Gary Con XII Badge Sales Open July 27, 2019

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Melf, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member

    Greetings Gary Con Goers,

    I wanted to make sure to let everyone know far and wide that Badges go on sale for GC XII on July 27th at NOON Central Standard Time. Make sure to mark your calendars if you are looking for a Gold badge. I suspect they will sell out in a few minutes.


  2. Skip

    Skip Administrator Staff Member

    Cross Posted from the Facebook Group

    [Caroline] sent out an email to GMs with 16+ hours with a code for badge registration. If you do not have an email within 48 hours and believe you qualify, please email: [email protected].

    If you are a special guest, volunteer or tournament winner, please hang tight! You will be getting an email within the next 7-10 days!
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  3. francisca

    francisca Troubadour

    Thanks for posting this stuff here. It is much easier to find info in the forums than scrolling back through post after post of non gary con related stuff on the fb page.
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  4. Skip

    Skip Administrator Staff Member

    Update to my previous post:

    GM codes have gone out. If you ran 16+ hours last year and you don't have an email with a discount/credit code email [email protected].
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  5. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member

    You are welcome sir. I'll aspire to keep both updated regularly!
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  6. Jonathan McGough

    Jonathan McGough Level 0 Character

    This will be my first GaryCon and I'm contemplating a Gold badge for the early registration and cheaper beer...haha.

    Could anyone enlighten me as to what beer costs without the stadium cup? Or what a stadium cup costs to buy on its own? Also can you buy the Gary Con t-shirts without buying a badge? and is the early registration worth it?

    Any information that you guys can give me would be so greatly appreciated. I'm super excited I just want to know if it's worth the extra money?
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  7. Brian Johnson

    Brian Johnson Level 0 Character

    Diddo! I am soooooo looking forward to this... and I am thinking Gold too.
    My wife surprised me last night by asking, "is the $20 Spectator badge good for all 4 days? I want to go..."
  8. Brian Johnson

    Brian Johnson Level 0 Character

    I would like to ask:
    What is the process of buying the tickets? do they just magically appear on the TableTop Events website at noon? For all you guys and gals that have done this before, whats the best way to be ready at noon to get one of these limited edition Gold badges? and can you get more than one( my grandson wants to come too, he is 14 and just started gaming)?

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  9. mwisconsin

    mwisconsin Administrator Staff Member

    We in the business call that the "Joe Maganiello" effect.
  10. gmbarry

    gmbarry Footpad

    I think the stadium cups are 18 dollars and 16 (Beer / Soda) I may not be correct as I did not have to buy one but my friend did.
    I ran enough games to get a GM cup (8 Hours+)

    The Shirts are sold at the con (get one early, some sizes vanish quickly) they were 25 last year

    No comment on the Gold badge early registration because of the changes this year

    It does include a swag bag

    The Gold badge will sell out within a couple of hours so if you want one, get on line when badge registration opens

    if you want to ask me questions, feel free to contact me on Facebook or via email
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  11. qstor

    qstor Level 0 Character

    It says badge's are unavailable? Is that cause it's not Noon CST?
  12. Brian Johnson

    Brian Johnson Level 0 Character

  13. ARCHIE

    ARCHIE Level 0 Character

    The discount code I received by email is disabled :(
  14. jim

    jim Level 0 Character

    Gold badges are sold out, in under 10 minutes.
  15. ThrashLibrarian

    ThrashLibrarian Level 0 Character

    Same Archie. I posted a new thread, so hopefully it gets resolved.
  16. ThrashLibrarian

    ThrashLibrarian Level 0 Character

    Seems to be working now, Archie. Hope you weren't hoping for Gold...
  17. Poindexter

    Poindexter Chevalier

    mine was too. got hosed from getting a gold badge because of this! i am not happy at all.
  18. Brian Johnson

    Brian Johnson Level 0 Character

    Diamond (Only 12 Available), Platinum (Only 25 Available), and Gold (Only 250 Available) Sold out in 8 minutes

    Tons of Lag and error message as we overloaded the servers
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  19. Hiscompter

    Hiscompter Level 0 Character

    I don’t even see the diamond badges
  20. Brian Johnson

    Brian Johnson Level 0 Character

    I think they are renamed to just Premiere... They were there before the badges actually went live

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