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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mordrin, Feb 19, 2020.

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    Here’s some suggestions and thoughts as the main registration crush approaches:

    · There are things going on that aren’t in the event schedule


    There are also areas reserved for open gaming and sign-ups sheets (although most open games don’t use sign-ups, there is a table/board reserved for them, if you are interested).


    · The new registration system

    If you’ve looked around the forum, you’ve seen conversation. There’s a major change this year with regards to badge levels.


    · Events are easily returnable

    If you change your mind/your friend couldn’t get into the event with you/whatever you can always return an event (and select a different one if you like). If you can’t make an event anymore, be courteous and return the ticket ASAP, though, so that someone else has advance opportunity to enjoy it. (At some point, though, registration will be closed and returns and new selections will be unavailable.)

    · Consider check-in hours when scheduling your first game

    The Convention HQhours are in this link.


    If you register for an 8am Thursday game and you don’t use the Wednesday check in hours, you probably will not end up happy when you’re standing in a long line to check in Thursday at 8am. Use Wednesday whenever possible, otherwise allow for wait time early Thursday.

    · Single Day badges

    They will be available, but they are back to being onsite only (ie, no event preregistration available with them, which was available last year, but hasn’t been most years)



    Also note the comment about possibly having to cut off badge sales if the con hits a certain point (capacity is getting tight again…). Waiting until the last minute may not be safe.

    · Read the website and the forum

    You’ll note that everything I’m mentioning was already covered somewhere – but there’s always a lot of people who say they didn’t see it. I’m trying to make it easier by gathering the most useful stuff, but there’s plenty more info out there than I’ve listed here.

    If you have questions that haven’t been covered, feel free to ask!
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