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  1. tavis

    tavis Footpad

    Thanks to Luke and his fellow Gygaxes, Dale, Chris, and everyone else who helped create a weekend that was the antithesis of woe!

    I had a great time and can't wait to do it again next year.
  2. geekpreacher

    geekpreacher Spellbinder

    Thanks so much for putting on a great Con. My friend Redd and I had an awesome time. It was wonderful being able to go from table to table and visit with people. I enjoyed meeting a number of you and it was just pure fun.

    I also got to play some of those older boardgames with Frank Mentzer which was really interesting. The auction, of course, was a blast. It was both funny and kewl to see all that going on.

    It's just so nice to get away from everything and game for a little while and sling some dice, have some drinks and hang out with all kinds of good folks.

    I can't thank all of you enough.
  3. mordrin

    mordrin Spellbinder Staff Member

    Indeed. Thanks to everyone who made it happen.
  4. Doomguy

    Doomguy Level 0 Character

    Had a great time at garycon II, Greatly enjoyed running my warhammer event and look forward to coming back next year!
  5. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member

    Excellent! Another gamer is recruited into the fold!
  6. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member


    Thanks for all of the kind words guys. I too wish to add my thanks to all the people that brought games to share and GMed for the rest of us- especially Frank, Rob, Tim, Jim, Tom, Mike, Jolly, David and Jeff. A mighty thanks to Donal (aka Chris), Dale, my siblings and extended family members, my battle buddies- Brendan, Dreb, James (aka Prolific Void) and Paul.

    A hearty thanks for the material support from our friends at Kenzer and Co, Troll Lord Games, Goodman Games, North Wind Adventures and all the folks that gave items from their personal treasure trove for the Gary Con Auction. As well as R. Wayt Smith for donating the Crusader artwork, Peter Bradley and Erol Otus for donating artwork.

    It was truly wonderful to gather and game together in memory of my Dad. We look forward to doing it again next year with all of you.

  7. prolificvoid

    prolificvoid Troubadour

    It really was a whole series of good times all cram-jam-packed on top of one another!
    Thanks to all who showed up to support the memory and legacy of The Great One, and for being such a friendly group of great folks.

    Looking forward to next year!
  8. ekimus

    ekimus Footpad

    I just wish to say to the Gygax family, friends and all the gamers that attended GaryCon II, Thanks!

    It was a fun and memorable way to celebrate Gary and gaming.

    Cheers! :D
  9. jim skach

    jim skach Troubadour

    Where to begin? I suppose at the top - to all of the Gygax family for inviting a bunch of strangers to game on their figurative porch. Without your gracious hosting I would miss one of the best gaming experiences I've had...two years running.

    To all of the luminaries who were so kind and patient with those of us with stars in our eyes. One of them said to me something like, "I'm just a gamer." While true, it does not cover the debt that some of us feel we owe you for the trail blazed. And while it might not seem a big deal, this con gives many of us an opportunity to learn by watching and sharing. And now we can pass these things down to our children and their generation so this is not lost. Specifically I must thank Messrs. Wham, Ward, and Blume who took me into a game of Dragon Lairds without a blink of an eye and taught me how to play. No complaining, no expectations - just an invitation and a helping hand in learning the game.

    To all the volunteers who busted their butts to make things run smoothly - or at least appear to run smoothly. You did an outstanding job!

    To the folks who I met for the first time and who invited me to play in various other games; in particular the extremely nice Joseph Goodman who let me into his game as well as the session of Puerto Rico.

    To the folks I knew who ran games for me (and/or others) - diaglo running U1; Tavis' all night session on Saturday; Fansisca for getting me into the aforementioned Dragon Laird game by association and getting diaglo to run U1. Oh - and Mark for the Wooden Ships Iron Men; Trafalgar will never be the same.

    And to the many new friends I made sitting around various tables playing games - too numerous to mention - thanks for having me along. I appreciate your patience and kindness in putting up with me for a few hours.

    Thanks to one and all for a great, great event.
  10. paladin1128

    paladin1128 Level 0 Character

    We enjoyed it, just make the Brits a little less effective after they get an Assegai in the groin would you? lol
  11. shalaban

    shalaban Chevalier

    Wow! What a weekend!

    So many people to thank so-

    Thanks to Luke and the Gygax family and friends for getting all this underway and doing such a great job! You all have made a lot of people happy!

    Thanks to Dale for the gaming invite after the con! Next year for sure if the invite stands.

    Thanks to Tim Kask for the wonderful Circus Maxims game that you ran! You had to be tired as it started so late but you seen it thru. I’m sure Byron was looking down with interest in our race! I had a blast and hope to play in next year’s! (And thanks for signing my sheet too!!)

    Thanks to Axe Man for playing Ben Hur during the CM race! I thought I was the only one who looped the Ben Hur race scene while playing the Ben Hur soundtrack…

    Thanks to Richard Balsley for going to GCII with me and Griz, signing my book, gaming with me, the songs, notes, conversations, and above all else friendship! Say hi to the cat for me.

    Thanks to Greg Timm for playing in my DJMGRPG and the Badger Burger & Beer, I wish I had not left it in your car! (Sorry)

    Thanks to Tony for the conversations we have on astrophysics! I’m glad you majored in that and we need more time to talk of such!

