Gary Con XII Cancelled

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Melf, Mar 13, 2020.

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  1. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member

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  2. chainsaw

    chainsaw Troubadour

    Sucky situation, but you made the right call.
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  3. jim

    jim Level 0 Character

    It was the right thing to do. There's always next year.

    The post mentions the Grand Geneva releasing rooms without a cancellation fee. Do you know if that also applies to the Fairfield for those of us whose reservations were moved?
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  4. Navar

    Navar Level 0 Character


    I respect the care & consideration that you all put into this decision, & all the work you & the Gary Con staff do to make the con great every year. All of us who love the con will be back next year & support you all 100%.

    Best Regards,

  5. Poindexter

    Poindexter Chevalier

    Luke, this Cancellation News post does not seem to show up from the main page's News menu.
  6. chgowiz

    chgowiz Footpad

    Jim, FWIW, I cancelled this evening without any issues.
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  7. dragon#4

    dragon#4 Level 0 Character

    It was the right decision to cancel. It was the wrong decision to offer no badge refunds or partial badge refunds. IMHO

    Some questions:

    Did the GG refuse to let GC out of its contract under the circumstances and stick with the full facility fee being assessed? If so, then the "no refunds" policy may be more justifiable, but it would necessitate looking into legal action against the GG (by both GC and individuals) and serious consideration of using a different venue in the future. If WI ends up mandating no events over a certain size, then GC should be released from any such fees by law.

    What about jim's question above about nonrefundable hotel deposits taken by Fairfield?

    Can you consider an option for people regarding badge refunds? Maybe choose: 1) I'd like a refund, 2) I donate my badge fee to GaryCon's future, 3) I donate and add $x donation. Mandated "no refunds" is so dirty and wrong, and I find it unacceptable on a deep level. If given the choice, I'd pay for other's badges and mine. It's not about the money, at least for me. It's about the principal of how a friend treats a friend. If we're not "friends" and instead are doing a "pure business transaction" that will be held against me by the other party even in extraordinary circumstances like this, then this whole thing isn't about what I thought it was about.
  8. Aaron Wilbers

    Aaron Wilbers Level 0 Character

    I had to cancel my rooms and drop out due to work situations last month but I think you are doing the right thing here. Too many people in risk groups would have been together making it a potentially hazardous situation. I hope I can make it next year.
  9. Jarlaxle

    Jarlaxle Troubadour

    The money is spent...I don't think they could refund badge costs if they wanted to.
  10. EOTB

    EOTB Level 0 Character

    Enough irony to hit a Type VI demon without a magical weapon.
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  11. sir jon

    sir jon Spellbinder

    My disappointment is deep and wholly felt. I don't blame Luke or the con in any way and I wish the virtual gamers much fun in an attempt to salvage their weekend of Gary rememberances. I will likely find another way to find my Electrum Badge.

    Game on, folks. I hope to see you all soon.

    Sir Jon aka +1 aka Chaotic Jon aka Bringer of Malört aka Dollar DM
  12. heyscot

    heyscot Level 0 Character

    Hahahahahaha I know! It even states in the policies section on the website that there are no refunds.
  13. Handy Haversack

    Handy Haversack Chevalier

    I'm really bummed to not get to see *most* of you -- and very grateful to Luke and all the GC volunteers for doing the heavy lifting and making the hard choices.

    Absolutely sensible that badge cash refunds are not available, and I think that what GC is doing for its attendees already goes above and beyond. Things are hard -- let's go easy on our friends!

    Be safe and kind, everyone. Those are our best defenses these days. And, you know, washing your hands.

    *I* was washing my hands before it was cool!
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  14. Vort

    Vort Level 0 Character

    Kudos to Luke & crew for what they've had to deal with and give up.

    I too am bummed to miss out on what sounds like a great con. But, health first, always. I have no issues with how Luke handled this, and have nothing but praise for those working behind the scenes. I was able to defer my flight costs (credit until the end of the year), cancel my hotel and car, and all I'm out is the badge -- a low cost in the broader scheme of things, and I have no gripes about their cancellation policy (which was quite clear) nor do I expect a refund. So, now I have next year to plan for and look forward to, and I'm guessing it will be something even more special. In the meantime, I'll be playing some of the virtual GaryCon games over that weekend. :cool:
    The Fairfield is a Marriott hotel which just sent out a notice with this:
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  15. sd8k

    sd8k Level 0 Character

    Go Virtual!!!!

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  16. jim

    jim Level 0 Character

    Thanks. I'll give them a call today.
  17. jwagner

    jwagner Level 0 Character

    No doubt this was the right call. I can only imagine how much time and money goes into putting something like this together. I have no interest in a refund, but if I get one next year I'll be sure to spend the extra money there.
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  18. silas

    silas Chevalier

    The GG let GC out of the contract and refunded all deposits, including those for equipment

    GC spent money of shirts and swag for gold badge holders and above (about 300 people). I would put the cost of the swag, shirts, additional equipment, etc. at no more that $10,000

    Based on the total badges sold, GC brought in over $230,000

    so when people say "the money has been spent", I am a little curious as to where the other $220,000 went. Were there some legal fees? I would imagine, and that probably cost a couple thousand bucks max.

    The staff are volunteers. They don't get paid. Likewise, TTG doesn't charge GC, it charges attendees (charged me $12 service fee)

    Refunds could easily be given, up to the total amount brought in, with minimal impact, unless I am missing something here. As others have suggested, the organizers could offer refunds to those that want it, or discounted badges for next year, etc. Maybe only 50% of people will ask for a refund, which means the show still pockets over 100k and can easily cover any discounts for next year.

    Not giving refunds ins't going to go over well (and there is already a lot of complaining online and among gamers that I meet with each week). If I had spent $50 I'd probably let it slide, but I bought a gold badge for $200. That isn't a trivial sum.
  19. Khasimir

    Khasimir Footpad

    This wins the stupid internet comment of the day award. You clearly have never ever had to order mass quantities of swag for 2500+ attendees + volunteers + Gygax family. Do you honestly think ordering roughly 2-3,000 decent quality t shirts, given the multi color, graphics intensive design, and amount of logos on them can be done for less than $10k, delivered? That's without the dice, coins, lanyards, badges, menu cards, storage fees, all the other swag for sale, signs, equipment.
    If you spent some time looking into this, you'd realize how dumb this makes you look.

    You're pissed, and you want the entire freaking world to know it by posting on social and here. We all get it. You've said your peace, repeatedly. Now it's time to accept it, and move on. Otherwise, bring your grievance directly to Luke and then leave the rest of us in peace.
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  20. sir jon

    sir jon Spellbinder

    Colin, seriously, what is your stake in this continued badgering of the situation? Are you just aiming to make a miserable situation worse? You, like certain others on this forum and FB are not really offering solutions, just screaming into the face of their own disappointment. Let the bone go, man. Take it down a notch, you're absolutely becoming the hysterical annoyance.
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