Gary Con XI Event Submission Discussion and Issues

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    Hello all!

    Event submission for Gary Con XI has been unofficially open for quite awhile now—we started pestering guests for their events back in July. As of September 25th, we had more than 350 events.

    You can submit your events anytime.

    As always, you'll need a Table Top Events account and a Gary Con XI badge to submit.

    If you encounter difficulty submitting, or have questions about the process, you can post your issues here.

    Some useful links:

    TTE Main/Create Account:

    Gary Con XI TTE Page

    Gary Con XI How to Submit an Event

    Gary Con GM Rewards
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    Cross posted from the Facebook group:

    Event scheduling is moving right along.

    That has lead some of you to request changes.

    That's okay.

    But, please, be specific about which events you want changed when you contact us.

    Some examples:

    Non specific: Please move my Friday 10 am game to Friday 8 am or Friday 4 pm.

    If you send us this kind of request we're going write you back and ask for clarification.

    Specific: Please move event 1 Brisfits Over Flanders from Saturday 8 am to Saturday 10 am.*

    We're serious about this folks. Without your event number and the event's full title we often just can't be sure exactly which event you're asking about. If you aren't specific, we're going to ask you for clarification and that will delay the matter, and the later we go the less chance we'll able to accommodate your request.

    * Brisfits fans relax, we're flying first thing Saturday morning as always. It's just an example.
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