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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Wil_Upchurch, Feb 28, 2020.

  1. Wil_Upchurch

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    Hi all,

    I would like to request that Garycon adopt some formal health-related policies in response to the global outbreak. Folks will be flying in from across the country (and from other countries), and, I hate to mention it, the virus's malignance increases with the age of its host. :) I appreciate that they're looking into portable hand sanitizer rental, but I think some behavioral policies should be crafted, publicized, and enforced so that we can live responsibly during this time of crisis.

    I don't know what's reasonable because I'm not an expert, but we have a resident expert in diaglo who has already posted some good (but not adequate, imo) information about protecting yourself at the convention. I would like to see Garycon reach out to him to craft a policy as well as behavioral recommendations for congoers, with gaming-specific contexts centered (so not just a generic "sneeze into your elbow" kind of list).

    Formal policies up front will help everyone be calmer by avoiding ad hoc responses to visible illness, coughing at game tables, etc.

    Please let me be clear, I am not complaining or calling out anyone. I'm just suggesting Garycon get ahead of this, and hoping that as a community we can live responsibly, and even contribute to the fight, during this crisis.

  2. Wil_Upchurch

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    One suggestion I have is that Garycon offer full registration refunds to congoers who elect to stay home because they are sick. If they could talk with the hotels about honoring this, even better.

    As a community, we could follow this up by having a donation box/fundraiser to buy and send games to those folks who made the choice to protect us. They are our Viral Paladins. :)
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  3. francisca

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  4. JediSoth

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    I would definitely kick in a contribution to anyone who voluntarily stayed home because they are ill.
  5. DTaylor

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    As would I. I think that's a great idea.
  6. Handy Haversack

    Handy Haversack Chevalier

    You're right, francisca. Seems like the con might owe us all personal whisky bottles -- for safety.
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  7. scottmbruner

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    I realize this is a much smaller con - but I would love some type of formal announcement on contingency plans. (I know right now, the concern is the silver registration! but I definitely harbor some concerns).
  8. Ancalagon

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    I would commend anyone's consideration of fellow gamers if he/she skipped the con due to illness.
  9. Ancalagon

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    The whisky bottles (or flasks) could be part of the swag bags. I'd be happy to trade any 5e / PF freebies for increased safety. ;)
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    Indeed! As my esteemed colleague has pointed out proper application of alcohol could be the key to this whole thing! In addition to peer reviewing the above research (using the rocks variant) I shall conduct my own study regarding the application of Spotted Cow as PPE. know for science!
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  12. Harley Stroh

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    As a judge / GM, I can also commit to doing my best to run substitute games online, sometime after the con, if I am forced out by sickness.
  13. sd8k

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    Hey Luke, can we get a grant? For research and stuff.....

    As part of the Thomas Dolby SCIENCE group, of course
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  14. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member

    Greetings All,

    We have talked to the venue to see what their plan is to help mitigate risk in their space. They have taken some measures and I will be working on a statement so everyone understands what measures are being taken, some resources to make an informed decision on what is in their best interests and make a personal decision. We are not medical specialists and don’t even play them on TV. Certainly one of the responsibilities and risks of purchasing any ticket to an event is illness and deciding to stay home if you get ill or have a family emergency etc. We will do the utmost to facilitate a safe environment to gather and celebrate. The basics are very important- hand washing, disinfecting, tissue use, staying away if you are ill....

    There will be risks of illness are slightly higher this year and certain populations have more risk of severe consequences so it will be up to individuals to weigh the facts and make the decision they feel is best. Most all of us can and will have a great celebration and be able to share camaraderie if we take some precautions to protect ourselves and our fellow attendees.

  15. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member

  16. diaglo

    diaglo Chevalier

    i was attending until this week. with the State of Emergency declaration as a diabetic i am in a risk group. i will not be attending. this is a personal decision. if you ask me directly i would tell you to not go. and i could link to all kinds of recommendations which show why backed by peer reviewed journals and the like for similar what will happen data. the State of Wisconsin has the call. until they use the word "ban" it is your own personal decision. this is the only convention i attend. i was running two sessions and playing in others as previous years. i will say because it is bothering me to no end. LOOK OUT FOR YOUR ELDERS. in particular Tim Kask and James Ward. they are both in high risk groups.
  17. diaglo

    diaglo Chevalier

    the literature shows why you pick the cutoffs. i was thinking they would pick 500 (high school football game or prom) as the number since they only had 7 cases at the time. but they picked 250 (think large wedding or funeral). Illinois picked 1000. Seattle is 250.

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