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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vort, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. Jarlaxle

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    The "grab n go" might not be done by the could be an outside vendor.
  2. stahlnee

    stahlnee Spellbinder

    Haven't heard an answer on whether the food vouchers provided to those bumped are restricted in any way at the Grand Geneva.
  3. Zarathon

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  4. Melf

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    I would have to email the event coordinator to get to the banquet folks for an answer. I did pass on tat we wanted more gluten free options (salads with chicken add-ons) and a more robust fruit cup option.

    On the snacks just be discreet, polite and clean up your trash. The hotel has been pretty lenient with enforcement but I don't want to push the envelope.
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  5. sir jon

    sir jon Spellbinder

    I did see that on FB and forgot about this. I could've sworn that wasn't the case last year, but who knows. I was drinking heavily.
  6. Vort

    Vort Level 0 Character

    Thanks, good to know. I just don't want to slow them down, given how busy I'm sure they get.
    Thanks, Luke, much appreciated. Mostly I was wondering about options like a simple baked potato or steamed vegetables. With those I could order every day! Of course, most would find that boring...
    Of course! Basic courtesy, I wouldn't think of doing otherwise. Thanks very much!
  7. francisca

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    Either way, I think it's rotten.
  8. stahlnee

    stahlnee Spellbinder

    I am wondering if the table service times will be the same at all locations. I am asking since the ski chalet closes at 4pm on March 15th for the season and the current hours of food service there ends earlier than at the main resort.
  9. francisca

    francisca Troubadour

    And it looks like the grab and go DOES count, according to Luke over on FB.

    Grouchiness retracted. Or redirected.
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  10. stahlnee

    stahlnee Spellbinder

    Very cool. So figure the GC cup refills at those locations also count.

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