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    Concerning the DJMGRPG game Shalaban so magnanimously offered to run for we of the "oft-too-logistically-beleaguered-to-game-much" staff and volunteers at Gary Con IV, I had the impression awhile back that the game/event itself should perhaps have a separate thread, so as not to further veer the existing one away from its true subject: The Dangerous Journeys RPG for which it is named.

    While it's true that the aforementioned thread is in the RPG Discussion section, I opted to place this thread here under General Discussion, as this regards a specific Gary Con IV event - the second part of the description for the section being, "...and all things Gary Con."

    So, rather than continue crowding out discussion of the RPG itself over there, this thread may be used for discussions regarding the specific staff/volunteer game by Shalaban at the upcoming con!

    • - General information which Shalaban might wish to share regarding game and/or story elements ahead of time? (Or not?)

      - Heroic Personae - Ideas or questions about, discussions, progress thereon (or lack thereof)?

      - Creative input/discussions on how the HPs might - or might not - know other HPs? Backgrounds? Histories?

      - Other game-specific information or discussion?

    The possibilities are many. Or at least, seemingly so.

    Thanks once more to Shalaban for his willingness to host for us!

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  3. Totan

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    Maybe everything that needed to be said was said in the other thread? :)
  4. prolificvoid

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    Oh yeah. Good point. :)

    "So far", anyway! So far! That was my burst of optimism. Hopefully no one was alarmed. Heh.

    Really though, there are quite a number of things just from the few examples listed in the OP that could potentially be discussed.

    Relative to in-game/in-character stuff, though too, we're probably well-served to first get any guidelines, background info, etc., which Shalaban might wish to offer up - things relative to the setting, inter-personal relationships (or their lack) of HPs relative to each other, or whatever - so we, or maybe just me, hahaha, might better know "the parameters" of the possible discussions.

    So on, so forth...
  5. Dale

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    I, for one, am up for a good game.

    However, I have concerns now that our "0 Day" has morphed into an active day. So, might not be as relaxing as we were thinking.
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    Which may make for another line of discussion in yon mod forum, as I'd fairly recently read something that made me wonder along the same lines.

    Do you have DJ material with which to make your HP, Dale, and/or been in touch with Shalaban about its creation? If no, chop chop, buddy!
    Larry the Cable Guy implores you to git'r done!

  7. Totan

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    I am happy to lease my new patented phrase "-1 Day" to you for a dollar...
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    I rolled up my stats, qualified for full practioner dweomercraefter and made the requisite percentile roll!!! Now I just need to spend my STEEP points, calculate my Heka and buy stuff. I am Lower Upper Class, Elemental School dweomercraefter from Mahgreb.

  9. prolificvoid

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    See, now that's what I'm talking about.
    However, since I just posted on Facebook that I have to take care of grown up life productivity stuff at the moment, I'll have to post up some info later.

    Hopefully there aren't any in-game reason we shouldn't do that, but if so I suppose we just draw deep upon that long-honored tradition of separating player knowledge from character knowledge.
    Off I go now, for the moment.

    Thanks for the update, Luke - and well done. Seems I enjoyed some nice fortune in the generation of my HP as well. :mrgreen:
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    Luke and James, having already done prior work, already have an HP. All other HPs designated "Open" will be rolled for by the balance of the Players with D%, highest roller choosing first, lowest roller choosing last, ties being re-rolled. Because you will get to chose out of a few when your turn comes up, and because I don’t mind you guys trading HPs before play begins, you can have your eye on a particular HP. Moreover, if you have your eye on one of the Open HPs, with the information below you can if time allows, read up on the K/S Areas and likely Castings.
    Here is some more information on the Heroic Personas that I generated for the adventure. I did not have time to list each Casting but roughly speaking if it is one of your main K/S Areas then you are likely to have about half of each listed Casting in Grades I-V. If it is not a main K/S Area, you are likely to have about two or three of the listed Castings in Grades I-III. (By “listed Castings”, I am talking of those listed in the Mythus Magick book by K/S Area & Grade.)

