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    I'm all for it, but from what I remember, there are SO(!) many HP possibilities, I'd probably actually need to start putting some thought into what sort I'd like.....wow.

    ALSO - thanks a BAJILLION, sir, for being willing to do this - methinks it'll shape up to be huge fun!
    I'm almost positive both Gene & Ken would be in, and hopefully Donal too - especially if we can behave ourselves and get crackin' on some gaming!

    (And, mayhap, just putting it out for consideration, perhaps a certain traveler from parts Italiano?)

    Volunteer-wise though, Jeff was a red-lanyard this last year too, and Paul, , and Amanda, and Dale's brother Woody did some stuff too. Not sure who of these might wanna play or not, just naming names.
  2. shalaban

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    No need to thank me; I love this game! It’s always a labor of love for me and well worth it! Thank you (and the others) for the interest in it and my personal campaign.

    Keep these things in mind though when considering what HP you would like to play: I have some other Vocations you can play that are not in the core Mythus book. i.e. The Witchfinder, The Syllogist, The Weaponsmith, etc. So if you wanted to play any of these other HPs, we would need to get together on the phone to discuss the ins & outs of whatever Vocations one might want to play as well as to be advised as to what new Vocations are available. Also I do not allow Non-Human HPs. Your selection will also be narrowed down by the first roll you make. (This is your Social Economic Class Pg. 50 Mythus Core book) As it will be generated as a random roll, and as all Vocations fall within a given SEC range (SEC Vocations Pg. 63 Mythus Core book) you will need to know what your SEC is before you will know what Vocational options are available to you. Once we generate your SEC, we can discuss what Vocations you can select, then the serious thinking and selection process can begin! :cool:

    Yes Luca is invited; after all, my campaign is set in The Kingdom of Rome! ;) As far as others though, I would like to keep it between 8-10 Players (so there is some wiggle room) as the logistics of rolling up a HP in this manner is a bit untested for me and I am not sure how long this will all take. But with 8-10 Players I think we can do it. :)
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    Just sent an invitation. You'll see on FB.
  4. Peter

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    Hi Shalaban
    I am a JM myself, and I saw in your earlier post, that you had created some new vocations for HP's.
    If you dont mind, I would like to get a copy of the new vocations. One of my players have been really exicted about playing a smith, and I saw that that was one of the vocations you have created.
    Would have loved to come to Gary Con, but since I live in Europe I dont think it is going to happen soon...
    If you are willing to share, please mail them to me at mythusreader "at" yahoo.dk

    Kind Regards
  5. shalaban

    shalaban Chevalier

    Hi Peter,
    Welcome to the Gary Con forums! I am always happy to meet a fellow JM, we are a rare breed indeed. :cool:

    I think I can do you one better than giving you just the Vocations. :cool: The Vocations of Weaponsmith, Street Youth, Witchfinder, Forester, Courtier, Actor/Entertainer, and Artisan are all in the Mythic Masters Magazine. There are 6 MMM and I have them all and I can send you a hyperlink to my SkyDrive where you can download them. There is lots of invaluable information in them for running a DJMGRPG.

    As for the Vocations of Witch/Warlock, Necromancer, Sorcerer, Naturalist, and Syllogist, these are the ones I have created and as such are only on notebook paper. However, keep watching this thread as I intend to post those of mine within the next month, Fate & Circumstances willing. :)

  6. shalaban

    shalaban Chevalier

    Peter, I converted those MMMs to PDFs for easy viewing. Enjoy! :)
  7. shalaban

    shalaban Chevalier

    What might have been for the DJMGRPG…

  8. Emperor Xan

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    And some people wonder how RPGs have influenced technology....lol
  9. Melf

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    I think Dangerous Journeys could be a much more accessible and easily managed since most everybody has a laptop computer these days. The HP generation and STEEP point assignment would be easier with the assistance of a few programs (excel spreadsheets maybe). And modules in electronic format would alleviate much of the JMs work- and have lots of cool artwork imbedded or even just landscape pics to set the mood. Ah what could have been....
  10. shalaban

    shalaban Chevalier

    I agree on all those points. :cool: And so as not to repeat myself too much on how I feel about this game, see the 1st page of this thread where I go on and on about such. :D (Any new readers that is, I know you know Luke. ;) )

    I know a lot of people think this game is very complex but it really is not. The Universal Core System is elegantly simple, and allows for an unbounded amount of complexity to be hung on its skeleton. However this very philosophy (which one would think highly applicable to any RPG :shock: ) seems to have its inherent difficulties. I think your father says it best-

    Clipped from Mythic Masters Magazine #1 SEP 93 GAMESPEAK … the DJ Patoit ©1993 Trigee Enterprises Corporation

