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    Hokey smokes it's December already! Time for some updates and reminders:

    We've compiled the list of everyone who qualified for the Early Bird GM reward and sent notifications to all those deserving folks via email (thanks Dave and Nat). Look for an email from Nat in the email box you're using for your TableTop Events account.

    We're essentially in the final month for submitting events. Event Submission remains open until 11:45 pm USA Central time January 5th. That's more than 30 calendar days, but the holidays have a habit of devouring time and January 5th will be upon us before you know it.

    Gary Con XII still has room for more games—we've been busy getting more gaming space than ever before. We still could fit in a few more seminars, but space for those is getting darned tight.


    Some more details on the email:

    The emails went out November 28th from [email protected]

    The message subject is IMPORTANT! Gary Con GM Gift Certificate

    If you have trouble locating it, look in your junk mailbox and your deleted items.

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