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    Concerning the naming of your HP, Ancient Roman names are the most common, (especially among the aristocracy) but there is a notable French & Celtic influence and a smattering of Ægyption too.

    I use (and if you were at my house rolling up this HP, this would be the book I would hand you for name selection) the Gygaxian Fantasy World Builder Book Vol. IV “Gary Gygax’s Extraordinary Book of Names” by Malcolm Bowers. Pg 120 is the location of the Ancient Roman names.
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    Did a bit of "footwork," and between Google'ing "ancient roman names," tooling around a few sites found thereby, and having Spartacus: Blood and Sand on (again) in the background, I think I've narrowed down to a couple of options, pending your approval of course - as well as what I'll run by you as an alias...
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    While I like continuity in nomenclature as I feel it creates a more robust background, the naming of an HP is solely the Player’s choice. I will approve whatever you like for a name. You could make up a name; or have a Roman last name, a French first name, and an Ægyption middle name. Etc. :)
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    I'm floundering out in the extreme east end of the Bay Area.
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    Hey all - Regarding the DJMGRPG session that Shalaban graciously offered to run for previous staff and volunteers, I've created a new thread under the General Discussions section.
    It seems that the discussion on this thread should be more about the RPG in general, and not be cluttered with information regarding a specific event/game.

    For discussions regarding the aforementioned specific Dangerous Journeys event being hosted by Shalaban, please use the new GCIV Staff/Volunteer Dangerous Journeys Game thread - again, under the General Discussions section.

    Other DJMGRPG talk - have at it!


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    This is the revised systematic list with page numbers that my Players and I use to create Heroic Personas for the Dangerous Journeys: Advanced MYTHUS Fantasy Role-Playing System. You do not have to do it this way, but this is what we like. I did not list page numbers for the Mythic Masters Magazine entrees because there are two different versions with different page listings and I thought that might be confusing. I hope this helps for those of you that want to play Advanced Mythus.

    42 Steps to HP creation (42? Yea, you know why…) :)
    PHASE 1
    1. Chose Sex N/A
    2. Chose Age MCB 104
    3. Roll for SEC level MCB 59
    4. Roll for Birth Rank MCB 103
    5. Roll for Quarks and Counter Quarks MCB 107-108/111
    6. Roll for (or chose) Race MCB 110
    7. Find Place of Origin EoÆ 241-268
    8. Chose Nationality EoÆ 241-268
    9. Chose Ethos and Religion MCB 196
    10. Roll for Attractiveness MCB 102
    11. Find Complexion, Hair length and color, eye color, General Dress, etc. N/A
    12. Roll for handiness MCB 109 NOTE: Ambidexterity = Weapons Special Skills K/S Area (Florentine)[PNCap+2d10]
    13. Roll for Joss MCB 102
    14. Roll for Money MCB 114
    PHASE 2
    15. Chose Vocation MCB 63
    16. Generate and assign Attribute Numbers MCB 67
    17. Calculate ELs, WL, CL, RL, EF, and Base Avoidance Numbers MCB 67-68/211-212
    18. Roll for Connections MCB 115-116
    19. Record Vocational K/S Bundle and calculate STEEP MCB 70-95
    20. Record Universal K/S Areas and calculate STEEP MCB 96
    21. Determine number of and chose Bonus K/S Areas and Calculate STEEP MCB 97
    22. Apply SEC adjustments J #1 Pg. 6
    23. Apply Geo-Political Educational adjustments EoÆ 223-237
    24. Apply option of axing the Bonus K/S Area from the Vocational TRAIT for redistributing MCB 97
    25. Apply the Option of choosing Rudimentary K/S Areas MMM
    26. Roll for Full/Partial Practice status MCB 142/195 etc
    27. Chose K/S Sub-Areas and record STEEP MCB 137-200
    28. Apply option of Specialization to K/S Sub-Areas and calculate STEEP MCB 98
    PHASE 3
    29. Find number and highest Grade of Castings MCB 137-200
    30. Chose Castings MMB 32-299
    31. Determine which Castings are Known, Recallable, and Studyable and record information on Spellbooks MMB 29-31
    32. Calculate Heka MCB 276-277
    33. Calculate Heka Aperture MMM
    34. Buy Equipment and record locations and weights MCB 114-115/117-122/235-256
    35. Calculate Space in Containers
    36. Calculate Encumbrance and its effects
    37. Record Armor Data MCB 248-249/254
    38. Record Weapon Data including Bonus for PMPow, STEEP, BAC, Perception, # of Atts, etc. MCB 236-239/224/164
    39. Calculate Movement Rates MCB 130-133
    40. Calculate Doge Rating MCB 226
    41. Calculate PR Rating MCB 221
    42. Determine Mannerisms, Background, and Name N/A EBoN

