Dwarven Forge & the Gary Con Terrain Challenge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tavis, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. tavis

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    Checking out the program book, it looks like the slots for the Gary Con Terrain Challenge are full, which is awesome. Also awesome is that, thanks to the support of Dwarven Forge, there will be terrain for the Terrain Challenge!

    The program book says:

    Unfortunately, it seems like the happy expansion of Pana's family has interfered with his plans to contribute that terrain; as a parent I fully understand how much time a newborn can consume & support his making that a priority! Fortunately, Dwarven Forge founder and chief sculptor Stefan Pokorny graciously had me over to his new studio in Brooklyn, where we used his personal collection to put together a layout to suit the event. As I'd described it here, the idea for the scenario is as follows:

    Here's a tableside perspective on the terrain Stefan helped me assemble:


    And here's the top-down view that I took to be sure I can re-assemble this on Friday, using the two Room and Passage sets and two Cavern Sets that Dwarven Forge president Jeff Martin arranged to have shipped to me at the convention (plus a couple of special pieces on loan from Stefan that I'll be bringing in my luggage):


    Because the event is short - two hours, including character generation - I think we're going to start with the PCs having rappelled down to that central elevated structure, where the fallen treasure wagon has landed. The action of the game will involve them loading themselves up with as much gold as they want to risk carrying, searching for an exit from the dungeon, and trying to make it out alive!

    I'm really looking forward to having the chance to play with so much awesome dungeon goodness, thanks to the generous support of Dwarven Forge.
  2. mark

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    That looks too dangerous. I don't think you'll have a single survivor. Maybe you should just cancel the whole thing?

    ;) Have fun!
  3. Rhuvein

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    Very cool, Tavis! Their stuff is really excellent! :p
  4. Druvas

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    Most Excellent, Tavis. It looks like the map got paired down a bit, but all in all, it's fantastic! I look forward to observing some of these sessions! After the events have all happened, I'll post the original map that was used as the template here on the forums. :)
  5. tavis

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    Yes, I bet Stefan could have made your original map using his personal collection, but since I'm not driving out to the convention that would have been a lot more than I could fit on a plane!

    One of the adventure design considerations that I hadn't solved in the original map was how much real-time it'd take to get in, snag treasure, and get out. I'm really happy with the approach of starting in the center and then trying to escape from an edge. This aspect of dungeoneering - deciding how much you're going to weigh yourself down with coin, the mounting stress of hoping not to run into an encounter on your way to the surface carrying heavy chests - is something I really enjoy in D&D, but usually it happens near the end of a session when we have to kind of rush past it. Having this be the start of the scenario lets me indulge all the horrible things I've always wanted to do to players in this situation!
  6. Druvas

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    No worries, I am really looking forward to seeing these tournaments in action. I understand the need to make it easily transportable. And I like the "escape with as much treasure as you can carry" idea as well. Should be fairly amusing to see what different groups do... :twisted:

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