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    Thought I'd post this in case it's useful to someone: I threw together a simple Gantt chart in Excel with the CSV data to show an event timeline. This snapshot is from 10:00PM MST Feb 1 (already shows some of the seats as being sold). You can delete or filter and hide columns as desired to see how your games fit with each other. I also added number of games running per hour (again, not sure if it's useful but I found it interesting). I think it'd be useful to know number of games starting per hour, but haven't got there yet.

    Some caveats:
    • each green square is 1 hour starting at the time shown, so it shows starting hours but not ending hours. eg. an event from 8-12 will show green squares for 8,9,10,11 but not 12.
    • 1/2 hour squares are not shown accurately; eg. an event from 8-9:30 will show green squares for 8,9
    • it was done pretty quickly so no guarantees on the accuracy! (though, I did verify enough samples to be satisfied); please report any errors!
    • to update with new data, turn off filtering, delete all cells from A-U, open the new .csv, copy columns A-U from the CSV and paste into the XLS. If the number of events changes you'll have to adjust a few rows at the end (note it might destroy the totals lines at the end)
    • it's a copy-paste exercise to update, so any edits you do will be lost if you update with new data (if the event order changes at all).
    Yes, it's a hack job so don't expect too much.

    Download from here (the forum rejected it as too large):

    Number of games per hour (running, not starting):

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