First time at Gary Con, tell me what I can get into...

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    Hello all,
    This will be my first time at Gary Con, I was wondering what are some of the best keep secrets of Gary Con. What would you tell a noob to look for, attend, or visit as a Gary Con Scavenger Hunt? What should I do to prepare for Gary Con, like what dates are important (I.e. Room sign up, Badge sign up, etc.)? I’m pretty stoked about this, and can’t wait to explore this new convention, for me. So any help would be awesome and I would be truly grateful.
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    This thread has a lot of good advice in it, probably better than any I could offer:

    As for dates, registration for rooms at the Grand Geneva for Gary Con XII started this morning, and it's already completely booked. It's likely some rooms will open up due to cancellations, so it's worth checking again in a few months. Make sure you ask for event pricing. Otherwise, you should be able to get a room at Comfort Suites. That's what I did this year, which was my first Gary Con, and it was fine. The shuttle service was good, and I even shared a couple of shuttle rides with Darlene, who was very sweet and fun to talk with. The downside for me was having to carry around a heavy bag of books, dice, etc., plus whatever I bought from the vendor hall. Next year I'll be at the Grand Geneva, so I can just drop stuff off in my room. The price difference between the two for a basic room isn't much. I'll also check out on Sunday instead of staying an extra night, like I did this year.

    I don't think date for buying badges has been announced yet, but last time it was in July. Event registration will likely be next January or February.
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