    Most of the information for the HPs was generated randomly, and when it was chosen, it was chosen to reflect the ‘reality’ of the campaign such as with the names. (Though you can go by any nickname you wish, you don’t have much choice in what mom and dad named you, or the prevailing nomenclature in vogue at the time and place you were born.)

    Name: Tiberius Helvidius Maximus

    Vocation: Cavalier

    Race: Atlantlan (Red)

    Place of Origin: The Kingdom of Rome

    Current Nationally: The Kingdom of Rome

    Quirks: Keen Sensory Perception

    Counter Quirks: Nervous

    SEC: 9 Upper Upper Class, Aristocrat

    Ethos: Sunlight, worships the Greco-Roman Pantheon

    Joss: 13

    Major K/S Areas: Combat, Hand Weapons - Combat, Hand Weapons, Missiles - Combat, HTH, Lethal - Arms & Armor - Cultured Palate - Music - Perception, Physical - Riding - Gambling - Games, Mental - Etiquette/Social Graces - Heka Forging - Hunting/Tracking - Smithing & Welding - Police Work

    Associated Casting Areas: 3 Priestcræft - 5 Heka Forging - 1 Conjuration

    Total Heka: 463

    Main Weapon & Armor: Atlantlan Death Star (Pole Arm) and Exceptional Plate Mail w/Pauldrons

    Notes: Cavalier (James) Has recently escorted the daughter of Herzog Marcus Norbanus Taurus of The Grand Duchy of Etruria back home to Bologna by order of the Triñl of The Kingdom of Rome and now is returning home to The City on the Seven Hills. You offered your serves in the typical knightly fashion to the caravan train with which you now travel, that being that they provide room and board wherever you stop, and for that, you protect the people and wagons.

    Name: Tanweer of the Wastes

    Vocation: Mercenary

    Race: Mixed Brown

    Place of Origin: Nejd (Ryadh)

    Current Nationally: Nejd

    Quirks: Can quickly and easily memorize written or spoken word - Rapid Reading - Connecting - Ambidextrous (Rolled)

    Counter Quirks: Poor night vision

    SEC: 3 Upper Lower Class, peasant

    Ethos: Sunlight, worships Babylon Pantheon

    Joss: 13

    Major K/S Areas: Combat, Hand Weapons - Combat, Hand Weapons, Missles - Combat, HTH, Lethal - Perception, Physical - Weapons Special Skill (Florentine) Sword &Shield - Gambling

    Associated Casting Areas: 4 Mysticism - 7 Dweomercræft - 1 Astronomy

    Total Heka: 295

    Main Weapon & Armor: Scimitar and Lg. Round Shield

    Notes: Mercenary (Open) After leaving your homeland of Nejd you have traveled much of the world as a sword for hire. You just finished a job at Rimini in The Barony of Lucania and have not been able to find employment thereafter. So you think that heading to a larger city will help. Therefore, you bought passage on a caravan train heading to The Fief of Tirñl and the capital of the kingdom, Rome. That place should prove a source of income indeed!

    Name: Ahu Apela

    Vocation: Priestcræfter

    Race: South Sea Islander (Brown)

    Place of Origin: Lemi - Lemu (Lumarion)

    Current Nationally: The Kingdom of Rome

    Quirks: Neat & Organized - Natural Telepath - Lucky - Physical Burst - Connecting

    Counter Quirks: Gullible - Impressionable

    SEC: 2 Middle Lower Class, peasant

    Ethos: Sunlight, worships the Greco-Roman Pantheon

    Joss: 11

    Major K/S Areas: Priestcræft - Pantheology - Exorcism - Divination - Fortune Telling - Influence - Perception, Mental

    Associated Casting Areas: 6 Astrology - 7 Divination - 2 Fortune Telling - 1 Conjuration - 7 Dweomercræft - 1 Apotropasim - 12 Priestcræft - 12 Ethos of Sunlight - 3 Exorcism

    Total Heka: 1158 (Partial Practicing)

    Main Weapon & Armor: Med. Self Bow and Gamberson

    Notes: Priestcræfter (Open) While all know the Heka Læy Lines flow to Ægypt, and that many men's lives move in the order of The Seven Laws of Magic, you believe in and follow The Structure Of The Nine Canons Of Faith. Moreover, of late, all Divination Castings seem to revile the same thing. That being that within the Gerco-Roman Pantheon Mars is on the rise. Therefore, a ritual was prepared to praise Mars and will take place in The Eternal City. You intend to take part in this ritual and so you have left your home in The Grand Duchy of Etruria, and have bought passage on a caravan train on its way to Rome in The Fief of Tirñl.

