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  1. Wooly

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    When will events be open for registration approx? This will be my first GaryCon. Any thoughts on the value of Gold over Silver? I wasn't particularly enamored with the swag bag selection from 2017.
  2. dndgeek

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    Event registration was January 14th (premier), 18th (early) and the 21st-on (open) this year. I just see the swag bag as a bonus, so I'm always happy to get free stuff.
  3. Wooly

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    Thanks I assume we'll see GaryCon X events posted in January 2018.

    Bear with me here because I've never attended. I'm trying to see the added value for buying a Gold Badge over a Silver Badge. The primary distinction between a Silver and Gold badge is that Gold get a swag bag and 2 featured events as well as earlier registration over silver. But a Gold badge is more than twice as expensive as a silver badge. Silver $75 vs. Gold $160. That swag bag ain't free.

    This is based off the table found here:

    Without knowing the events it's hard to decide imo.
  4. dndgeek

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    I guess that all depends on how you value each badge. I believe an extra $85 is worth it to be able to pick games for four days of my favorite gaming of the year before 1,000+ other people get their opportunity. And GaryCon is one of the places with the most access to the old TSR folks and other industry leaders, through games, panels and just passing them in the hall because it's a small fraction of the size of GenCon. The swag bag has zero influence on my decision, so to me that bag is free. However, FYI: gold badges are sold out:

  5. Wooly

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    Well don't I feel dumb. I immediately bought my silver badge. I didn't realize attendance was capped at 1400 Silver.
  6. dndgeek

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    There were some gold badges still available recently (unlike last year when they sold out in under 2 hours), but there's a small chance that more gold badges will be released later. They did it two years ago, but not last year. You might be able to upgrade or return the silver, if it happens, if you're interested. I don't think silver has sold out in any year yet.
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    Someone official can correct me, but I don't know that there actually is a cap on Silver. I understand it shows one - but I think that's kinda a function of having to pick a number to show.

    Honestly, I don't think it's ever been put to the test. So perhaps previous conversations that either stated or implied (or it was inferred) that there was no limit on silver had never considered a reality in which the total was ever in jeopardy.
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  8. stahlnee

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    For me it is the ability to get a guaranteed seat in a featured event.

    To get an idea of what events were offered last year you can go to:

    A query for features events from last year is:

    There are some events/game master events that tend to go quickly.

    Between Diamond and Platnium badges last year the number of featured event seats taken were 66 total. There was one featured event that was sold out at that point and it was Frank Mentzer Celebrity Game.

    When gold badges jumped into the fray then the number of featured event seats taken were 294 total. More featured events sold out at this point.

    There were a total of 952 featured event seats available with 759 being taken during pre-registration.
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  9. dndgeek

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  10. jonsnod

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    I've run Marvel Super Heroes the last few years; I plan to run 2-4 sessions of that again.
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  11. JediSoth

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    I've no idea what I'm running... we're building a house and will be moving right before/after Gary Con, so things will be CRAZY.

    I should probably start writing the adventures now, while we're still waiting on things to move forward.
  12. Venger Satanis

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    This year I've decided to run shorter games and more of them. Specifically, my sleazy space opera RPG Alpha Blue.

  13. chgowiz

    chgowiz Footpad

    I'm running 3 events this year - as I want to play as much as possible!

    Fri 2pm to 6pm - A Ford Over Troubled Waters
    Sat 7pm to midnight - Saturday Night AD&D—Delve into the Deeps
    Sun 10am to 2pm - Battletech -Unidentified Targets Inbound

    A Ford Over Troubled Waters - The Bestials hold Castle Ost. The Civilized Races hold Giant's Keep. Between them is the Whiterun River and a strategic ruins of the old Fordhold. There may be a dragon living there! Who will take Fordhold? Who will defeat the dragon and claim its hoard? Take one of two sides and fight to the finish in this fun set of old school miniatures rules with lots of figures on the table! Using Ral Partha's re-released Chaos Wars miniatures game and (hopefully) 100% Ral Partha miniatures on the table! This is also a play-test for a daylong battle I hope to run at Little Wars 2018.

    Saturday Night AD&D—Delve into the Deeps - Jump back to the 70s/80s as we head into the dungeon on Saturday night! You've been hired by a wizard to delve into a newly discovered Dwarf stronghold. Can you figure out why they left? Are there treasures waiting for the brave or foolish? What horrors will you find in a centuries old buried complex? Play in Chgowiz's campaign world and survive! Tucker's Kobolds might make an appearance.

