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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by osarious, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. Tink333

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    Thomas, you know I have nothing but love for you. :)

    Querying for the game you want to play by GM (assuming we know it) or by system and scrolling though pages of information to find the actual game to add to our carts has got to be more difficult and confusing than querying by game id number. If it is the unique key, searching on a unique key has to be a lot easier on the CPU than searching by a non-unique key. At least in my SQL days, that's how it worked, but I don't know what your back-end is operating in.

    This is going to make coordinating the weekend a lot more complicated. I appreciate your efforts
  2. jim skach

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    Not to pile on, folks....but I've been checking periodically throughout the day hoping it would change....

    I have 3 gold badges purchased on my account. By my calculations, that means I should have 12 GP and 105 SP...but right now it shows 14 GP and 3 SP.

    (Also..in the order details, it shows something about 45 SP being used...not sure that it's important, but just in case...)

  3. Tink333

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    Hey, Jim, One thing I noticed when loading my cart is that it isn't obvious that the quantity should be the number of seats you want at a particular game, not the GP required for the game. In other words, a seat at a particular VIP's Lady's-Only Game costs 2 GP, so in quantity, if you want one lady to participate, you'd enter 1 in the quantity field. I don't know if you've loaded anything yet, but in case you've been putting in GP instead of quantity of seats... Just figured I should mention it to you. It confused me at first until I looked at my cart and realized my error. :)

    If that's not contributing to your vanishing GP, then ignore my comments. :D
  4. athornton

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    How do I get the event csv ?

    I can get the individual days as ics files easily enough, and that works, I guess, although Google Calendar puts them all in the morning (despite the fact that the ICS entries look like they have the correct times and timezone specified; I haven't gone through RFC 5545 to see whether it's a malformed ics file or Google's bug). But I have to download them each separately and then the calendar view still isn't very useful since there are so many things in each timeslot.

    A CSV would be much easier to work with, I think. It would of course be even better if it included cost as a field (or a pair of fields, one silver and one gold) for easier planning.
  5. jim skach

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    Here's the link I used....

  6. Will Black

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    How about adding a filter so we can search by game type, like RPG, board game, seminar, simulator, etc. I think this was available in previous years.
  7. jim skach

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    But I haven't done any cart loading yet...
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  8. brendar

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    We're working on a post that will shed some light on the SP/GP system both in terms of what you see in your cart and the process behind pricing events. Once that's up I'll start a new thread here to discuss anything related to our virtual currency system.
  9. osarious

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    Luke, Having the same "math issue" I have purchased 1 gold and 3 silver badges and my account shows this: 7 GP 39 Silver in one box, and 4 GP and 35 silver in the other.

    Shouldn't it be 4 GP and 35 silver in one box and 6 GP and 90 silver in the other?

    I see that it is being worked on, but just trying to give more examples to help identify the problem.
  10. dndgeek

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    I didn't realize you could pre-load your cart, so I gave that a try. After I add an event, I'm brought to a page that says registration isn't open yet and it doesn't display anything in my cart. Figured I'd try it again with a different event and got the same thing, except that it told me my "coupon was applied" (or something to that effect). Also, while hovering over the cart icon, I was able to see that two events made it into my cart, I think, as they flashed for a second, but then disappeared and I can't get them to display again, so I have no idea if they're actually in there or not. And the second entry was just a test, not a game I actually wanted. Is cart pre-loading not an actual thing, but a bug or am I just having really bad luck with the site today? Will I be able to edit the cart before registration goes live?
  11. Jarlaxle

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    Hmm...I just loaded my "cart" a couple hours ago. Had no problems, except that (as expected) I could not "check out".
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  12. mwisconsin

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    Can you confirm a few things for me? I'm interested in what browser and OS you're using, if you have any ad-blocking extensions or plugins installed, and if you've got JavaScript and Cookies enabled. These are the common roadblocks to having a decent experience with shopping carts, etc.

    Officially, the GC site supports the latest Chrome and Firefox and IE11 with JavaScript and Cookies enabled.

    I'm just trying to get a baseline to begin troubleshooting your problem with the shopping cart.
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  13. Traxion

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    When I try to add events to my cart I get "
    • Registration is not yet open!

    Never mind. I tried it again with a different event and both of them were there then.
  14. dndgeek

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    Windows 7 (x64), IE11 (11.0.9600.18163), Firefox 43.0.4 and Chrome 47.0.2526.111 m, all with with VLC and QuickTime plug-ins, with JS and Cookies enabled. I'm on the Internet all day long (for work) and have issues with no other sites. I just tried an XP machine with the same exact same Chrome browser and they appeared. I went back to Chrome on Win7 on the other machine and they appeared after trying all three browsers multiple times.

    For those looking to remove a game from your cart, click the little red X to the left of the name. Note that you can only do this from the cart preview on your Account page. Going to the cart itself tells you that registration isn't open yet.

    So it sounds like pre-loading your cart is officially an okay thing.
  15. Handy Haversack

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    I was able to do it without any obvious issues, and on a Win7 machine in Firefox, with ads blocked and JS disabled.

    Without any obvious issues *so far*!

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