    Name: Spurius Cornelius Silo

    Vocation: Physical Thief

    Race: Italian

    Place of Origin: Italy

    Current Nationally: The Kingdom of Rome

    Quirks: Mechanically Inclined - Natural Telepath - Regeneration - Nondescript - Rapid Reading

    Counter Quirks: Arrest Warrant - Tone Deaf - Vulnerable to poisons and diseases

    SEC: 3 Upper Lower Class, peasant

    Ethos: Shadowy Darkness, worships the Greco-Roman pantheon

    Joss: 14

    Major K/S Areas: Criminal Activities, Physical - Perception, Physical - Acrobatics/Gymnastics - Combat, Hand Weapons - Combat, HTH, Lethal - Escape - Disguise - Criminal Activities, Mental - Street Wise - Fortune Telling

    Associated Casting Areas: 10 Fortune Telling

    Total Heka: 64 Partial Practice

    Main Weapon & Armor: Gladius & Cuir Bouilli

    Notes: Physical Thief (Open) In your home city of Ravenna recently, was displayed an Empyrium. You and your mates joked around with each other about stealing it. However, what you took for jest (For such a rare and valuable thing, as an Elemental Gem would be guarded effectively and in many ways.) turned into a challenge that you could not refuse. After all, were you not known as Spurius the Lucky? Moreover, it is so for you are the seventh son of a seventh son. Indeed your mother was a seventh daughter as well. Therefore, you put skill and luck to test. The gods of Luck smiled once, amused; and you succeeded! Now though, you find that possessing such a rare and valuable thing is in and of itself a bane. After the gem was stolen, all hell broke loose. It did not take long for the right and powerful castings to be activated by those of the upper social classes and for them to point to you. As you had no real plan for the "what if" of such a situation as this kind of heat, you fled. You found a caravan train heading for Rome at just the right time (It seems that your luck was still with you...) and paid other ill-gotten money to buy passage. The last you heard there was an arrest warrant for you. Now you are on the run trying to make it to Rome to unload something that was made in the heart of an Abyssal Volcano. You hope to do it quietly too...
    Is also the seventh son of a seventh son as well as the seventh son of a seventh daughter.

    Name: Stefan Fogel

    Vocation: Diviner

    Race: Mixed Romanian

    Place of Origin: Romania

    Current Nationally: The Kingdom of Rome

    Quirks: Ambidextrous

    Counter Quirks: Low tolerance to alcohol

    SEC: 9 Upper Upper Class, Aristocrat

    Ethos: Moonlight, worships the Greco-Roman pantheon

    Joss: 7

    Major K/S Areas: Divination - Fortune Telling - Astrology - Preistcræfting - Dweomercræft - Riding

    Associated Casting Areas: 1 Mediumship - 3 Mysticism - 1 Alchemy - 10 Dweomercræft - 4 Conjuring - 3 Astrology - 4 Fortune Telling - 5 Divination - 4 Heka Forging - 7 Preistcræfting

    Total Heka: 1113

    Main Weapon & Armor: Bagh-Naka and Banded Chain Mail

    Notes: Diviner (Open) You do not really travel much, but when you do it is usually at the bequest of one of your wealthy clients. As it is in this case that had you travel to The Grand Duchy of Etruria and its capital city Bologna. When one uses Preternatural, Supernatural, and Entital conduits in the Art of Divination, it helps to have commitment to the questioner. And as always, coin buys commitment. Having accomplished your task and collected your coin, you have bought passage on a caravan train heading back home to Rome.

