FrankenParty III, 2016

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Are you coming to Frankenparty III?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. I wish, dogonnit

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  4. Staying on-site to start gaming early

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  1. gmbarry

    gmbarry Footpad

    Frank, I will now be Plus one... I am picking up a friend of Ernies to go to your place
  2. Scott M.

    Scott M. Footpad

    If I can find a ride at a time that works (between 5 and 5:30, airlines willing), I would love to come by!
  3. extsr

    extsr Chevalier

    Voting tally: 38 yes
    ...but many of these are for 2+ persons
    ...and an equal amount have RSVP'd via Facebook & other sites.

    Expecting 100+ attendance from throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. (Wow.)
    And Debbie still makes all the food. And she feels good about tomorrow. (Without her, geez... can't imagine.)

    Tour. Shock & awe when you walk into the kitchen, coats in the bird room. Bathrooms up & down (often busy). Two small friendly dogs will investigate all alien scents you bring. The parrot can shred pencils so watch your fingers(and all he says is "Awk"). Visit the balcony & upstairs gaming room. Listen to 3 or 4 types of music (love these old Victorians, great soundproofing).

    Eat snacks throughout, which include bacon-wrapped chestnuts, meats & cheeses, olives & fruits, cookie trays, bars & brownies, popcorn, pretzel mix, and asst. chips & dips. Regular & diet beverages plus coffee tea etc. C'mon, get out of the kitchen, sheesh...

    Dinner at roughly 6-8. The ever-popular Ditka's Italian Beef, plus chicken salad & ham salad; all with rolls & trimmings etc.

    DebbieCake after dinner, with real buttercream icing and a special picture upon it. You'll want a photo.
    I hope Luke will pose for the first cut, but we'll see how his timing goes.

    Regs: Park on the lawn... or downtown if you prefer (see last year's map or wing it, plenty of space). Limited street marking for limited-access (based on reality, not tags). To park out back, best to have 4wd just in case, but you should be ok unless traffic turns it to mud, and we can see that coming if it happens.
    Smoking is strictly outdoors (on a newly refurbed front porch or the ol' back deck) tho legal odorless vaping is permitted.
    Easy on the perfume pls. Costumes welcome if not intrusive.
    I have heard that some byo wine & beer may be offered by attendees, but no alcohol is offered by Frankenparty (not even with a winknudge), for legal reasons.

    Everything is PG- or G-rated, so let's put more pix up onto Facebook & Twitter this time.

    Thanx for advance donations (some 10s & 20s via Paypal), and remember that roughly $5 per person covers everything. Look for the Jar in the kitchen.

    Be sure to get your free rare dice (relics of the early '80s) and give it a photo and/or fame rub on Gary Gygax's Deck (c 1974-79, mine 1982-present). And try some new games (new to you, but from roughly 1940-1990): card, board, tile, other. Poker is rumored to be upstairs, details determined by participants.

    cya tomorrow.

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  4. NorthSpot

    NorthSpot Level 0 Character

    I'll be coming as well, I'm a +1 onto Dave and Emily's post...I'm new to GaryCon this year, and a MN Local Coordinator for D&D Adventurer's League ...
    Sorry, I've been looking for a way to let you know I was coming, but not seeing the official thread until today.

    I may be a little late as I think the Adventurer's League is having an onsite meeting about the time the party is starting.

  5. osarious

    osarious Chevalier

    May miss the Adventurer's League meeting due to this party. Depends on travel. Will arrive early tomorrow AM with questions.
  6. nesbit37

    nesbit37 Level 0 Character

    I wasn't sure until this morning but it looks like I'll be able to finally make it to this today with my parents. Glad I was able to get in early enough from Philly to attend Frankenparty!
  7. jsmitley

    jsmitley Level 0 Character

    Can't wait to attend for my third year, and happy to shuttle people from downtown (I only live 10 minutes over the IL border)
  8. Poindexter

    Poindexter Chevalier

    I had a wonderful time at Frankenparty III! Both the food and company were great! Thanks go to the hosts.
  9. extsr

    extsr Chevalier


    FP3 started at 3 but continued until nearly midnight.
    Had 120-150 visitors overall. Over 95% consumption rate.

    Debbie is the key of course, Chief Operating Officer of the whole affair. She drafts volunteers to handle details and is always open to talented assistance in the center of the storm, the kitchen island/range/ovens (which is ground zero for most photography as well; be forewarned).

    We've observed three distinct waves of attendance for all 3 years: 3-6 ish, 5-8 ish, 8-11. Peaks in the middle (dinner).

    Reg'lar folks may arrive any ol' time, depending on how long it takes you to get near Lake Geneva & the con. Maybe check in, howdy a few, grab a friend or two and head over. (Half hour drive, easy to stop at a grocery or whatever en route...)
    Some industry folks set up their booth first, then have a biz dinner out; some come here for dinner.
    Never can tell who you may run into. Old school legends, current superstars of the biz, entertainment people, and just plain folks. We're all Gamers.

    Devoured almost 20 pounds of Italian Beef alone plus ham & chicken, and assorted sides & snacks (itemized previously). Very little left, so we have to make lots more next year, and get more MtnDew and other carbonated. fwiw the 2-liters consumed are 1/3 diet, seems to work. Lots of minors at the party, and byo folks were cool, tactful and reasonably covert, thanks. The $5 suggested donation works out wonderfully.

    The parking worked effortlessly and cleanly. We had 15-25 degrees for days before, so the lawn was nice and firm.
    But alas, next year's con is in late March. That's Mud Time, and so parking will be downtown again.
    Given the growth of FrankenParty, we may run a regular shuttle every 10-15 minutes. News to come.

    A huge thank-you to all attendees for your courteous participation.
    We marvel at the utter lack of typical aftereffects of such populous affairs --
    broken things and other damage, spills & trash --
    We get none of the above. Gamers are great.

    FrankenParty 4 :: Wed. March 22 :: 3 pm to midnight

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