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    Anyone that has ever seen me at Garycon, or other local conventions, always wonders what I'am carrying around in those BIG, plastic tubs, and WHY?
    IT'S BOARDGAMES, because I LOVE PLAYING GAMES!! Having been to a few conventions during my days I have always had to make decisions of which event(s) I wanted to play in. (This has sometimes caused a "severe brain meltdown".) Running from table to table, checking if the event has any opennings, reading game descriptions in the con book, becoming dizzy from running around in circles, starting to drool, missing the events starting time, getting pissed at myself, STOP THE INSANITY!! (I stole that last line.)
    So, I got to thinking, (cuz I do that sometimes), "Why not make it a little easier for players?"
    And then I said to myself, "How are you going to do that?"
    And then I said, "I'am not sure."
    And then I said, "Why the hell did you bring this idea up?"
    And then I said, "HEY!! I'm trying to have a conversation here!"
    And then I said, "Wha......", and then I interrupted myself and said, "THAT'S IT!!"
    And then I said, "THAT'S WHAT??!!"

    To make a VERY long story short, (in which I was screaming at myself, trying to make 'me' listen), I decided to run an event where I would offer a number of boardgames from my collection that are enjoyable and fun to play. When players arrive at the table they will be provided with a list of games available & then each player will vote on which game they would like to play. The game that receives the most votes will be the game that is played during the alloted time. (It's like a "pick up game", but with a set timeslot.)
    To help potential players make their choices a little easier I have decided to post the available games here:
    #1. Kingsburg
    #2. Lords of Waterdeep
    #3. Age of Empires
    #4. Cyclades
    #5. Age of Mythology
    #6. Risk 2210
    #7. Games of Thrones, the boardgame
    The above games can be checked out at http://www.boardgamegeek.com/
    And remember, even though I'am 6' 3", 250+ pounds, I walk softly..........and carry a BIG TUB.
    And if you ever catch 'me' talking to 'myself', don't interrupt. It's impolite.
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    the keeper Spellbinder

  3. the keeper

    the keeper Spellbinder

    There are seats still available for this event.
    Timeslot for this event is 12:00pm until 4:30pm on three different days;

    Thursday: 5 seats still open.
    Friday: 5 seats still open.
    Sunday: 2 seats still open.

    Plenty of fun for everyone!

    5 days to go!!

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