E. Gary Gygax Day, July 27th

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SirStrauss, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. SirStrauss

    SirStrauss Level 0 Character

    It's Gary's Birthday! Let's celebrate this important event with a Holiday for gamers!


    I would like the world to remember me as the guy who really enjoyed playing games and sharing his knowledge and his fun pastimes with everybody else.
  2. dndgeek

    dndgeek Troubadour

    Happy Birthday EGG, and thanks for giving the world the greatest game ever invented.
  3. Dale

    Dale Administrator

    I too celebrate Gary's birth. Tonight I'll have a few choice Samuel Adam's beer from the Brewmaster Pack in his honor.

    Who knew, one man could affect so many? God be with you Sir.
  4. Dale

    Dale Administrator

    Great post from Luke in another thread- that I thought would be cool here too:

    "Since today is Dad's birthday, I figured I would share this story. We were living in Beverly Hills at the D&D Entertainment Corp offices/ house, so it was most likley 1985. It was always hard to buy a good birthday present for him, so I ended up going with the standard option- I bought him a book. A hard bound copy of Larry Niven's Foot Fall if memory serves me right. Dad had to leave and go on a business trip somewhere right after his B-Day and when he got back he asked me to sign the book. He said that I should make a brief inscription when I gift a book to someone.

    I said OK, and being a kid, I really just wanted to get going and play with my friends or something. I started writing in the date and Happy Birthday. Of course it was August when I was making the note, so I ended up writing "Happy Birthday Dad. Au-July 27th, 1985. Your Favorite Son, Luke". I tried to sell the mistake by saying his birthday was like gold (AU on the periodic table)- but he wasn't buying that. He enjoyed busting my chops about that for many years afterward. From that point forward he would refer to his birthday as "Aw-July 27th" when talking to me. I never forgot his birthday after that experience."
  5. the keeper

    the keeper Spellbinder

    Happy Birthday, Mr. G., & thank you for one terrific past time. Tippin' one in your honor as I speak.
  6. dndgeek

    dndgeek Troubadour

    Gettin my game on right now. What better way to spend a day out of every week than laughing your ass off for four hours with your buds...for free?
  7. prolificvoid

    prolificvoid Troubadour

    Double thumbs-up-high to all these sentiments.
    This actually SHOULD be a gamer holiday. I mean, crap - if not THIS, then what?
    If there was to be such a thing as a gamer holiday - a day for celebration for gamers - how could it NOT have Mr. Gygax as its centerpiece?
  8. nukeddude

    nukeddude Level 0 Character

    i like the idea of a gamer's holiday. Hopfully it will become national and i will get an extra day off. :D
  9. prolificvoid

    prolificvoid Troubadour

    lol - good luck with THAT one! If it happens, let me know if they're hiring! =]]

    *EDIT* Yessss!!!! I just made 'Evoker' - i LEVELED!!
  10. francisca

    francisca Troubadour

    Last night was our regularly scheduled gamenight (AD&D in Greyhawk circa 569CY), so we followed the KoSB protocol (Bic, Altoid can, etc...), swapped some stories, talked about old characters, talked about what D&D has meant to us, I related my experiences with meeting Gary and my online interactions, we read one of his "What is happening in Greyhawk" articles from The Dragon, and I sent out a transcript of The Black Reservoir to everyone.

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