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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sir jon, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. brendar

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    This is another area that wasn't communicated as strongly or clearly as it should have been.

    To preempt any panic, if you are a DM that did not submit your attendance sheets back to HQ for credit, do not panic. We have other means of tracking your time to apply the credit... This year was a slightly different format so there is an aspect of beta testing that was involved.
  2. glamcrist

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    Interesting, the last Email I recieved was Feb 7th about registration.
  3. glamcrist

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    Actually, apparently I did get it, but for some reason Gmail thought it was a promotion...
  4. gmbarry

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    I turned in most of mine, I lost my first 4 hour sheet, then did not turn in my Saturday and Sunday (10 hours) but I got the other 18 hours of slips in
  5. welleran

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    Anything ever get done with this?
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  6. RTFM.
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    Thanks for your very helpful comment. The last post on this thread from someone on the staff was a month ago (i.e. "working on it"). I don't consider it an issue to bump the thread, but thanks for your exceptionally helpful and polite input.
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  8. You're very welcome! Always glad to help.
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    Crap like THAT is what kills forums.
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  10. gmbarry

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    any update... I wanted to spend it at the con on con dice and stuff and ended up not getting anything because I misunderstood this reimbursement proccess
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  11. Khasimir

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    Any updates on this?
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    You could try e-mailing the staff, though when I did that last month, I got a "working on it" reply.
  13. gmbarry

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    Ok, how about an update on this. is there a timeline for getting this done...
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  14. stuarthelm

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    I DM'ed at GaryCon 2016 for 22 hours and turned in 5 tracking sheets with all of them having at least 4 players.
    I have still not received my PayPal credit for DM'ing.
    I have contacted GaryCon by messaging your Facebook page (Gary Con Gaming Convention) on May 9th and Caroline responded an hour later that she would check on it.
    Unfortunately I have not heard back since then.
    My Paypal account does not show any entries from GaryCon or from anyone for the amount I am expecting (I forget the exact number, somewhere around $60-65)
    June 17 I msg'ed via FB again, no response.
    June 23 is today, I msg'ed FB again and I am leaving this post.
    I am really unsure what "official channel" I should be using for this issue, so I just keep trying different things.
    Maybe you should add a GameMaster / Issue FAQ section to your website?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.
    Stuart Helm
  15. sir jon

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    We were getting a refund? Niiiiiice.
  16. grodog

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    Yes, that was my understanding as well, based on the info on the site @

    GMs who submit and successfully run 16+ hours earn a $65 credit
    (equivalent to a silver badge refund). This credit can be used for
    Gary Con merchandise, registration for next year or refunded via

    Jon and I ran 24 and 19 hours of games at the con this year.

    It would be nice if we were able to leverage that for merchandise while attending the con, too, but I'm not sure if that's logistically manageable or not.
  17. gmbarry

    gmbarry Footpad

    Still not an update on this ?
  18. grodog

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  19. stahlnee

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  20. Zog

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    Ok I've checked all my GC e-mails and didn't find one stating to fill the sheets out and turn them in. I hope you will still be able to find my game info and apply credit to my account.

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