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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dale, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Dale

    Dale Administrator

    We wrapped up on the project yesterday. I want to thank everyone that had input into making it a success- Luke, Chris, Bob, & Storm.

    The artwork was provided by R. Wayt Smith, and we are thankful for him allowing us to use it. Bob is the man!
    Check out his web site:

    Also, Storm did a great job in designing the flyer! Much thanks goes out to her.


    Click the link below to download the pdf:

    Print it out and spread the joy. See everyone in March!
  2. shalaban

    shalaban Chevalier

    Man that looks good!! :) I am printing it now and will begin to spared the word!!! :cool:
  3. GeneWeigel

    GeneWeigel Footpad

    Nice! I like it!

    The gallery link is very "right up my alley" in style too.

    AWESOME choice, guys!
  4. nukeddude

    nukeddude Level 0 Character

    Love the flyer.
  5. ghul

    ghul Chevalier

    Looks great! :cool:
  6. Dale

    Dale Administrator

    Thanks for the positive feedback. I think it looks awesome, but I'm a bit biased.

    I think it has an old game style feel to it.
  7. Pierce Inverarity

    Pierce Inverarity Level 0 Character

    I like it too, but, depending on whom the flyer is intended to reach, don't you think it should say "started by Gary GYGAX's children"?

    If it just says "Gary," not every gamer nowadays will instantly realize who this is about.
  8. Dale

    Dale Administrator

    You can blame Luke GYGAX- he gave me the copy. ;)

    He's known as Melf on these boards and I'm sure he'll be here in a bit to comment whether it was intentional or not.

    ETA: I think most people we are trying to reach understand what Gary Con is about. We are not trying to reach -the- masses (that's just too damn many people). We are seeking out those who loved playing the old school games and celebrating what Gary did for all of us. At least, that's my thoughts.
  9. jeffery st. clair

    jeffery st. clair Troubadour

    I agree - I'll show the flyer to my game club diehards and when they ask who Gary was, I'll tell 'em. I actually had a pretty in-depth discussion with a few of my diehards last year thanks to Kerry's Adventurer website ("what's the big deal with this Gygax guy?") that led to a discussion on old-school D&D and why just about every video game they play traces its history back to D&D.
  10. prolificvoid

    prolificvoid Troubadour

    I am really DIGGING the flyer! Very impressive, and major kudos to all involved!!
  11. francisca

    francisca Troubadour

    alright, I'll print a couple hundred and start dropping them off at the local gamestores.
  12. Druvas

    Druvas Spellbinder

  13. Rhuvein

    Rhuvein Troubadour

    Excellent poster!! :cool:
  14. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member

    The flyer does look fantastic and all thanks should be directed toward Dale. I sent him my idea- which was not nearly as cool as this- and he used some of his connections to find some great artwork and a professional graphics person to lay it out nicely.

    Gary Con is intended for primarily old school gamers who know who Gary is without having to say Gary Gygax. I don't mean that to be elitist or exclusionary, but it is really a gathering of friends and fellow old game enthusiasts to remember my father and celebrate his work. I am not looking to compete with Gen Con in size or attempting to make Gary Con commercial- although there will be a limited amount of vendors there this year due to the feedback I received from last year's attendees.

    If other folks hear about Gary Con and are not familiar with his work directly, that's OK. They are welcome to come and share in the fun! It is an opportunity to introduce them to the original form of role-playing and hopefully they will enjoy this style as much or perhaps more than what they have experienced thus far.

  15. Dale

    Dale Administrator

    There is a rumor of a version 2 of the flyer (slight re-tweaking being done). Oh wait a minute- I'm in charge of that department. :shock:

    Also, because of the GENEROUS spirit of a few- the flyer for Gary Con II will be printed in a gaming publication! Thanks to those that believe in what Luke (and family) are doing in honoring their father.

    More details to come.
  16. GeneWeigel

    GeneWeigel Footpad

    Gary GYGAX?!? I thought it was a M*A*S*H* convention for Gary Berghoff... Dammit! And here I wasted all this dough on an Alan Alda mask!


    I can say that I have several "Garys" in my world but when I talk "fantasy" and/or "games" and say "Gary" everybody knows who I'm referring to.
  17. Druvas

    Druvas Spellbinder

    *cough,cough*... Could it be Crusader?
  18. GeneWeigel

    GeneWeigel Footpad

    Gary Crusader? Honestly, I don't even know what that refers to although I have to admit, it does seem familiar.

    I was referring to people that I know although in popular media to the kids "Gary" is a snail, to my camping friends "Gary" is the guy who writes the cheesy blurbs in The Sportsman Guide catalogs and the only other "Gary" that I can think of is SPAAAAAAAACE GHOOOOOST!!!!

    Oh, yeah and "Gary 7"!

  19. Druvas

    Druvas Spellbinder

    Haha... No, I was referring to the previous post about advertisement for Garycon2 in a "gaming publication". Sorry, I should have been more clear! :)
  20. Ector

    Ector Level 0 Character

    I believe THAT Gary Con is in Iowa...


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