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  1. JediSoth

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    After much deliberation, I have finally submitted events.

    Thursday: Cyborg Commando Tournament (Cyborg Commando) Noon - 4pm
    Friday: Cyborg Commando Tournament, Round 2 (Cyborg Commando) Noon - 4pm

    : The Wailing Sore (D&D 5E) Noon - 4pm
    The village of Bleakbrook prospers, content in their little corner of the world, ignoring the oddities and dangers of the world. Farmers grow their crops and tend to their livestock, children play in the meadows, and families work and live together. One day, that all changes as a strange growth erupts around the spring that serves the village. With their water supply now endangered, the villagers turn to the explorers and adventures in their midst. It is in this motley band of strangers they must place their hope.

    Saturday: Fairy, Faerie, Quite Contrary (D&D 5E) 6pm - 10pm
    Willowglen has fallen under a curse! With no one able to give a straight answer, or, frankly, have any clue what caused the curse, will the heroes be able to free the village from their tormentors, or are they doomed to fall prey to the malediction that plagues the fine folk of Willowglen? A light-hearted D&D 5E adventure.

    (technically, I didn't submit the CC tournament events, but I'm still running those two slots)
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  2. Bogie

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    I have submitted a game for Friday 8am, AD&D 2E Spelljammer Space Pirates.
    I am considering a game based in Luke & Ernie's Lost City of Gaxmoor
  3. Cloak n' Dagger

    Cloak n' Dagger Level 0 Character

    Buried (Thurs, Fri, and Sat, 9am - 1pm)
    You were a slave. For quite some time you’ve been held captive in this mine; every day spent digging deeper into the earth, for what? You’ve had no knowledge of who your captors were or what it is they wanted. Like many others you were accosted, finally regaining consciousness and then forced to dig. Minutes ago the earth shook and sections of the mine collapsed, trapping you along with several survivors. As you contemplate the current situation, wondering if this is the end, something in the back of your mind whispers, 'No, this is just the beginning.'.

    Buried is a low-level dungeon crawl for players of all experience levels. Pre-generated characters will be provided.

    Buried II: A Light In Dark Places (Thu, Fri, and Sat, 2pm - 6pm)
    For one small group of survivors, the aftermath of a collapsed mine was the opportunity they needed to flee from the mysterious slavers who held them captive. After overcoming deadly traps and denizens in a labyrinth of unknown origins, the survivors finally managed to escape.

    Escape was not the salvation you expected, once again you find yourselves thrown even deeper into the secrets and mysteries that have, until now, remained Buried. The adventure continues as the survivors struggle to search for a way out of this strange underworld and back to the surface above.

    Buried II is a mid-level dungeon crawl for players with some experience. Play through the original adventure 'Buried' is highly encouraged for new players but NOT required. Pre-generated characters will be provided. ** Players who keep and want to use their characters from the original adventure will be allowed to play that character with any found items. **
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  4. jonsnod

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    Added two more events:
    Sat 10-2: Marvel Super Heroes "New Mutants Carnival" (play the classic 1985 team as they contend with a carnival that's not quite what it seems)
    Sat 2-6: DCC "Star Crawl Classics" (I've been running my home DCC campaign in space for the last few years; this is an adventure using my custom space rules)
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  5. dndgeek

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    I'm considering running Cthulhu Wars off-grid on Sunday evening if there's interest.
  6. Skip

    Skip Administrator Staff Member

    Cross posted from the Facebook group:

    I'm going to be a busy boy at Gary Con X. My events (so far):
    Thursday 8 am to noon
    Fog on the Oakmoors (D&D 3E)

    Friday 8 am to 2 pm
    Storms Over Highmeadow (D&D 3E)

    Friday 3 pm to 7 pm
    Fog on the Oakmoors (D&D 3E)

    Friday 8 pm to 10 pm
    What’s a DM to Do? (Moderator)

    Saturday 8 am to 10 am
    Bristifs: Once Again into the Breach (Dawn Patrol)

    Saturday noon to 2 pm
    Five Generations of D&D Design (Panelist)

    Saturday 8 pm to Midnight
    Celebrity Hyperborea: The Ice Sphinx—Player

    Sunday 10 am to 4 pm
    Storms Over Highmeadow (D&D 3E)

    All you other GMs out there: Come on in, the gaming's great!
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  7. Jarlaxle

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    Dawn Patrol...woohoo!
  8. fmillard

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    Looks like everyone is doing some fine preparation for this next GaryCon!
    I have, after a bit of deliberation, submitted three events to run. They are, in a very particular order ...

    Night of the Comet - a fun take on the cult movie where our four young heroes, two men (boys?) and two girls, try to live through the day in Ventura, California, after it is taken over by some near-zombie-like individuals.
    This will be run on Thursday, 12p-4p. Savage Worlds

    Four Girls and a Tent - a Savage Worlds/Delta Green/Cthulhu-ish event where the unusual suicides of some college girls in the small town of Slayberry, North Carolina, has everyone looking for answers in this laid-back, unassuming small town.
    This will run on Friday, 12p-4p.

    And last but not least, the newest in my Savage Gilligan's Island Series, Episode 3 - Das Boot!? ... The castaways have to contend with some very dangerously confused and confusing visitors, an attack from the sky, and an invasion of some
    sort of puffy mushrooms that aren't normal in any way whatsoever. Saturday 12p-4p. Savage Worlds.

