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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mwisconsin, Feb 5, 2020.

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    Wisconsin has first case of new coronavirus from China

    Let's talk about Con Crud and how to avoid it. Gary Con, more than any other gaming convention out there, has an aging population. The last thing we want is one of our favorite special guests being exposed to something awful.

    • If you're going to sneeze or cough, don't cover your mouth with your hands. Cough like you're an old-Hollywood-Dracula, holding up your cloak.

    • Yes, we all know the studies about how hand sanitizer makes you evolutionarily weaker to certain biologicals. This is short term and targeted: Use hand sanitizer while you're at the convention. Use it frequently. If you've got a portable, keep it in your pocket and wipe down your hands before and after greeting your friends.

    • Wash your hands frequently. If you're worried about catching something, you may want to wash your hands before and after going to the bathroom.

    • If you're arriving on site with "just a little cough", drop by the drug store on your way in and pick up some face masks.

    • If you're starting to feel under the weather, don't show up for that I-need-toothpicks-to-hold-open-my-eyelids game the next morning, and gift yourself with a few additional hours of sleep. Your vulnerability levels are at issue here, and the best thing you can do to strengthen your defenses is to get some sleep.

    • Do not depend on homeopathic remedies to get you through this. If you feel better when you're on them, then more power to you, but don't make that the final word on the subject. Attend to all of the bullet points above, as well.
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    Good suggestions, mwisonsin. I'm piggybacking one of them.

    If you're starting to feel under the weather or are actually sick, please do not expose other people at an event. Skip the event, return to your room, and get some rest. Everyone at the event will appreciate your decency in so doing.
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    Sounds like SOMEONE doesn't even WANT to collect zombies anymore! You've changed, maaaaaan!
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    I still add them to the Zombie Legions... I just don't want to feel like one nor spread the crud to the Better Half. ;)
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    I’m trying to locate hand sanitizer dispensers like you see in cruise ships. No luck so far. If you know of a place to rent them near LkG holler!

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    Modrin's amazon links were to purell stuff which is reportedly the best hand sanitizer out there.

    Probably over-priced, but if you want to get fancy:

    All the googling I did for hand santizers kept being coupled with port-a-potty rentals and I don't think it's the kind of hand sanitizer we're looking for.

    You could also get just gobs of the small ones for people to take. Someone may end up emptying the bin of them into their bag.

    Or put wipes and pumps like at home, just everywhere and say, "When your game is done, wipe down your table." And leave a single home-use style purell pump at each gaming table.
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    More likely someone ran out of Tide Pods, tried to ingest the hand sanitizer then sued a hotel. :D
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    Can I suggest non-scented hand sanitizer if possible?

    And if you want to have something for wiping down tables, Clorox wipes work better than hand sanitizing wipes (as those usually have moisturizer and can leave a greasy residue); they don't have unscented but the Lemon aren't too overpowering. Or get a few tubs of disinfecting gym wipes.
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    From my blog....
    The Following rules apply to every situation

    1. SHOWER EVERYDAY of the CON, more than once if needed
    3. Carry Spare T-Shirt, Deodorant and a travel Towel... Do a quick wipe and dry as needed and change the shirt
    4. Do not use any cologne, chances are you do not know how to apply it and someone next to you will get NAUSEOUS
    5. HAND SANITIZER - become very familiar with this, do not trust that others will be diligent
    6. AVOID ANY KIND OF BODY SPRAY, including Body Washes and Soaps with Scent

    Even a mild cold or illness can become severe with many people
    If you think you may be getting sick, wear a Surgical mask...

    THINK of the people around you,
    we all put out money to attend, and sometimes things just do not work out

    I also recommend starting a Immune booster 5-7 days before any convention... I have done Airborne and Emergen-c
    I think 10 days is my current recommendation
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    Well said, gmbarry!
    I've caught Con Crud more than once over my many years of attending numerous conventions. My patience for sick people showing up at my tables is exhausted.

    I enjoy gaming with just about everyone but if you're sick, skip my event(s). No game is worth infecting others and the families of said others. We can sling dice together some other time.

    If you stink, skip my event(s). No one at the table paid and traveled to be subjected to gamer funk. Period.
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    man, if only someone who worked in public health would provide researched data. oh, wait. i know someone. try these links. if you want to understand what it means to go on an outbreak: if you want to see what is suggested for a convention in this case Dragon Con go here:

    edit: more importantly your tax dollars pay for use the search engine

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