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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mitch the Bard, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Mitch the Bard

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    When Elmore's painting of the blue dragon first appeared on the Gary Con XII website as the image for the next con, I was beyond thrilled. Iconic. Majestic. Perfect. fear of coming across as soft or...whatever...I must admit that the image that is currently on the header of the Gary Con XIII website is.........well, interesting...but strangely disturbing...well, to me. I fully realize it is hearkening back to Sturmgeschultz and Sorcery, one of the earliest fantasy vs. modern warfare tropes...and I am all for touching into our glorious grognardian past....I don't know though...while the image is gripping, I fear it is a bit too...graphic? Overly violent, especially toward what may(?) be supposed representing a member of the US military...I know, I know, it's all fantasy, but I am not sure this is the perfect image for our beloved I wrong?
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    Dude, those aren't any US military uniforms or equipment that I know of. As noted at your genre guess, those are fucking nazis.

    Also, not that violent.
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  4. Mitch the Bard

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    Well, I stand in admitted ignorance in my uniform identification skills, granted, and obviously in my taste also...even with those admissions of wrongness, I must still humbly say that it is violent ...and yes, before you jump on me for that too...I know our's are games of violence.

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    I tend to disagree.

    But if you really need to champion the movement, you would probably find a lot more support for your opinion over on the FB page.

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