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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OGRE MAGE, Oct 8, 2018.


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    Thanks for the timely reply, Luke. ;)

    I noticed on the TTE site that Forum C was fully decked out with tables this year, so I figured the hardcore LARPers were either moved or gone.

    I appreciate the fact that the staff saw the pairing as a problem and eliminated it for this year. Running quality games is important to me, so I’m glad something like this won’t happen again. We are looking forward to another game-aliscious Garycon next month! :D
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    Good thing it said TOON at GenCon... My Friday TOON game does get a bit loud at times, I do issue a warning and provide treats for the table next to us... You have to be sensible

    Now a minor interruption for a few minutes is tolerable and sometimes expected as people rightfully should be invested and enjoy themselves from time to time..
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    I'm not trying to get rid of the LARPers or anything...but they probably should have their own room. Maybe the small Forum (A?) room...or one of the Glenwood conference rooms...?
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