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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JediSoth, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. bighara

    bighara Chevalier

    IME, most of the fantasy games tend to be AD&D, with a fair sprinkling of BECMI or BX. You can always offer it as a pickup game if you don't want to go the formal event route.

    IMHO, More LL/BX = good. :)
  2. Haloovfire

    Haloovfire Level 0 Character


    I suppose I should have posted this here, not here. In either case, I could easily run (or play in) some AD&D. Right now, however, I'm playing a lot of Pathfinder. I would be willing to run a few games set in my own world, Rhune: Dawn of Twilight. If anyone is interested, just message me and we'll build some tables (or one).

  3. Buttmonkey

    Buttmonkey Troubadour

    I'm really anxious to try out DCC and Advanced Hackmaster. I've got the rules, but no one to play with. I stole envious glances at the people running those games at Gary Con V. Hopefully, there will be more opportunities to Learn to Hack and to try out DCC. That, and a bunch of Castles & Crusades and maybe some Mutant Future will make me a very happy gamer.
  4. jim skach

    jim skach Troubadour

    My prediction is that you will have many chances to try DCC...both official and unofficial. Mr. Goodman and his crew try really hard and are, or at least have been and I don't see any reason they will not coninute to be, big supporters of GaryCon.

    Hell...track me down and I'll run something off grid if you can find no ther way...just be prepared to have my kids at the table killing you off as much as the DM does so..
  5. red wizard

    red wizard Troubadour

    Just submitted my first event, a 1st edition AD&D adventure using the Oriental Adventures setting. Scheduled for Thursday from 12PM to 4PM this one's for the fans of the classic kung fu flicks. How strong is your fu?:)

    Seven Deadly Dragons

    Shou Lung's young Emperor has been abducted by seven deadly dragons to their lair high atop mist shrouded Five Elements Mountaint. In response, the ministers called for the bravest and most skilled wushu masters to journey forth into the forbidden lands of Tabot, climb Five Elements Mountain and restore the Son of Heaven to the Jade Throne.

    Having meditated upon the matter, you bade farewell to your students to answer that call.

    **This event will be using the Oriental Adventures setting and while no prior experience with that setting is needed, a familiarity with the genre of films such as Hero and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is recommended.**

    Thursday from 4PM to 6PM, please join members of Roll for Initiative and the Dead Games Society for a special seminar on podcasting, entitled,

    Podcasting 101

    Are you a fan of podcasts? Have you ever wanted to start your own but are unsure about just where to start? If so then feel free to attend this informal seminar hosted by Roll For Initiative and the Dead Games Society. We'll be discussing both the pleasures and pitfalls of podcasting. Among the topics discussed will be: finding your podcast niche; creating a format; locating podcast safe music; and just what gear you'll need to make your podcast happen.

    Friday night, starting at 6PM and running till 10PM, join me and my fellow DGSer, Colin as we run a Top Secret S.I. event entitled,

    Operation: GOODNIGHT

    Berlin, 1953. It has been a rocky eight years since the fall of Nazi Germany and the subsequent division of Berlin between the former allied nations. The Soviet controlled sector of East Berlin has been declared off-limits to the Western democratic powers. The result has created tension both inside and outside Stalin's Iron Curtain, straining an already tense peace.

    In exchange for safe defection to the West, a high ranking KGB Colonel offers up a secret file identifying leaks within both the CIA and MI6. You are called in to make the extraction. But can you trust the Colonel. And more importantly, can you trust your own team?
  6. dmcojo

    dmcojo Level 0 Character

    Some friends and I are thinking of coming to GaryCon as our first ever con experience (really!). Some of us are concerned that we don't have experience with a lot of the games that may be run, but would like to try them out. Is it poor form to sign up for a game you have never played? For example, I would love to play Call of Cthulhu, Metamorphosis Alpha, and Top Secret...but have never played them before.
  7. MonsterMike

    MonsterMike Level 0 Character

    No, it's perfectly normal and acceptable to sign up for games you've never played. A lot of con-goers use conventions as an opportunity to try new games or play games they would never get the chance to play with their local group. I can't speak for everyone, but most GMs come prepared to introduce new players to their games. If they want only experienced players, it's usually called out explicitly in the game description.
  8. bighara

    bighara Chevalier

    Well, seek out George Fields from HM, he's the man for that. He usually runs several Hackmaaster games each GC, including a "Learn to Hack" session or two.

    ...and I will be running a Mutant Future adventure. You're welcome. :lol:
  9. ThrashLibrarian

    ThrashLibrarian Level 0 Character

    Just here to second bighara's recommendation of George Fields. I had played a little Hackmaster Basic before venturing off to GaryCon but was interested in seeing what was added to Advanced. George did a great job introducing the rules and making sure everyone was on the same page during the game.

    Also seconding MonsterMike. I'm pretty sure every game I played over the weekend had at least a few players that were unfamiliar with the system (and more than a few times, I was one of those players). If the DM cares enough about a game to run it at a con, he or she probably wants you to love it just as much as they do. Most of them are happy to help everyone wade through the rules.

    I'm hoping you make it DM Cojo, assuming you're the DM Cojo of Spellburn Mailbag fame.
  10. George.Fields

    George.Fields Level 0 Character

    I don't know that I'm 'the man' for that, but I am one of them. I will be there and running HM again, but I'll only be running two events this year unfortunately instead of my usual six or seven.
    I just ordered my badge today and hadn't yet decided what to run.

    Your request for a 'Learn to Hack' will get one of the two slots now.
    Would you prefer Thursday afternoon or Friday afternoon?

