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    Good Luck GP! I am sure there are some gamers in your AO if you look around and ask at the hobby shops. I should heed my own words. At Gary Con III- I told the mother of a Soldier at the Defense Language Institute where the local hobby store was and she (the Soldier) is now in a regular gaming group. I have lived here since 2005 in the same area but have not really looked actively for a group. I have a friend from Jr High that lives 45 minutes away and we game every so often, but life always derails our attempts at a regular role-playing. I have high hopes that Brendar will come through since he moved into the Bay area- and I may yet get a C&C campaign rolling!

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    I actually have a good relationship with the owner of my FLGS but, sadly, he's trying to sell the business. He's a young guy (24) and has gotten overwhelmed with the job.

    The only RPG's they have running regularly are 4E and 3.5. I could easily play some 3.5 but the guys who play are all single and don't start gaming until about 8 or 9 PM on a week night. I just can't fit that into my schedule. The other option I've had is running a game myself and there have been some people that have shown interest but the problem with that is after speaking two to three times a week the idea of running a game is a little tiring. I'd just like to sit on the sidelines instead of being the one behind the screen.

    Of course, I did receive some good news today in a round about way. My wife's ears were bothering her so I made her go to the local Convenient Care after church. I went with her and it just so happened that a good gaming buddy of mine who'd moved to Memphis was her Doctor! I hadn't seen him since he'd moved and even though he said he only worked in Jackson on the weekends I could tell he was itching for a game!

    (The really interesting part is that his "little sister" is my regular doctor and a gamer as well. I went saw her a while back and talked gaming with her when I had to go in for a check up and didn't even realize she was his sister. It had been a few years since I'd seen her.)

    So, with that in mind, I'm going to try stay in touch with him and see if we can get into some gaming.
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    I have finely got around to scanning my six Journeys Magazines into PDF files! Now I have my own PDF copies of all six Mythic Masters Magazines as well as all six Journeys Magazines! :D

    I have looked everywhere on the WWW for PDF copies of these and could not find them anywhere; legal or otherwise. :shock: If anyone would like to “take a look at my copies” (as well as my copies of Unhallowed and Changeling) PM me here and I will send you the hyperlink. ;)

    Here- https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=7278f380 ... 169%211371

    is the Heroic Persona Sheets I designed. I designed these because (IMHO) the HP Sheets that come with the game are woefully derisory. When I converted them to PDF format I left plenty of margin space for Players to write temporary session notes.

    Most of the role-playing information is recorded at the top of the first sheet. Below that is recorded frequently used information. i.e. Traits, Categories, Attributes, Avoidance Numbers, Magickal Items, and Money.

    Page two is for armor and movement. It is designed to track armor piece by piece, but can be used for average armor tracking as well.

    Page three provides forms for all types of weapons and formulas for initiative by weapon. The formula is designed for the “30 beat” Critical Turn System as described by Gary Gygax in Mythic Masters Magazine. If you do not use this system simply ignore it. Here is also a handy Speed Factor Table which is compatible with the “30 beat” Critical Turn System, and a Strike Location Table for Front/Rear. Finally there are areas to record your HPs Doge Factor and PR Rating.

    Page four is for recording K/S Areas, Sub-Areas, and their STEEP.

    Page five gives a place to record equipment and its weight. There is also a place to keep track of encumbrance vs. movement. There is no official method of keeping track of encumbrance in the Dangerous Journeys system. I simply use the system from the 1st ED Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game system, but instead of units of encumbrance being measured by the term “Gold Pieces” (GP) I use Encumbrance Factors (EF). So the numbers to use in the blanks are 350, 700, 1050, and 1050+ as per Pg. 101-102 in the Players Handbook.

    Using the Appendix G: Converting from Other Systems to Heroic Personas in the Mythus Core Book and Strength Table II Pg. 9 of the Players Handbook I have come up with a Encumbrance Bonus Due To Physical Muscular Power Table. I may post it on the Gary Con Forums, but until then I suggest you make your own, it’s easy.

    Page six is the place to record all information on Heka and Castings. There are charts for Base and Readied casting times, Heka Costs by Casting Grade, Heka Recovery Time, and a Time Unit Table.