    See everyone there!
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  9. dndgeek

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    "Attention shoppers!" Oh man, that sounds like a blast! I haven't seen that movie in ages. Wish I could play, but I'll be knee-deep in the dead by then as I'm running a 10-hour Tomb of Horrors game on Thursday. Have fun!
  10. Thomas Tullis

    Thomas Tullis Level 0 Character

    World War Tesla is an alternate-history wargame, where Nicola Tesla's more radical ideas such as death rays and force fields have come to fruition, changing the face of World War I. Giant walking tanks, soldiers with rocket-packs, and biplanes armed with death rays rule the battlefield. Game will be run by Fat Dragon Games' staff members. No prior experience necessary.

    Thursday March 8th: 1-5pm
    Saturday March 10th: 9am-1pm



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  11. Buttmonkey

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    Are the Thursday and Saturday WWT events different scenarios? And are they different from the scenario used last year?
  12. Thomas Tullis

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    They will both be the same scenario, but it is a new one for this year. :)
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  13. dndgeek

    dndgeek Troubadour

    I've added The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 as a Saturday night event because it's so much damn fun.
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  14. chainsaw

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    Sounds fun! I would play if I weren’t already running something.
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  15. dndgeek

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  16. nesbit37

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    I just submitted 8 events for a game I am creating and plan to kickstart next fall. I hope the attendees enjoy it!

    Bee Lives: We Will Only Know Summer
    This is a game designed to run 1 to 4 players through a year of managing a wild bee hive. Players of this medium weight euro game will utilize resource management and worker placement mechanics to be the hive that sets up the best possible path for its survival. Will your hive make it through winter? Note: this game is in prototype form.

    More information here:
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  17. Tim Neppel

    Tim Neppel Level 0 Character

    I've submitted several events for GaryCon X, I'll give a brief description of some of them here, and perhaps a more detailed one in a new thread for the last couple. Time slots are not yet assigned and so are subject to change.

    SteamPunk Rally -- Board game, 2-8 players, 2 hours -- Thursday 2 pm, Friday 10 am

    The world's brightest inventors from across the centuries are gathering in the Swiss Alps to determine which of them is the greatest. Draft cards to build your machine, build a dice pool, and use them to power your machine forward towards the finish line. A clever simultaneous play game that doesn't require extra time despite its impressive player count. If time permits, we may run a second race.​

    Apocrypha: Adventure Card Game -- Card Game, 1-6 players, 2 hours -- Thursday 8 pm, Saturday 10 am

    Apocrypha ACG is a cooperative adventure card game where you and your fellow saints work to thwart a modern-day apocalypse at the hands of nine powerful entities known as novum. Mechanically similar to Pathfinder ACG, it's sorta like its creepy fraternal twin that was separated at birth.​

    Avalon: The Resistance -- Social deduction game, 5-10 players, 1 hour -- Friday 8 pm, Sunday 10 am

    The loyal servants of King Arthur (Good) seek to find the Holy Grail. But the traitorous agents of Mordred (Evil) have slipped in amongst their ranks, working to foil their noble cause. Only Merlin can see through their web of deceit, but he can speak only in riddles, lest his identity be revealed to the murderous assassin! A social deduction game like Werewolf, but without player elimination.

    Bridge of Death Trivia -- Homebrew trivia, 1-30 players, 5 minutes -- Thursday 7pm, Friday 7pm

    Your party approaches a rope bridge stretched across a ravine. Standing before it is a red-robed wizard, adorned with ram's horns and wielding a staff. He seems unaware of your approach, as he blasts the landscape with pyrotechnics. The ground is cratered and the air is dirty with smoke as he practices his craft.
    "STOP!" he suddenly announces, turning towards you. "Ye who would cross the Bridge of DEATH, must answer me these questions THREE, er the other side ye SEE!"
    "Wait a tic," you protest, coming to a realization. "You're not the Old Man, from Scene 24!"
    "Well, yes. I... am an Enchanter. There are some who call me... Tim?
    The Old Man from Scene 24 came down with a case of NEWT. He asked me to fill in for him this GaryCon. He'll get betta!"

    Bridge of Death Trivia is a 5 minute mini-game where you are asked 3 questions. The first two questions are always the same... but the 3rd question's category will be determined by the toss of a DIE. If you answer correctly, you WIN a PRIZE! But if you are incorrect, you are CAST into the PoInT of Eternal Parallelograms... don't worry, you can climb out and try again!

    No phones, please!
    Mounting Pitons To Hold the Grill -- Mini-LARP, Minimum 5 players, 2-3 hours -- Friday 1 pm, Saturday 4 pm

    A live-action comedic homage to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Take on the roles of Arthur and his brave Knights of the Round table. Set off from Camelot and travel across the Con-floor seeking the Holy Grail! Along the way you might duel the dreaded Black Knight! Perhaps you will brave the perilous Castle Anthrax! And if you don't soil your armor first, delve into the Cave of Caerbannog!

    **See followup post for more details on this event. There is some apprehension about this event that I wish to alleviate.**​
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  18. Steven Kreft

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    I'm not familiar with The Thing game, I played an Aliens game back in the early 90's is it the same? Both look very interesting to me.

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  19. stahlnee

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  20. Bogie

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    I submitted 2 games for GaryCon X. Both games are 2nd Ed AD&D 7th level.

    SpellJammer Space Pirates:
    Your party has to stop the pirates who are raiding ships bringing needed supplies to the outer asteroid colonies.

    Raiders of the Lost Tombs of Gaxmoor:
    The Lost City of Gaxmoor has reappeared. You have been hired to retrieve a House Relic from one of the tombs just outside of the city.
    I think one game will be Friday at 8am and the other will be Saturday at 8am, but I won't know until the schedules are posted.
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