    “It is probably obvious to all readers that the new system does that and more. It isn't anything like any others. There are superficial resemblances, of course, because it is role-playing, after all. In order to achieve the game form there has to be certain forms that establish it as that sort of game. Yet beyond those the system begins to diverge, often radically, from other RPGs. This is obvious in the Mythus Fantasy Roleplaying Game component and the divergence will become greater as more portions of system are brought on line over the coming years. It could be that certain criticisms of the system, and the reluctance of some gamers to try it, stem from the clear differentiation between it and the rest of the pack. Those imposing books are daunting to the dilettantes and casual participants who believe that shallow milieux with minimal rules enable easy play and empower those employing such devices. Wrong.”

    “What these sorts of games do is limit the scope of play to the particular genre and milieu and force conformity through lack of choice. True, very able game masters can expand the setting and possibility of actions by participants by creation and innovation, but that occurs despite the vehicle, not through it. On the other hand, the Dangerous Journeys Multigenre Roleplaying Game System furnishes the participants with knowledge. Knowledge is power. This system is the highest-powered vehicle ever created for the exploration of role-playing. Those big books provide the engine and the range -- and even the body styles to be employed -- when exploring the cosmos of the game form. One can stay "at home" with one genre or soar through the whole of the cosmos. Play can be as simple or as complex as desired. The rules and supporting works are encyclopedias of knowledge pertaining to role-playing, and the Journey Master and players use the entries to determine just how narrow or broad, fast or slow, uncomplicated or detailed their exploration of the game form is to be. This is indeed a radical departure from all other role-playing games. Perhaps others will eventually copy this approach; as of now it is unique -- so different, in fact, that it appears only those with extraordinary discernment have been able to understand its nature, to grasp the power it places in their hands. It is a system that requires ability and knowledge.”


    Clipped from Mythic Masters Magazine #1 SEP 93 The Town Crier’s Gone Mad! ©1993 Gary Gygax

    “There is another insidious thing occurring. It resembles character assassination. Unlike the blatantly prejudiced published material, it's hard to put a finger on. Could it be that after trying to stop the Dangerous Journeys game system from ever being published, that someone now is attempting to squelch it, to prevent it from growing and thriving, and to eventually actually destroy and bury it? Could be.”

    “There seems to be a sort of whispering campaign going on. It goes something like this: "The game is too complex. The game is unplayable. The game is too structured. The game is too rigid. Nobody (that means you) likes the game. Nobody is playing the game. Nobody..." Well, you get the idea. This sort of crap makes me a whole lot hotter under the ol' collar than the less-subtle sort of attack. It's nastier in that it's insidious and can be refuted in only one way: one must get out and openly demonstrate that it's hogwash. Of course, one merely looking at copies of the Mythus game materials might think there was a modicum of truth in such whisperings. The rules books are big, after all. Then again, so is a dictionary or encyclopedia! Good grief, can't people distinguish between information and rules? Whew! Some can, and you, Perspicacious Reader, are living proof of that.”

    “Hell's bells! The Dangerous Journeys game system can be whatever you want in a role-playing game, and that's the beauty of it. It's the Journey Master and players who determine complexity, playability, structure, rigidity of rules, and so forth, not the books or me! Not that the system is perfect, not by a long shot. It will get better with your input, of course, and right now I happen to think it's better than any other role-playing game system out there. If you agree, show the flag whenever you can. In that regard I'll do the same. Look for me at the big convention I started twenty-four years ago (not twenty-five, mind you; they can't get anything right). I'll be running some totally free-wheeling demos where participants won't even have to put an HP together first before playing, and we'll use Advanced rules too. Piece of cake. By the way, if you do show up too, don't just take up space; come on down and run some demos, too.”

    “The clapper's about worn a hole in the side of the bell, so I'd better stop sounding the ding-dong. By next issue, though, you can be sure that I'll have a new gong to beat, so be ready when next you hear the familiar call...”


    “The opinions expressed in this column are solely those of Gary Gygax and do not necessarily reflect those of the Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, or any of the other staff of or contributors to this publication.”

    Indeed it was these two articles that made me want to do a demonstration of DJMGRPG.

    I wanted to do one at GCI & GCII but I was not sure there would be an interest. I far as I know and as of this time, there is like maybe 10 or 15 people in the world capable of running this game on short notice. Clearly I don’t know everyone in the world, but if there are many JMs out there, their sure staying quite. :? :shock: I have had conversations with people overseas in the U.K. and Portugal who were JMs and alone as far as they knew in that fact. And out of those 15 people, most do not have access to things such as the Journeys Multi-Dimensional Role-Playing Journal, Mythic Masters Magazine, Unhallowed, and Changeling information. And out of those that do have such access most are not actively promoting this game at a convention.