    Battletech -Unidentified Targets Inbound - It's been two years since the Poulsbo horror: a contagion that swept the population, a mysterious vanishing Jumpship, a lost Marik Battletech Lance. Now, the strife-torn planet of Pencader is about to find out what terror is—a drop ship descended towards the Starport from an unknown Jump Ship and all contact has been lost. Your lance will investigate the mystery and hope to survive what you find! This continues a sci-fi Battletech Sunday game I ran at GaryCon VIII.

  14. Zenopus

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    Hello all. This will be my second Gary Con, and this time I am going to run a game!

    Here's the description, which has been approved:

    Return to the Tower of Zenopus

    Forty years ago adventurers first braved the dungeon under the ruined tower of the wizard Zenopus. Fearsome monsters were overcome and fabulous treasure recovered, but the doom of Zenopus was never revealed. The stairway leading down to the dangerous passages was eventually bricked over by order of Lady Lemunda, current ruler of prosperous Portown. However, recently your party uncovered a previously unknown means of entry. What secrets remain to be discovered in the old dungeons? Meet at the Green Dragon Inn and adventure as Boinger, Zereth, Murray or another character from J. Eric Holmes' stories (pre-generated characters will be provided). This adventure from the Zenopus Archives celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Holmes Basic D&D set.

    I plan to run it twice, once on Fri, once Sat. I requested 9 AM - 1 PM (4 hours) for each day, but they are not scheduling yet.

    (my second post here)

    Update: Unforunately, I had to cancel my attendance at GCX due to a death in the family.
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  15. SoulCatcher78

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    Running 3 DCC events:

    Thursday 9AM to 1 PM (requested): Dwellers of the Forbidden City pregens provided.
    Friday 8AM to Noon (requested): Portal Under the Stars (funnel to introduce any new DCC players to the game)
    Saturday 9AM to 1 PM (requested): Masters of the Forbidden City (same setting as the Thursday game but different options/reasons to be there), pregens provided.
  16. jonsnod

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    I'm submitting my events this week.

    Thurs 10-2
    : Super Dungeon Explore
    Fri 10-2: Marvel Super Heroes "Project Prometheus" (play as classic Kirby giant monsters on a mission to save the Earth)
    Fri 6-10: DCC Vehicle Tournament "Disciples of the Wheel" (road warrior tournament, with new players entering as others die- the driver who travels the longest distance wins)
    Sat: Marvel- adventure TBD (I've got two adventures I'm playtesting with my home group; I'll be running one or both Saturday)
  17. Scott M.

    Scott M. Footpad

    Submitted so far (times tentative):
    • Friday 9am-2pm: "A Tale Told By An Idiot" - AD&D Greyhawk Planescape Lvl 7-9
    Lucky Larius -- outlandish performer, itinerant fool, and purveyor of bizarre curiosities —- has somehow gained an audience to perform for King Belvor IV at the palace in Chendl. You and your companions are at court seeking another royal commission. Dressed in full red & green motley, Larius tumbles and twirls and juggles, tossing cards in the air which leave behind trails of sparkling, colored light. Everyone applauds -- until the King draws a card...and disappears in a flash! I guess you have a job after all. Interrogate the Fool and track down the missing monarch in a rollicking Greyhawk/Planescape adventure.
    • Friday 7pm and Sunday 10am: "League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen"
    In 2179 the Machines, led by SkyNet and the Red Queen, are all but defeated by John Connor’s great grandson, known as “The One.” The AIs create a virus using Alien DNA and send it back through time to wipe out humanity. But they don’t count on the involvement of the vampires, who have no intention of allowing their food supply to go extinct. Play the most badass heroines of film and television (Sarah Connor, Trinity, Ellen Ripley, Buffy, etc.) and save the world in this wild mash-up scenario! Savage Worlds.

    Did someone run something like this last year? Don't want to step on anyone's toes.​

    Feedback is appreciated and might make my decision about what to run.
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  18. SoulCatcher78

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    Save the Cheerleader and League both sound like a blast. Having never played Savage Worlds I'd be interested in either to learn about the system and the familiar story elements might help with that.
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  19. dndgeek

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    League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen sounds like a bunch o fun
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  20. Buttmonkey

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    There was Fate Accelerated event similar to League 2 or 3 years ago. The PCs were 1980s era action heroines (I think it was all women, but maybe I'm not remembering it correctly) taking on Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China.
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