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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vort, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. Vort

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    Hi, all. First timer to GaryCon this year and definitely looking forward to it. Can anyone give me an idea of the food they have available at the Con? I've read there's a strict "no outside food permitted" policy, but with dietary restrictions (not by choice), will I just have to allow for time to eat offsite? What kind of food options are there? I've looked at the Grand Geneva website, but they only list their restaurants. Is the table-side food specific to GaryCon, or can you get food from any onsite restaurant? Any info would be appreciated!
  2. mordrin

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    There's a main restaurant (and maybe some other outlying ones?), table service, and (depending on the time), hallway tables of 'grab n go'.

    The table service isn't McDonald's pricing, but for convention food brought directly to you, it's not bad.
    It's a very limited selection, though: burgers, wings, chicken sandwich, pizza, grilled cheese(?), salads, fries, maybe a couple others.

    It works well for short periods and is convenient when you're busy. If you're going to be around for 3-4 days and are trying to eat healthy, I'd recommend finding a way to incorporate some fruit/veg/grain - grocery store, restaurant, whatever.
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  3. Vort

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    Thanks! I take it even snacks from outside, like fruit or nuts, are prohibited onsite?
  4. francisca

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    I've been packing my own snacks every year it has been at this hotel, and have never been questioned by anyone. I also generally bring a loaf of bread and some lunchmeat and pack my own lunches. Again, no hotel staff have even given me a sideways look. They just don't want a bunch of people ordering a ton of pizzas from the outside, would be my guess.

    There are some other considerations. There is a fixed dollar amount in food orders that must be met, or the con organizers pay a penalty. That's part of the deal for getting the entire hotel and convention space. So, having said what I said above, I generally try to order a sandwhich or two, to help Luke make the numbers.

    As far as the menu, it will get posted in a month or so. The menu will be fantasy themed, and be like "Phoenix Wings", etc... If you google around, you can probably find past convention menus. They're certainly buried under multiple years of facebook posts over in the Gary Con FB group, which is why FB sucks for things like that, but maybe google could help you dredge it up.
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  5. stahlnee

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    There is a walmart not too far away. The tableside is heavily slanted to meat, cheese and bread.

    Tableside staff was short on people at the beginning of the con last year. It got better as the con went on.
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  6. JediSoth

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  7. gizmomathboy

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  8. Vort

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    Great, thanks for all the info (and menus) everyone, that helps. Thanks @francisca for the tips on snacks, that makes me feel better. I had read that "outside food" is grounds for one's removal from the Con, so I was wondering how strict they were. I'd be glad to support GaryCon and buy food but looking at the menu there's only about 1 or 2 items I could order (if I eat the wrong thing I'd likely miss half the con). At least now I can plan.
  9. Vort

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    Hahaha, three things I have to avoid (red meat, that is). I miss all three (and pizza).
  10. gmbarry

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    Yeah, I like mine well done LOL.. I understand. I pack protein bars in my bag and sunflower kernels... to echo what others say, I would build in a hour or 2 so you can get to Downtown or over to an off site place to eat.. I like the diner downtown and Bittners Bakery (amazing donuts) I do buy from food at con to help support (Only Tableside is counted, not the restaurants)
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  11. stahlnee

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    For those that were bumped over to the fairfield inn and get $25 food credit per day for Thur Fri and Sat.

    Does anyone know what the credit can be used on? Restaurants? Tableside? Grab and go? Giftshop food?
  12. jim skach

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    So first - what Francisca said is true - it does matter to the convention to make the food numbers; as a result whatever you're about to read next - I and my family that attend try to order table-side stuff (usually pizza or one of the sandwiches) here and there throughout. But I also know that we've packed our own snacks, like chips or cookies or flavored waters, for years cause for a family of four it can get really really expensive. So it's a balance of helping out the con as much as we can while also being able to afford even going....
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  13. Vort

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    All good info. I'll definitely try to buy what I can to support the Con, but at least now I know I shouldn't have to run outside anytime I need a quick snack.
  14. stahlnee

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    In past years the fruit cup has been dipping cup size and the kettle chips have been substituted with a small bag of potato chips.
  15. sir jon

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    Keep in mind there is also a quickie grab-n-go table the hotel sets up near the convention registration area. I use that often and it does add to the food sales. Good breakfast wraps and fruit, as well as unhealthy stuff like bacon topped glazed donuts.
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  16. jeffery st. clair

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    Mmmmm.... Bacon....
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  17. Yeah, I will usually order something, particularly if I am playing or running a game at the time. That way I can keep playing without having to worry about stopping to eat. Also the prices are pretty reasonable. However I will go out and eat if anything because my wife and I have a tradition of going to Olympia Pizza whenever we go.
  18. Vort

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    @Melf - is there someone I can contact at the Grand Geneva with questions about the tableside menu and dietary restrictions?
  19. stahlnee

    stahlnee Spellbinder

    In past years I have asked the servers that come around to the tables.
  20. francisca

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    According to Luke over on FB, that is not the case, the grab and go doesn't count toward tableside service. Why? I dunno, probably somebody has a reason for it, but damn. I understand the sit-down fancy-schmancy restaurants, but as for the grab-and-go, if it doesn't count toward the minimum food sales/orders, the hotel shouldn't be actively competing for dollars that do count, that's just shit-ass double-dealing bullshit right there.
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