    Let me say here that this is not a slight to those who do have this material. I am just trying to establish how rare this system is. And to that end, should these few DJMGRPG enthusiasts pass from this Earth without passing this paradigm shift in the philosophy of Role-Playing on to others, it would be a loss to society. :cry:

    So as long as I can make it to Gary Con there will be a DJMGRPG demonstration and a DJMGRPG Event. ;) :D :cool: :ugeek:
  11. shalaban

    shalaban Chevalier

    Peter wanted me to share some of the original Vocations I have developed for the Mythus RPG, so I thought I would post this one first. I will post the rest as time and interest warrants.

    This toughly wicked Vocation was designed using the guidelines in the Mythus Core Rulebook- Appendix E: Creating New Vocations, Appendix L: Vocation et. al. Name Definitions, and the needs of my personal milieu/campaign. The information (and design philosophy) on the Negotiation K/S Area and Sub-Areas is posted earlier in this thread.

    NOTE: Given the moralistic nature of the associated Sorcery K/S Features and Castings, the use of such requires a Pact as detailed in the Mythus Magick book Pg. 12: Pacts With Evil. This EP is absolutely evil and should never be used as an HP.

    Vocation: Sorcerer
    Related Vocational Trait: Mental
    SEC range: 5-9
    SEC at start: 6

    Vocational Knowledge/Skill Bundle

    Sorcery* 28 SMCap
    Conjuration* 28 (SMPow+SPPow) x 0.5
    Demonology* 24 MMCap
    Occultism* 24 SMCap
    Dweomercræft* 20 MMCap s
    Magick* 20 MRCap
    Multiversal Spheres & Planes 15 SPCap s
    Negotiation 12 (MMCap+MRCap) x 0.5 s
    Arcane Magickal 12 MMCap
    Hiero-Ægyptian 12 MMCap
    Combat, Hand Weapons 12 (PMCap+PNCap) x 0.5 s
    Gemsmith/Lapidary* 12 (PMPow+PNPow) x 0.5
    Astronomy* 12 MMCap
    Biography/Genealogy 8 MMCap
    Chemistry 8 MMCap
    Gemology 4 MMCap
    Geology/Mineralogy 4 MMCap

    Total: 255
  12. Peter

    Peter Level 0 Character

    Cool, I actually just needed a sorcerer :D
    My HP's are exploring the house of a sorcerer and his 3 semi demonic daughters.
    Now that you are at the subject of sorcerers and pacts...
    How do people create pacts ?
    Also one of my HP's have picked picked up some books on sorcery in the house, and I am considering allowing the HP to be able to cast sorcery castings, though most likely without the benefit of a pact. (Don't want an evil HP in my party).
    With a pact you get a bonus to Heka through the muliplier, and I would properly also allow a person with a pact to know the name of some "critters" so summon. With out a pact a person would need to learn these names from reading in tomes and research (e.g. demonology K/S). Also I expect that on a critical failure a person under a pact is better "protected", through their pact with a "high" ranking demon or the like, while the un-pacted sorcerer are in deep trouble when making a critical failure. Does this seems about right ?
  13. ScottyG

    ScottyG Chevalier

    I don’t have a set pact.
    The sorcerer may have access to a ritual. The being, or a proxy, may or may not show up, but there would be some signit was accomplished.
    There may be a coven or cult involved in the ritual. Again, the neither being may or may not make an appearance. There could be some agent, a priest, or possible some lesser being.
    As described, sorcery is evil. It’s infused with evil, and empowered by it. It’s a benefit and a restriction. I couldn’t justify allowing non-sorcerers to use it. I don’t se the rituals as neutral as ‘abracadabra’. When a sorcerer is performing a casting, I imagine all sorts of foul things being called upon.
  14. shalaban

    shalaban Chevalier

    The method for creating a pact is detailed on Pg. 12 of the Mythus Magick book under the heading- Pacts With Evil. But generally speaking one would either summon or encounter an evil being of sufficient power and negotiate some kind of contract as outlined in the Mythus Magick book. What kind of evil being that would respond would depend on the Journey Master and his milieu/campaign. The Journey Master would play the part of the evil being and through role-playing you and he would work out the details of the pact as outlined on Pg. 12 of the Mythus Magick book. As Scotty G points out there is no general template contract as there are numerous variables.