    Name: Abana-baha

    Vocation: Syllogist

    Race: Hindic

    Place of Origin: Atlantis

    Current Nationally: Atlantis

    Quirks: Non-Magickal Persona (20% resistance to Heka) - Can not make Special Misses in combat - Connecting

    Counter Quirks: Color Blind - Poor Writing and Drawing

    SEC: 4 Lower Middle Class, Freeman

    Ethos: Shadowy Darkness, worships Tlokhala (Atlantlan)

    Joss: 13

    Major K/S Areas: Logic - Information Gathering - Criminology - Perception, Mental - Criminal Activities, Mental - Street Wise - Charismaticism - Combat, Hand Weapon

    Associated Casting Areas: N/A

    Total Heka: N/A

    Main Weapon & Armor: Gladius and Jerkin

    Notes: Syllogist (Open) When either Magick is not involved or to thick to suss out, your vocational services are needed. As in this case when the Zlarl of The Viceroyalty of Umbria requested you assistance in investigating a series of murders in the city of Ravenna. With thanks, the Zlarl Titus Aquila Victor offered you an all expense paid trip to The City on the Seven Hills, where you will stay in his cottage and be attended to by his servants. And so you now find yourself on a caravan train heading to The Fief of Tirñl and the fine city of Rome.

    Name: Claude Augustville

    Vocation: Alchemist

    Race: Æropan (White)

    Place of Origin: Chartres, Francia

    Current Nationally: Francia

    Quirks: Toxin Resistant

    Counter Quirks: Bad Sense of Smell

    SEC: 8 Upper Middle Class, Aristocrat

    Ethos: Shadowy Darkness, worships Vulcan (Greco-Roman)

    Joss: 5

    Major K/S Areas: Alchemy - Divination - Astrology - Conjuration - Exorcism - Influence - Dweomercræft - Philosophy

    Associated Casting Areas: 40 Alchemy - 38 Astrology - 24 Heka Forging - 27 Divination - 51 Conjuration - 80 Dweomercræft - 23 Exorcism

    Total Heka: 1612

    Main Weapon & Armor: Spear and Leather Armor

    Notes: Alchemist (Open) You have left your home in the city of Ravenna in The Viceroyalty of Umbria to go to The Eternal City to see a dissertation on Hekalite. Just as well as the city was suffering from a series of strange murders. Ah Hekalite, that rare magickal Fifth Element that almost all Magickal Items of Power are made from, that rarest of metals to be found on Ærth, the source of life giving energy in the center of the planet! You can hardly wait. Therefore, you have bought passage on a caravan train heading to The Fief of Tirñl and The Eternal City on the Seven Hills.
    This HP is from the MMMs and was created by E. Gary Gygax. It is an example of an older person and it's STEEP & number of Castings reflect this.

    Name: Dini Zulu

    Vocation: Philosopher

    Race: African

    Place of Origin: Africa

    Current Nationally: Ægypt

    Quirks: Excellent Night Vision - Regeneration

    Counter Quirks: Low Tolerance to Alcohol - Vulnerable to poisons

    SEC: 5 Middle Middle Class, Freeman

    Ethos: Shadowy Darkness, worships Osiris of the Ægyption Pantheon

    Joss: 3

    Major K/S Areas: Philosophy - Multiversal Planes and Spheres - Pantheology - Travel - Demonology

    Associated Casting Areas: 18 Dweomercræft - 1 Spellsong - 4 Alchemy - 3 Astrology - 2 Mysticism

    Total Heka: 738 Partial Practice

    Main Weapon & Armor: Khopesh Sword and Chain Mail & Adaga Shield

    Notes: Philosopher (Open) You went to see a play at Ancona in The County of Picenum that Shakespeare wrote about the Gods cursing a man of high social standing who had everything, but was yet unhappy with his life and killed himself. In the play, the Gods resurrected him and cursed him to live forever and to only emote happiness and joy. No matter how much pain, anguish, or depression, he could only smile, grin, and chuckle. No matter how much anger, rage, and hate he felt and projected, when he took someone else's life, he laughed in a joy bestowed by the Gods themselves. A moving and disturbing story for sure. The philosophic implications, of which only border on weather our lives are our own or indeed what life is, profound. You have resolved to form your orations for your friends and competitors on the way home to Teramo in The Margraviate of Ager Bruttius. To this end, you have bought passage on a wagon in a caravan heading that way.

