Dangerous Journeys

Discussion in 'RPG Discussion' started by Rhuvein, Mar 29, 2009.

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    I sent you a PM. Looks like you and your friends are having a great time playing Mythus. Thanks for posting.

  2. deathsdj

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    I just found this site and am excited about actually seeing some DJ discussion going on. I am a huge fan of the game but unfortunately I have never actually met anyone else who played.

    That does not stop me from planning a campaign in Aerth, such an amazing setting! Gygaxian at it's best!


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    Dang I wish I had found this a long time ago. I just registered for the express purpose of saying hi.

    While not quite on the level of some (rare few!) around here, I did JM Mythus games pretty much exclusively from 1992 through around 2010 or so when I finally switched to Savage Worlds.

    But I missssssss it. And I found a stack of 8-page HP Records we printed with card stock 'covers'... and they need to be filled in, I think...
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    I sent you some DJMGRPG goodness jvgriffis! Let me know if you got it alright. :D
  5. shalaban

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    Nine years later.. I am still gaming this wonderful game! Still expanding the information. I have just been quiet. Going to stay so for a while longer. However, when my time opens up, I will post more. I hope to run this game again at Gary Con again someday. Higher education takes a long time, and that is what has eaten up most of my time. I finished my BA in History with a minor in Philosophy in DEC 2018, and I am currently working on my masters in History, heading down the path for a PhD in History. As well, my music production takes my time up too, having released two albums worldwide with a third on the way, but I love it!

    Although, I am not here to say what I have been up to, as much as I am just popping up to remind everyone that this game is awesome and is still being played! And while I may be staying quiet, I will still respond here (or provide another means of communication that may facilitate better communication) to any direct questions occasionally if any happen to appear.

    Until such time, live long and game on!
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