    MCB= Mythus Core Book, EoÆ= Epic of Ærth, J= Journeys Magazine, MMM= Mythic Masters Magazine, MMB= Mythus Magick Book, EBoN= Extraordinary Book of Names
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    I posted an older version of this here but this one has been updated a slight bit. It also has the virtue of being endorsed by Dave Newton who co-wrote Dangerous Journeys with Gary Gygax. (Which I think is pretty darn cool!) :cool:

    In the Mythus Magick book on page 356 under the heading ‘Things of the Conjuror’ in the second column the entry of ‘Sword’ it states “When dealing with conjured beings, the sword’s wilder will gain a 10-point STEEP bonus toward the Negotiation K/S Area.”

    In the Mythus Magick book on page 357 under the heading ‘Things of the Sorceror’ in the second column the entry of ‘Sorceror’s Sceptre it states “When the sceptre’s owner brandishes the device in the presence of any being from the Nether Planes, it confers a bonus of 20 points to the persona’s Negotiation K/S for purposes of dealing with the creature.

    In the Mythus Magick book on page 260 in the first column is a Sorcery Grade I casting called “Negotiation Charm”. This charm seems to call for the aforementioned Negotiation K/S Area.

    My question is where is the definition of this allusive K/S Area? I have looked through Journeys Magazine, Mythic Masters Magazine, the Mythus, Unhallowed, and the Changeling material and elsewhere, but to no avail…

    I envision it thusly-

    Negotiation (MMCap + MRCap) x0.5 •

    Negotiation: This K/S is a measure of one’s skill at a discussion with the intent of all involved to produce an agreement of compromise. A good negotiator will have the skill to empathize with all parties concerned. Unlike the Influence K/S, an equitable compromise is the goal of all parties concerned and the terms are always understood. The following Sub-Areas are covered under this K/S:
    1. Business, Guilds
    2. Deals, Pacts, and Pleas
    3. Haggling
    4. Hostage
    5. Political

    A roll against this K/S will often be necessary to convince one or more OPs to agree with each other on a set of terms. Precisely which Sub-Area you will use, will vary greatly with the situation.

    Sub-Areas 1 and 5 tend to apply to a group of people, whereas 2 through 4 are more one on one in nature.

    Business, Guilds is the skill at ensuring equitable economic practices between employers and employed as well as between business mergers and buy outs. It crossfeeds and is crossfed by the Economics/Finance/Investing by 10% of their respective STEEP.

    Deals, Pacts, and Pleas is the skill at negotiating a set of terms between just two individuals. Deals are by far the most common, while Pacts are only carried out between those of an evil nature and always involve servitude of some sort. Cf. Negotiation Charm, MMB Pg.260. Pleas apply mostly to law but can apply in any case wherein the person being pleaded for has no bargaining leverage as one might have in a deal or pact.

    Haggling or bartering is the skill of driving down an over priced item to its normal price or better. Most times this will mean a K/S vs. K/S test between the Haggling Sub-Area and the Salesmanship Sub-Area. (Moreover, I ask you what merchant would not have the Salesmanship Sub-Area?)

    Hostage is the Sub-Area used for mediating the safe release of those held captive by negotiating the demands of the one or ones holding hostages with those in charge of enforcing the law. Hostage is crossfed by the Law K/S area by 10% of its STEEP.

    Political is the Sub-Area someone would use when dealing with large governmental entities of any type. This Sub-Area works like mounted combat in that it allows one to use any other Negotiation K/S Sub-Area in the context of large governmental bodies from city-states to empires. It also allows one to understand the basic governmental structure as it relates to his or her home government and thus at the very least keep one from any large mishap of the law and culture.