    Name: Sipho-mose-Hyorn

    Vocation: Dweomercræfter

    Race: Atlantlan (Red)

    Place of Origin: Maghreb

    Current Nationally: Maghreb (Fez)

    Quirks: Innate sense of direction

    Counter Quirks: Gullible

    SEC: 8 Middle Upper Class, Aristocrat

    Ethos: Moonlight, worships Hyorn Tjo (Atlantlan)

    Joss: 3

    Major K/S Areas: Dweomercræft - Magick - Multiversal Planes and Spheres

    Associated Casting Areas: 2 Astrology - 26 Dweomercræft - 16 Elemental School - 3 Alchemy - 3 Conjuration - 2 Divination - 2 Exorcism - 4 Mysticism

    Total Heka: 1563

    Main Weapon & Armor: Gladius and Plate Mail Armor w/Pauldrons & Lg. Round Shield

    Notes: Dweomercræfter (Luke) Is on a walkabout in Europe and on his way home when he came across a Blemmyish Tribesmen account of a unopened tomb in Ægypt and is now looking for a map that goes with it. He thinks he will find it in Rome.

    Name: Temur Bayit

    Vocation: Witchfinder

    Race: Mongolian

    Place of Origin: Mongolia

    Current Nationally: Mongolia

    Quirks: Has Fay Blood ancestry - Ambidextrous

    Counter Quirks: Scared

    SEC: 7 Lower Upper Class, Aristocrat

    Ethos: Balance - worships Hu (Chinese)

    Joss: 4

    Major K/S Areas: Apotropasim - Mysticism - Witchcræft - Priestcræft - Religion - Necromancy - Exorcism - Surveillance/Security - Combat, HTH, Lethal

    Associated Casting Areas: 10 Priestcræft - 12 Necromancy - 13 Mysticism - 3 Mediumship - 3 Exorcism - 18 Apotropasim - 3 Astrology - 2 Divination

    Total Heka: 1702 (Full Practicing)

    Main Weapon & Armor: No-Dachi and Plate Mail w/Pauldrons

    Notes: Witchfinder (Open) You are doing a tour of Europe concerning your vocation. Taking caravan trains like the one you are on now through the trade routes of Europe. You just happen to be on your way to The Fief of Tirñl and its capital city Rome at the request of the royalty concerning an increase in Witchcræft in the kingdom.

    Name: Akhen-en-Amun-her-Khopesh

    Vocation: Weaponsmith

    Race: Ægyption Mixed

    Place of Origin: Ægypt

    Current Nationally: The Kingdom of Rome

    Quirks: Strong Swimmer

    Counter Quirks: Cheapskate

    SEC: 5 Middle Middle Class, Freeman

    Ethos: Shadowy Darkness and worships Vulcan (Gerco-Roman)

    Joss: 13

    Major K/S Areas: Haka Forging - Arms &Armor - Combat, Hand Weapons - Combat, Hand Weapons, Missiles - Smithing & Welding

    Associated Casting Areas: 10 Heka Forging - 4 Necromancy - 2 Alchemy - 4 Conjuration - 2 Astrology

    Total Heka: 451

    Main Weapon & Armor: Atlantlan Fauchad & Chain Mail

    Notes: Weaponsmith (Open) You work and live in Rome and one would expect that anything worth seeing would pass through The Eternal City. However, occasionally there is a thing so rare and wondrous that it sets its own course through the world. In this case, it was an Empyrium. What some call an Elemental Gem, a thing so rare that it is made in the heart of an Abyssal Volcano. You are not sure why it was not coming to Rome, but you were more than willing to make the trip to The Viceroyalty of Umbria and its capital, Ravenna to see it. Unfortunately, when you arrived it was all the local news that it had been stolen! The whole city was in an uproar! There was nothing to be done here, so it was back to Rome as soon as possible. You had business to attend to. You were fortunate enough to almost immediately find and buy passage back to Rome in the form of a caravan train. You heard that one of the owners of one of the wagons is a Weaponsmith, so you plan to strike up a conversation with him when you get the chance to speed the journey home.
    Is the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son as well as the Seventh Son of a Seventh Daughter, but he never seems to impressed with this status.


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