    Please let me know if you find the HP Sheets useful. :)
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    Got it. :cool:

    Will hafta give it a look after work & hopefully get started transferring info over to it from what I'd had...
    Thanks, sir!
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    we're in the same taxi brother. :oops:

    I'm hoping to find some experience before or perhaps during Gary Con 2012. :D
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    Regarding the HP I'm making for your GCIV staff/volunteer game, did the above-referenced MM #3 specifically use the names "Counter-Necromancy/Sorcery/Witchcræft (i.e., if I chose one or more as a bonus Spiritual K/S area, would I write it down thusly, or just use the regular name given in the core book?
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    Could I get a copy, rtf or pdf would be fine.
  8. Mythusmage

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    I'm back! :mrgreen:
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    I know I've bumped in to Shalaban a couple times these last few GaryCons. Always asking about his information and about how I'm a fan. Sadly it usually ends with me not really following up. So...

    Said the Dalai Lama, "Can you make me one with everything?"


    I already own DJ-M1 (glowing all the way through with highlighter), DJ-M2 (ditto), DJ-M3, DJ-M4, and the screen. I also own Role-playing Mastery & Master of the Game. Plus all of the 7 fantasy world series, if not all in hard copy.

    I used to own DJ-M5 (managed to buy it direct from the warehouse before it was locked down). And Journeys 1-6. Sadly I sold these well over a decade ago.

    The MMMs continue to remain elusive to this day, but I have a funny story about them. The 3 novels I simply never bought earlier and haven't yet now. Everything else of course was never published, so I've never had access. However I do remember reading the first 2 books my first semester of college in '92 and needing to break off of them for schooling purposes. These were probably my only real addiction akin to videogames, which I've never had or had understood in others this point. There is awesome stuff in these books and while I don't necessarily agree with all of the design, I hold them hope like I do the AD&D books. A profound amount of Gygaxian pleasure with his indelible mark. I use this stuff in my own game in so much as preferring Aerth to the Known World for OD&D.

    Any kind of help you can offer would be great. I've been lax in buying back the old stuff and will probably wait until the prices go down. The first 4 are more than enough to keep me busy, not to mention D&D material as well. I can send an email or PM as needed. Just let me know.
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    About that, Luke...

    There are 6 eager gamers ringing the Bay up here waiting to make something happen. I don't think it's too much to ask for one Saturday a month? I know several of us have been getting our asses kicked by life the last few months, but it seems that the storm has passed for now. I'll kickstart the email thread and see what we can make happen.
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    Eric/Luke- is this happening? The months are ticking away! Let's get rolling on some HP creation!
  12. Melf

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    Eric is on it. I an the dead weight here.

    Eric when do you want to run? I will have to get my s@*t together and generate an HP.
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    I mean, happy for you folks - sounds great! =]
  14. prolificvoid

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    I've got a pretty decent start on mine - a cavalier native to Roma, who lacks the typical disdain for peasants and the lower classes, but instead uses the blessings of his status and its attendant (relative) affluence to covertly thwart (pronounced, step-on-the-throat-of) oppressors, scoundrels, and blackguards, and others who are just d-words.

    I think I've got my K/S Areas selected, including bonuses, and presuming I correctly determined them, their respective STEEP.

    I really need to decide on a name, though. Being from Roma, I think I'll re-watch some Spartacus: Blood and Sand for inspiration.

    I'm probably past due for a review with Shalaban, actually . . .

    UPDATE (a few hours later) : Think I've got a good idea or three on a name. Cool.
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    ProlificVoid- Yes, MM #3 specifically calls this K/S Area(s) Counter-Necromancy, Counter-Sorcery, and Counter- Witchcræft. They should be recorded as such on your Heroic Persona Sheet.

    howandwhy99- I would be happy to share what I have! I will PM-you the hyperlinks.

    Mythusmage- Glad to see your back! This was the first Mythus material I worked on and since then it has become the victim of a hard drive crash. However, I still have my hard copy and the original files (pictured above) that I had backed up on a DVD. I will PM-you some hyperlinks to what I have which includes PDFs of the MMMs & Journeys Magazines, HP sheets, non-PDFs of the Unhallowed and Changeling rules and more. I hope that it will be of some help/interest.

    Concerning the creation of Heroic Personas for the Staff/Volunteer DJMGRPG, I believe I have PMed all concerned my phone number so check your Inbox. If it is not in there PM me and I will send it again. As Prolific Void can attest to, phone conversations are the most productive for me as I do not have a web cam and E-Mail is impractical for this endeavour. Be prepared for at least 2 or 3 calls of 2-3 hour length design conversations. If long distance cost is an issue let me know and I can call you. You will also need to download the PDF of my HP Sheet (the hyperlink to my Sky Drive where that file is located is given above) and print it out and have it ready when we begin the process.
    Once you have my number and HP Sheet, PM me and we will set up a time for the first session. I usually have weekdays 8PM -2AM open.