    Keep in mind that one Negotiation K/S roll can cover a time span from a few moments to a few hours however, negotiations can last months or longer in which case your Journey Master will inform you as to how many rolls will be required.

    Also keep in mind that when you fail an attempt (or series there of) at this K/S, you are unlikely to get a second chance under the same set of circumstances any time soon.

    A Special Failure indicates that regardless of how far negotiations have gone, they end immediately due to some faux pas on the part of the negotiator. A new re-negotiation attempt, at a -2DR (-1DR if a new Negotiator makes the attempt) at some other time may be attempted. However, significant concessions on the part of the failing party to all other parties involved in the negotiations may offset the -2DR at the Journey Masters discretion.

    A Special Success indicates that thereafter, such a successful individual gains a +50% bonus to all reaction rolls with all concerned parities. Moreover, the terms reached via negotiations in this way, last longer at the discretion of the Journey Master.

    Special Successes and Special Failures are the rise and fall of a negotiator’s reputation as word spreads.

    What do you think?
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    This is a very old map found in an Atlantlan Temple in Inner Ærth. The map depicts 21 alternative worlds and their relation to each other in Time and Probability. 19 horizontal sections each of which is an epoch in Time, starting with the Paleolithic and ending in the 26th Century. Colored Circles represent worlds. The Large Blue Center Circle is Ærth. The size and color of the circle (the outside of the circle not the inside) represents how similar or dissimilar to ‘Ærth Normal’ that world is. The Inside Color of the circles represents the Individual World.

    This map is the final part of an ongoing puzzle in this adventure concerning 8 Bronze Obelisks found built in a jungle in a spiral pattern.

    The Bronze Obelisks all look the same. All look like Bronze, are 4 sided, 34 feet tall, 5 feet wide at their base, tapering to a point. All set on a Plinth that is 34 X 34 X 5. On one side of each is a 1 inch deep recessed area, which can be made to disappear to allow entry. Inside is a black felt table sat on and attached to a podium. The table has many multi-colored gems sat into spaces. Along the top of the table are 8 Amber colored gems of varying hues. Bellow them are 22 different colored gems. At the bottom, middle surrounded by a raised border is an empty spot. All along the left side from top to bottom and also separated by a raised area, are 8 empty spots.

    The Players have found out that if they arrange the 8 Amber hued gems in the spaces to the left in the right order and in the right obelisks, then enter into the obelisk at the center of the spiral and place one of the non-amber colored gems into the bottom center space, a Gate will open. They have also ascertained that each colored gem connects to a different world. They have also have determined that all of these numbers are in the Fibonacci Sequence including the Golden Spiral the obelisks are built in. They have surmised that the reason that the obelisks were built in this Golden Spiral pattern was to take advantage of a natural dimensional fault line in the same shape. A place where the dimensional fabric wears thin in the multiverse often takes such a shape.

    If the Players happen to defeat a certain 8-foot tall bull headed demon, they may find this map. Each colored circle corresponds to one of the colored gems in the obelisks. With this map they should be able to get a good idea what kind of parallel worlds compared to their own they have access to and which gem connects to which world. The language written on the map can be decoded as well; it is not just for looks!
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    Wow Eric! That sounds like a cool story arc. I love the idea of dimesion hopping or planar travel. I had lots of fun using the Spear of Zagyg to wander the planes- lost hopelessly! I am sure that your party will have an awesome time solving this puzzle and unlocking the secrets of the multiverse!
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    Thanks! :)

    We gamed it out and they had a blast! Me too! They only had to resort to K/S rolls two times, Joss once, and the internet once too. Nevertheless, they figured it out mostly on their own.

    I have a fun one worked up for this SUN too. As some know, my campaign is based in the Kingdom of Rome, which, in my campaign, has been on an Imperial Conquest for the last two years in an attempt to restore her former glory. In that two years Rome has seen much success in its endeavors. (In part due to the actions of the HPs.) The veneration of Mars within the pantheon is on the rise throughout the realms. Battles rage each season aplenty. It has been said that Mars and his Cohort have been seen on the battlefield on two occasions, appearing to the aid of Roman troops when needed most. Over half of the HPs have Vows with Mars.

