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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by wcw43921, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. wcw43921

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    Every now and again someone proclaims that "Hollywood Has Run Out Of Ideas."

    This time, it might actually be true.

    Of course, the original did have the device of an uprising of the living dead, and long before Romero used it more successfully. And with the current interest--no, fascination--with zombie movies--

    Oh heck. Just see for yourself.

  2. sir jon

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    Uh... and I thought a remake of the Mechanic was a bad idea. Wow.
  3. Druvas

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    It doesn't look so bad. It is certainly a bit late to the game as far as zombie movies go. I still like 28 Days Later the best. It's pretty funny watching a British soldier firing away with his maching gun at advancing zombies in a mine field exclaiming: "F'in oh! That one just bounced! He f'in bounced!"
  4. JasonZavoda

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    Only in England of course. (most zombie flicks set in the USA completely fail to understand how well armed the general public is).

    I like the idea of a non-zombie zombie picture. Zombie films are either magical alien technonlogy or voodoo magic spritualism used too explain the rising of the dead thing. 28 days went with chemical imbalance science gone mad explanation. I disliked the presentation of the British military, becoming maniacal child rapists after a week or two out of their command structure. The British currently write books and movies where their police and military are evil, a rather suicidal tendency for a culture.

    28 months later was a very implausable scenario. Why they would bring people back to an urban environment that hadn't been cleared (good way to get rid of the surviving British population of course). It is also interesting to see how little people understand about the effectiveness of combat weapons. The crowds of the zombielike infected rushing heavy machineguns would not reach them regardless of their ability to ignore pain or physical damage (it would chop them into bits and pieces). They could have made a damn good film without making it so stupid. The premise is good.

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