    My second event will likely be for those more familiar with HM. I might take a classic like Ghost Tower of Inverness and 'Hack' it for an event.
  11. Buttmonkey

    Buttmonkey Troubadour

    Thursday afternoon sounds like a fine time to learn to hack. :D
  12. George.Fields

    George.Fields Level 0 Character

    Thursday afternoon it is. I'll get that submitted this week.
  13. dmcojo

    dmcojo Level 0 Character

    Lol...I don't know about "fame", but yes, I am THAT DM Cojo...and my badge is purchased, and a hotel room is reserved...I am going to my first convention ever! :D
  14. Jarlaxle

    Jarlaxle Troubadour

    I can't register! The site will not accept my payment. :(
  15. red wizard

    red wizard Troubadour

    Okay, so I finally have my events submitted. As part of the DGS line-up I'll be running the following events...

    Delta Green, The Tunguska Affair

    In 1908, a massive explosion occurred near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in what is now Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia. A century later, Tunguska again raises troubling questions. Answers are required, trust no one.

    The Dead Games Society proudly presents "The Tunguska Affair", featuring Special Agents Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, John Doggett, Monica Reyes, and the enigmatic Alex Krycek. This event will use the 5th edition of Call of Cthulhu in conjunction with the original Delta Green by Pagan Publishing.


    Co-ran with my fellow DGSer Colin Higgins...

    Top Secret S.I., Operation: GOOD NIGHT

    Berlin, 1961. Since the fall of Nazi Germany the subsequent division of Berlin between the former allied nations has created a dangerous atmosphere. The Soviet controlled sector of East Berlin has been declared off-limits to the Western democratic powers. The result has created tension both inside and outside Stalin's Iron Curtain, straining an already tense peace.

    In exchange for safe defection to the West, a high ranking KGB Colonel offers up a secret file identifying leaks within both the CIA and MI6. You are called in to make the extraction. But can you trust the Colonel. And more importantly, can you trust your own team?

    White Box Dungeons and Dragons, Temple of the Frog

    Deep within the primevil swamps of Lake Gloomey, shrouded in perpetual mist, lies the Temple of the Frog. For centuries it's dark brotherhood has studied forbidden arts and legend claims that death awaits all who trespass.

    On the outskirts of the swamp there is a small town held in fear for on moonless nights the Brotherhood kidnaps the unwary for use as sacrifices. After the town elder finds his own daughter among the missing, he declares that this time the Brotherhood has gone to far and offers up a large reward to any who would dare the Temple of the Frog and return to him his daughter.

    The Dead Games Society proudly presents one of the first adventures written for Dungeons and Dragons. Experience again Dave Arneson's classic Blackmoor adventure, "The Temple of the Frog"!

    Pacesetter's Chill, Kolchak and the Lake House Horror

    Carl Kolchak is a talented investigative reporter with an affinity for bizarre and supernatural occurrences, so when his friend, Emily Cowles speaks of a Victorian era haunted house in scenic Lake Geneva, the two agree to investigate. Kolchak's editor, the bellicose Tony Vincenzo agrees to fund the trip on one condition, that Kolchak bring along his fastidious co-worker, Ron Updyke and the enthusiastic young intern, Monique Marmelstein. So the four journalists pack into his battered yellow Ford Mustang and set out north into Wisconsin. Now armed only with his camera and portable cassette recorder, Kolchak and his companions face the lonely lake house and the horror within.

    The Dead Games Society proudly presents "Kolchak and the Lake House Horror".
  16. Scott308

    Scott308 Chevalier

    Those look good, Wizard. Man, I'm gonna have a hard time figuring out what I want to play when it is time to register. Not really a bad problem to have, fortunately. :mrgreen:
  17. Rex

    Rex Footpad

    Tossed some games into the pot. Castles and Crusades, Villains and Vigilantes, Champions, Cyberpunk 2020, FATE, Monster Hunter International the RPG, .....looking to maybe squeeze in some Traveller and more FATE, V+V, Amazing Adventures, MHI etc....depends on how some things work out.

  18. tacojohn4547

    tacojohn4547 Level 0 Character

    I submitted my first event tonight. Here's the event blurb:

    The Caverns of Thracia
    For over a thousand years the things that lurk beneath the waters, skulk in the darkness and lie hungrily in dank crypts have been patient, while all around them men and monsters bicker amongst themselves, bold enough to traverse the dark caverns' depths, but afraid or perhaps wise enough to leave the forgotten vaults and hidden passages alone. And still, they wait, undisturbed. They are waiting for you!

    Explore one of the original Judges Guild classic adventures – The Caverns of Thracia! Will you discover the Chapel of Thanatos and what evil secrets it holds? Will you seek the Hall of the Sphinx or the Sanctuary of the Dark One with your own dark intentions? Will you seek to plunder the treasures of the Stone King’s Tomb? Or will you bypass the upper levels and delve deep in search of the Palace of the Minotaur King?

    Game System: AD&D First Edition
    Number of Players: up to 8
    Character levels: 4th
    Duration: 6 hours
    Experience Required: some experience with AD&D recommended
    Pregens: provided
    GM/Marshall: Jon Hershberger
    Date: Friday
    Times 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM (6 hour event)
  19. Rex

    Rex Footpad

    Damn....wish I had thought of doing that......shoulda copy pasted everything for my events....*grumbles*

  20. bighara

    bighara Chevalier

    My event
    The Gyre
    Mutant Future/Gamma World
    Duration : 4 hours
    Start Time : Friday-8:00am
    You've survived in the wastelands your whole life. You reckon there's not much this atomic-soaked world can throw at you that you can't handle. Surviving is one thing, but getting ahead means more than just playing it safe. You've got to explore, take chances, and grab the opportunities that come your way.

    So when a landslide exposes some sort of ancient doorway, you know you need to hustle to explore it and get the loot before someone beats you to it. What could be more straightforward than that?

    “The Gyre” pits the characters against ancient technological challenges, secret horrors, and a race against time.

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