was fluid as we were juggling getting a functional system in place and tested vs. running up against deadlines for a completed product for the Con. We’d have loved to have set a hard date and stuck to it, but it just wasn’t possible this year with almost every aspect of our operations being new. That won’t be a problem anymore. For this year, however, it left us with a very small window in which to go live with registration and then close it for finalization. We recognize this as a big problem for a lot of you, so there is some good news- we’ve managed to gain some time on the other side which has allowed us to push registration out one week. That means we’re going to dust off the website, update everything to be current and clear, give everyone a chance to digest everything and give a good hard look through the event catalog before we open the gates. Registration will begin Saturday January 30th (or earlier for premium badge holders). There will be a separate announcement for this and the website will be updated with the new dates.

    Despite the communications issues, our team has put together one hell of a new infrastructure this year that is going to make things much smoother from here on out. At the same time we’ve lined up a mind-blowing 900+ events with the same all-star cast of GMs and special guests that you’ve come to expect from Gary Con, including many new product premiers and first-time Gary Con guests like the WotC team, Jason Buhlman, and Jen Page. This is truly going to be a great event!

    Relying on a small team of dedicated volunteers, we are always striving to do better.

    Thank you for your patience and your feedback, see you in March!
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