    The rules state that one cannot use the associated Features and Castings of the Sorcery or Witchcræft K/S Areas without a pact. After all, what evil being would just give over power without gaining something in return? :shock: However your Player’s HP could still use the books to learn the Sorcery (or Witchcræft) K/S Area and use that knowledge and skill as outlined in Mythic Masters Magazine #3 (or Journeys Magazine #6); Counter-Necromancy, Counter-Sorcery, and Counter- Witchcræft: Non-Evil Use of these K/S Areas for HPs. :cool: (Of course you are free to run things as you wish in your own milieu/campaign. :) )

    Yes you get a multiplier to Heka with a pact. However, no summoning names should be given as the evil being giving the multiplier will usually not be inclined to give out True Names for the summoning of its own kind. So that sort of extremely arcane information should still be handled via the Demonology/Occult K/S Areas. (Again, as above, you can handle this in whatever way works best for you and your milieu/campaign. :) )

    As far as “extra protection” goes, if a persona with a pact is summoning a creature that is a servant of the evil being who gave the multiplier, then maybe so. But if a persona summons some other evil being then all bets are off and one must rely on their pentagrams, castings, Heka, magickal items, and K/S Areas.

    The use of the Sorcery K/S Area’s Features and Castings require a Pact. A Pact must be made with an Evil Being. A Pact requires a Heroic Persona to be Evil, which excludes Heroic acts making the Heroic Persona in effect an Evil Persona. And as suggested in the Mythus Magick book on this topic, at the point that an HP becomes an EP, the JM should remove Player control of the persona.
  15. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member

    I know a Pact with Evil is necessary to cast Sorcery castings- atleast that was my Dad's intentions. I had a witch hunter that had sorcery. That helped him understand what casting or rituals were used and the like. Only someone that "sold their soul to the devil" could use these powers. And that was a very dangerous and usually short term endeavor.

    I am pretty excited to get back into playing some Mythus. There are so many things I want to do, I need to find the time and a decent gaming group to do it.
  16. Emperor Xan

    Emperor Xan Troubadour

    Pull rank on your soldiers and call it a "team-building" exercise. :cool:
  17. geekpreacher

    geekpreacher Spellbinder

    Don't we all? I think every gamer in our age group goes through the same problem. I haven't been able to find a regular gaming group for a number of years nor have I found the time to play on a regular basis. Location plays a huge part in it but work also does as well.

    I'm hoping once I finish this degree (required by my denomination) that I'll be able to find some time to look for or build up a gaming group. With the owner of my FLGS looking to sell, that is also going to make the gaming scene a little more quiet in my area.

    I'm sure your work has made it difficult for you to find a steady gaming group, Luke. How much longer do you have before you've got a steady base of operations? Do you ship out fairly often or do they give you a good amount of time home and then away again?

    (For me, I don't know if I'm going to be at a place one year or the next. It all depends on need and experience as to where they send me so the instability does get a bit frustrating after a while.)

    Hope all goes well in finding a gaming group. Wish me the best as well.
  18. shalaban

    shalaban Chevalier

    Yep, Sorcerers and Warlocks cannot activate Sorcery and Witchcræft castings nor use their associated K/S Features (Which for Sorcerers is the powers of Delusions, Impsummon, Ratseyes, Flamesdance, and Kiteseyes. And for the Witch/Warlock it’s the powers of Eyebite and Beastform.) without a Pact.

    Any Heroic Persona can possess and use the Sorcery & Witchcræft K/S Areas without a Pact under the guidelines as given in Mythic Masters Magazine #3 (or Journeys Magazine #6); Counter-Necromancy, Counter-Sorcery, and Counter- Witchcræft: Non-Evil Use of these K/S Areas for HPs. As Luke points out, using theses K/S Areas as a counter to themselves (as most HPs do) can be very beneficial to certain Vocations and generally helpful to all HPs. In terms of game mechanics, having something that can counter something as fast as an Eyebite is a needed balancing factor in game terms.

    I am very excited to have the honor of running a campaign for you and the Gary Con staff. :cool: (And Luca too!) And of course if you are ever in my area, look me up and we will definitely do some gamming with me and my Players. :D
  19. Peter

    Peter Level 0 Character

    Well, I see your points. Have also just read through the note in MMM3 on counter sorcery, and that seems like reason enough to learn some sorcery, witchcraft or necromancy.
    Had not seen that before, really must set aside time to go through all MMM's ;)
    I guess I could also change the subject of the books to conjuration, as I would still like to add some summoning ability to the HP party.
    Thanks for the comments :D
  20. shalaban

    shalaban Chevalier

    Yes the MMMs are a great boon to the JM! :cool:

    Yes, I think Conjuration would work well. Don’t forget though that someone in the group will need the Demonology and/or the Occultism K/S Areas as an activator for the Conjuration K/S Area. ;)

    Thanks for your interest in DJMGRPG! :D

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