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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by brendar, Mar 8, 2016.

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    Aside from Friday night when the Werewolf game into EG1, I had no problems with hearing and talking. when the room was full and I had less people I did have to listen better. Nice to know there was no complaints about the music I played for a few minutes during my game in EG3. part of it it also is I got lucky for the most part and was not in the middle of the rooms...

    I know it takes more volunteers but without have a Section Manager, their is no way to police the rooms. We all have different tolerance levels when it comes to noise
  2. brendar

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    We fully intend to have volunteer Room Captains available to address issues like this next year.
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  3. DMPrata

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    As others have pointed out, RPGs tend to be much louder than board and card games. Perhaps tables could be staggered so that no two RPGs were played side by side. That idea sounds like a logistical nightmare for table assignments, but it's a thought. As a GM, I want to set up with my back to the wall, and I'd oppose attempts to make me sit elsewhere.
  4. mwisconsin

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    I'm of much the same attitude, but it's because I need to keep my eyes on the entrances and exits (because of assassins).
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    Wild Bill Hickok died the one time he didn't follow this very tenant.
  6. How about we start now on the "Inside Voices Initiative," to remind everybody at GaryCon to use their "Inside Voices" all the time?
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  7. Reidzilla

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    Very yes!
    I purposely chose to sit with my back to as many of the other GMs as possible so I could here my players better. Unless you always get a table on the room edge, you will have to GM at a "wallless" table eventually anyways.

    Brendar, I used to be affiliated with the Concentric Convention Company and they owned a large amount of pipe and drape that they offered to rent other cons when they were not using it. I'll see if I can hunt down who has it now and see if they still rent it out.
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  8. mordrin

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    I wonder if they're shutting down and maybe the equipment could be bought outright? It's mid-March and they don't have a date anywhere on the web about their spring 2016 event.
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    Controlling the noise would be bad for business- noise is a byproduct of participation and a sign people are having fun- and short of doubling the number of attendees, GaryCon isn't going to convince Grand Geneva to let them have the entire facility at it's disposal for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Lake Geneva just isn't that kind of town....

    Has anyone suggested going to a Sunday- Saturday schedule? Less competition for space during the week might allow for the Con to book extra gaming space at a discount.
  10. Jarlaxle

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    NOT controlling noise would be bad for business. I honestly think that had anyone brought a decibel meter into some of the rooms (especially Evergreen 1 & 3), the whole thing might have been shut down!

    How long before someone is diagnosed with hearing loss and sues?
  11. brendar

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    Yeah, I'm of the mind that the barriers dividing the 3 Evergreen rooms did more to amplify noise than mitigate them, as intended.
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  12. chainsaw

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    If the convention has actually booked the entire resort for next year, perhaps using more of the hallway space to spread out tables would be good. Seems like there were a lot of spots that could be used, like down past where registration was, for example. I realize that was not an option this year for different reasons.
  13. brendar

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    That's the idea for next year. We will have more space and can have fewer tables per room, but I don't want to count on that as the only strategy.
  14. jim skach

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    Interesting. Would we have been aided by putting some kind of cloth/curtain/whatever on the dividers to deaden the noise? I wonder what that would have done...hmmm....
  15. ScottEDouglas

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    Some interesting ideas put forth here. I agree with Brendar it's disappointing the partial air walls seemed to some to increase, rather than decrease the noise level. For the resort's part, I know we set up those airwalls between events often, and I've rarely heard any comment that the airwall didn't dampen noise BETWEEN the rooms. Perhaps INSIDE the rooms they're somewhat reflective.

    I've never seen pipe and drape used inside Evergreens to dampen noise, but it's certainly worth considering. The bigger issue would be if we move dealers to Grand Salon ballroom (the space we DIDN'T use this year) and add gaming tables to the Maple Lawns with the airwalls up.

    These are excellent things to discuss now, though. I'd be interested to see if Concentric was offering their pipe and drape supplies for sale. Storage for such items might actually be somewhat reasonable (certainly less than what we paid to have the pipe and drape installed this year).
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  16. brendar

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    Unfortunately this is probably true.
  17. Reidzilla

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    I'm still waiting on a reply. They may be in the process of closing down the business. I'll try contacting a few other people to see if I get a response.
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  18. crunchy

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    Issue everyone Official Garycon Gaming Headsets with full ear cups and boom mikes, set to one custom frequency per table. Add an index card holder on the front for your character information. Install a radio repeater station in the lobby so that you can continue to game even when you leave the table to visit the washroom. Wait, scratch that last part.
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  19. stahlnee

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    Any idea on cost?

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