    Currently the HPs are having some “down time” in the gentle Wine Valleys of Italy in their home village of Sion. Dispensing some much-needed governmental delegation, studying, resting, drinking, and such, safe in the heartland of the Kingdom of Rome. It is the 13th of Ondec, the 2ed Soulday, a day set aside for the veneration of Pluto and the day before the Autumn Equinox. The war season is winding down.

    Although most mortals on Ærth (including my Players) do not know this, the Autumn Equinox will bring with it the last big battle of the season. A battle that is important enough that Mars and his Cohort will likely contest should things not go Rome’s way. Plenty of Venerations have been given allowing this to happen at this point in the unfolding of events.

    Back in Sion the HPs go about their business when they receive a visitor. Those outside will know something is up when the plebeians around the area of the local inn start staring in fear at the inn, some trying to back away and finding that they are weak with fear almost to the point of incapacitation. Overcoming their own fear, as is normal for HPs, they may investigate to find that the new visitor’s name is Pallor, and that he is only here to meet his brother Pavor and share a bottle of fine wine with him before the battle tomorrow. They will know when Pavor arrives when all the plebes run in terror and they have to make rolls to not do the same.

    Anyone who knows a little Roman mythology will see how much fun this could be (Especially with respect to those with Vows to Mars!) and what role-playing opportunities might occur.

    After all this I think they will head back to Ægypt to finish what they started there, though I never know what they will truly do… The last time I thought they were going to Ægypt they ended up in Ohio of 1984 and stayed a year. :shock:

    Though, now you see why I might need maps like the one above… :)
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    This is the Atlantlan calendar I made to keep track of time in my Mythus game. Each An (Year) is made up of 10 Decans (Months), each Decan has 36 days divided up into three Trids of 12 days each. At the end of the An there is a 5+ day Rebirth Festival. The Trid is like our week, but has 12 days, Soulday; a day set aside for divine worship. (As the An passes one would observe 30 Holey Days divided up between the Seven Ethos. 7 for Sunlight, 7 for Moonlight, 7 for Balance, 7 for Shadowy Darkness, and 2 for Gloomy Darkness. Since my campaign is set in the Kingdom of Rome, I have the top 30 Roman Deities throughout the 5 Ethos represented on this calendar.) Northday, Southday, Eastday, and Westday are normally given over for work for the self. Moonday; a rest day. Hekaday and Winday are days of working for your Overlord. Fireday and Waterday are for more self-work. Earthday is a Market Day. (The Market Day changes throughout the Decan in the three Trids. The 1st Market Day emphasizes Produce, the 2ed Livestock, and the 3rd Mich. Goods.) Lastly, Starday, which is another day of rest.

    I have also assigned seasons to the progression of the An, and established where the For Equinoxes will occur. :ugeek:

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    You are so awesome. Your passion for and knowledge of this game is amazing and admirable.
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    Thank You!!! I am very humbled by your accolades.

    As my Players and I have made this system come alive again, there is much more to post. Research-Drafting-Creating-Play testing-Posting is how it goes for me. The first four come along just fine for me, but I do get somewhat backed up in the posting.

    Example: I had to do a bit of research into Roman Mythology to make this Deity List (You see one of three pages here) so that I could finish my calendar. However, now I also have a convenient list of Deities divided up by Power Levels and Ethos etc. for my Players. So sometime soon, I hope to post a list of Roman Deities for the Mythus game. The list has gone through the Research-Drafting-Creating-Play testing phases so…

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    So now, I have some homemade screens for Dangerous Journeys! No help waiting for the next cool DJ product to be released; better do it myself. I know just what I want too! These are much more efficient then the old ones too! They don't look so great but... :cool:
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    I got the back of my screens done so I thought I would upload a few pictures to go with the front views I had.

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    Eric, you're by far the most dedicated JM I know.
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    Do you know other JMs? :shock: :) :ugeek:
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    In as much as people who've tried to run DJ sessions but couldn't find players.
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    Well, as I should have said in my last post- Thanks for the complement! :D Fortunately, I have many Players. :) I have two groups for Dangerous Journeys and two groups for 1st ED Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. All together, there are 19 Players! :ugeek: So they keep me on my toes!
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    is AWESOME! :cool:

    End transmission...

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