Gary Con VII: Official VIP list (2015)

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    We are happy to announce the VIP's for Gary Con VII!

    VIP's that have confirmed:

    Peter Adkison *
    Jolly Blackburn
    Mike Carr
    Stephen Chenault
    Chris Clark
    Jeff Easley
    Matt Forbeck
    Ernst Gygax
    Bruce Heard
    Tim Kask
    Dave Kenzer
    Dave 'Diesel' LaForce
    Frank Mentzer
    Jeff Perren *
    Stefan Pokorny
    Steve Sullivan
    Tony Szczudlo
    Jeffrey P. Talanian
    Jim Wampler
    James M. Ward
    Margaret Weis
    David Wesely
    Tom Wham
    Skip Williams

    Please check back, as we will be adding more in the coming months!

    * Denotes first time to attend Gary Con.
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    Its really a nice post

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