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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MikeG67, Feb 8, 2020.

  1. MikeG67

    MikeG67 Level 0 Character

    I understand that as a SILVER badge holder we can register for events at TT on Feb 22nd. is that 12:00:01 am or is there a different time that registration opens??? I thought I saw a post or something stating that is 12 noon cst on the 22nd. Would someone be so kind to confirm.

  2. stahlnee

    stahlnee Spellbinder

    12pm central time plus or minus a few seconds. I recommend start submitting ticket request around 30 seconds early and keep repeating until the first goes through and then continue with the others.
  3. francisca

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  4. MikeG67

    MikeG67 Level 0 Character

    thank you for the confirmation... it's 12pm. see you there!

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