    Thanks to Bryan Skowera (And a walk in whose name I cannot remember) for playing in my first DJMGRPG in the early 9 A.M. slot!

    Thanks to Tim Burnside for riding 1267 miles with me and being the tallest guy at the con!

    Thanks to Tom Wham for singing my Snit’s Revenge game map!

    Thanks to Jim Ward for running a great MA game and letting me use your dice and writing utensil, I love your Game Mastering style! (Note to self: Do not hit the 2ed red flashing button on the top of the bone spear…)

    Thanks to the guy who bought me a beer at Jim’s game whose name I did not get!

    Thanks to all the people who played in my 2ed impromptu DJMGRPG (Whose names I do not remember which I blame on the Absinthe…) and helped me close down the con with the last game played there!

    Thanks to Luca for hanging out and talking to me, for digging my map, and the information on the city!

    Thanks to The Keeper for the Wings of War game! Not only was it fun and ran well, but you were entertaining all the while. Do you run any RPGs?

    Thanks to Jeff Easley for coming and displaying your art and talking with me.

    Thanks to Jolly B. & David K. and crew for the games you run and the cool stuff donated for the con!

    Thanks to anyone I have forgotten for whatever it was you did and for not kicking me to the curb for forgetting I forgot.

    I hope to see you all next year!!! :D
  12. the keeper

    the keeper Spellbinder

    You're more than welcome. As I mentioned in a previous post I enjoyed running it, to the MAX.
    To answer your question about RPG's, let's see, I've ran a FEW, in the past, for my old gaming group to include;
    D&D, AD&D, Gamma World, Boothill, Star Trek, Star Frontiers, Dragon Quest, Tunnels & Trolls & something of my own design, never published, called the "Dun-Jun of Portals" which incorporated all mentioned above. (Yes, I have a warped mind.)
    Will I run any ever again? I don't know, but I'am trying to convince my youngest son to run an "Alpha Omega" event at next years con. He's currently running an adventure for his gaming group & doing a pretty good job. (Just a chip off the old block.)
    I spend most of my time running "Wings of War" & YES it will be at GC3 next year. Not only will it be bigger & better, but, I just spent WAY TO MUCH $ on acquiring it's sister game "Dawn of War." Not only will there be Camels & Nieuports & Fokkers, (OH MY!), BUT NOW we'll have Spitfires & Wlidcats & Zeros. (OH BROTHER!)
    Oh, & next year the events will be mixed. One will be a fighter patrol, similar to what you brave pilots played. Also a Recon mission, with some two-seaters (& possible escorts), Balloon busting, and there will be an Intercept mission, where the hulking multi-engine bombers will be lumbering across the map on their way to their target, watching for enemy fighters. It won't be any safer in the air then it was this year. (Might even be worse?!) :lol: :twisted:
  13. extsr

    extsr Chevalier

    Luke, Dale, Chris, & the family:

    Excellent job.

    In just two years, GaryCon has become one of the premier local cons in the USA.

    You've got a wiener here. Hang onto the tiger.

  14. Tellion Steele

    Tellion Steele Level 0 Character

    From a long time gamer/first time conventioner:

    Thanks to everyone who made my first game convention all that I had hoped it would be and more. For me, it truly was a profound experience.

    Although I began playing D&D nearly 30 years ago, I never had the opportunity to meet Gary Gygax. And yet, I feel that, in a way, I have a connection to him; a connection I suspect many who attended Gary Con share.

    I was 13 when I bought the basic set and began exploring Keep on the Borderlands by myself and later with a group in the school library. I still remember our party's foolish attempt to rob the keep bank, and I even remember the name (Lant the Bold) of the lone character who survived... Over the next year, that group of gamers formed a bond of friendship that has lasted to this day despite education and careers that have divided us across this nation and, at time, the world. Other friendships have come and gone, yet the bonds that were forged for years around the game table have proven the test of time. I believe gaming (D&D in particular) drew us together, but I also believe it taught us how to work together, resolve conflict, problem solve, and of course to imagine. In short, it not only helped us grow, but it helped us grow together. The father of role playing games deserves no small measure of credit for that.

    So it seemed only fitting that my first game convention should be a Gary Con, and that I should rendezvous (pardon my french) there with my long time friend (and original DM). I only wish it could have been GC I.

    Again, thanks to everyone who made Gary Con possible. Thanks to the GMs and gamers who made the events entertaining and the camaraderie real. Hope to see you all next year.
  15. prolificvoid

    prolificvoid Troubadour

    You're not alone in being a con newbie, Tellion - I too have been gaming since I was 12 (40 now), and GCII was only my second convention, the first being Gary Con I!
    And it was indeed a very, very good time.
  16. deogolf

    deogolf Chevalier

    I would like to thank everyone - and I mean "everyone!" - for a great, entertaining weekend! It was a blast!

    Next year I'm going to get a room and make sure nothing else is planned for that weekend. I may even run an event (gulp! :shock: )

    Really looking forward to next year!!

    Thanks again, Luke and the Gygax family!

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