    Should this system not work, or time just does not pan out for anyone, DO NOT PANIC! I will have some pre-generated HPs available for the Players.

    If however you have some of the books and want to do some things on your own, I am providing a 42 Step HP Creation Checklist. This is not a definitive list; it is just what I and my Players use. It should have a paragraph or two after most entrees with page references, but it does not for now. I will get to that someday soon though. All I ask is if you do some of the steeps ahead of time you record which steeps you did so we can go over them. The reason for this (mostly) is that there are so many corrections, expansions, and options that need to be added to the core books it is likely that your material is not up to date.

    So with the above caveat here is the checklist:

    1. Choose Gender
    2. Chose Age
    3. Roll for Birth Rank
    4. Roll for Quarks & Counter-Quarks
    5. Roll for Race
    6. Find Place of Origin
    7. Find Nationality
    8. Choose Religion/Ethos
    9. Roll for Attractiveness
    10. Chose Completion, Hair (length, type, color) and Eye Color
    11. Roll for Handedness
    12. Roll for Joss
    13. Roll for SEC Level
    14. Roll for Money
    15. Chose Vocation
    16. Generate and assign Attribute Numbers
    17. Roll for Full Practice status if applicable*
    18. Calculate ELs, WL, CL, RL, EF, and Base Avoidance numbers
    19. Roll for Connections
    20. Record Vocational K/S bundle and calculate STEEP numbers
    21. Record Universal K/S Areas and calculate STEEP numbers
    22. Chose Bonus K/S Areas and calculate STEEP numbers
    23. Apply any SEC adjustments to K/S Areas
    24. Apply any Geo-Educational adjustments to K/S Areas
    25. Apply the option of Axing the Bonus Vocational Trait K/S Area to Redistribute it’s STEEP among other Vocational Trait K/S Areas
    26. Apply the option of Rudimentary K/S
    27. Choose K/S Sub-Areas
    28. Apply option of Specialization
    29. Determine number and Grades of Castings
    30. Determine which Castings are Known, Recallable, and Studieable
    31. Buy Equipment and record its Location & Weight
    32. Calculate Space in Containers
    33. Calculate Encumbrance Factors and it’s effects
    34. Record Weapon data
    35. Record Armor data
    36. Calculate Movement
    37. Calculate Doge Rating
    38. Choose Build, Height, Weight, General Description, General Dress and any other salient facts
    39. Calculate PR Rating
    40. Calculate Heka
    41. Calculate Heka Aperture
    42. Determine mannerisms and Background, and Name
    • A Vow or Pact must be done “in-game”
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    Flippin' SHWEET on the checklist, thanks!
    Although I can already see I went out of the order listed there, while I've yet to do others listed sooner, seems a relatively minor hopping about.

    Hey Eric, assuming you see this in time, how about a phone HP counseling session tomorrow (Thursday) evening?
  17. shalaban

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    Yes, tomorrow night 10PM (my time which I think is Eastern) I can do if that will work for you. It is our Trick or Treat night here tomorrow and I and my wife will be taking our 6 year old out! :) But I will be back and ready by then.
  18. prolificvoid

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    Yep, Ohio seems to be EST, so 10 for you will be 9 for me. As far as I know that should work.
    Being as you've got the candy looting in the evening (c'mon, lots of chocolate!), I'll let you give me a call at that time, or a bit later if necessity should so dictate.
    So I'll wait for you. Thank ya, sir!

    Side question for the interim, if you happen to see it beforehand:
    Using my HP as the example, given Roma has his place of origin, would it be a reasonable assumption that he could well have an ancient Roman style/tradition name?
    I haven't yet found any information to contradict the assumption, though nothing either to affirm it aside from what I believe was a reference to (if I may paraphrase) Aerth being a sort of reflection or parallel of their real world inspirations.
    So my naming considerations have thus far been in the vein of the ancient Roman style. If I'm off base, let me know.
    Regardless, hope to catch ya this evening, sir.
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    Will you PM me your number so I am sure to have it please? ;)
  20. prolificvoid

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