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    Happy New Year everyone!

    The Events Team is kicking off 2021 with some pretty big announcements:

    First, we’re extending the event submission deadline to 11:45 pm, USA Central Time, March 8th, 2021. Now that we’re fully virtual, we need much less lead time to get everything scheduled.
    We will endeavor to begin event scheduling as soon as we can after January 3rd, and will expand the schedule as new events come in. Just a reminder for our GMs, TableTop Events will generate an automated email for you when each of your events is scheduled.
    Second, event registration also will move back. The dates remain somewhat up in the air, but this is what we're thinking:
    Elemental Registration begins March 9th, 7pm USA Central Time.
    Astral Registration begins on March 13th Noon Central Time.
    Everyone can register for events starting March 17th 7pm Central Time
    Watch the Gary Con website for official confirmation on Event registration dates and times.
    Finally some even bigger news (we think):
    Tabletopia, the board gaming website/community has signed on as a sponsor/partner and will be Ethereal Gary Con XIII’s official board gaming platform. All our badge holders can obtain seven-day access to Tabletopia Premium Gold membership (ensuring they can play the entire catalogue). Any GMs or vendors who need more time to set up their games can obtain extended access to prepare.
    Check out Tabletopia via the link in the comments.
    We're still working on how to get everyone their codes; however, GMs or vendors interested in taking advantage of Tabletopia’s offer of extra access should email Dave Conant at: [email protected]
    That's it for now. Game On!

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    Skip, thanks for keeping non-FB using folks in the loop by posting here.
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