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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by Melf, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member

    Hi All,

    A friend pointed out an interesting Kobold Quarterly article online

    It is written by Colin McComb and describes how he was asked to spy on my Dad at Gen Con when Dangerous Journeys first debuted in order to get information for a lawsuit against his company. I made a somewhat harsh comment about Colin's decision, which was not ethical in my opinion. But it is an interesting look at the goings on all those years ago. Check it out if you have a minute.

  2. Dale

    Dale Administrator

    Wow. Too bad Elfdart is coming off as a troll.

    You can't win against a d-bag like that. Your points were stated- and he is just a moron.

    Hurry back from your time in Iraq as we have some much needed beers that need to be consumed!

  3. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, I was a little rough on Colin. That was a serious bad news time for my family, so I have some strong feelings about the subject. Elfdart is a douche and there is little to be gained by exchanges impotent email barbs. Kind of funny to observe from afar I imagine though.

    And I am looking forward to some cold IPA upon my return :D
  4. the keeper

    the keeper Spellbinder

    Quite frankly I don't believe 'Elfdart' knows his ass from a hole in the ground, but to follow my Fathers' advice I will choose to "ignore the ignorant, as their not worth my time or effort," & will continue to attend Garycon for many years with joy & enthusiasm & a special spike-lined dice bag in case this asshole shows up. :twisted:
    Just one lesson in what freedom really costs might enlighten that arrogant S.O.B.
    GOD, am I PISSED!!
    (Sorry Dad!)
  5. Emperor Xan

    Emperor Xan Troubadour

    As much as I like the Planescape setting, I have a really low opinion of Colin now. It's one thing to check out a rival's work to see what they're doing (that's how people strengthen and improve their own work in a field), but it is a far different thing to actively seek to destroy someone's career. Maybe I have too much integrity, but I'd risk being fired over compromising my principles.
  6. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member

    Keeper- I was very surprised by the denegration of the miltary expressed by a couple folks there. I am Ok with someone telling me I am full of it and telling me to go pound sand. But referencing Mai Lai massacre and saying only hillbillies join the military is not only ignorant but insulting. I should not be surprised by that really. Only a fraction of a percent of citizens serve in the military and therefor most do not have much interaction with service members. It still makes me want to kick their asses though. :evil:
  7. the keeper

    the keeper Spellbinder

    BRAVO :!:
  8. the keeper

    the keeper Spellbinder

    Luke, when I was a younger lad I always dreamed of joining the military & serving my country as my father had in W.W.II. He often told me that even though sometimes he was scared witless it was still the best time of his life. When it was time I took the trip to Milwaukee for the testing & physical for the U.S. Army. The testing part, which I believe was called ASVAB, went better than I had expected. See, I was just going to go into a line outfit, just a normal grunt, but after the tests my recruiter, & his CO came to me & asked if I would be interested in the field of psychology. I was stupified!! Average kid from an average town & the U.S. Army wanted me to become a psychologist! I looked at both of them and said, "Where ever the Army needs me, that's where I'll be." It was one of the most up-lifting moments of my life. Next came the physical...........
    HOLY CRAP!! Talk about 4-F; Partially colored-blind, allergic to wool, high blood pressure & a heart murmur. I was devestated!!! BUT, I didn't stop there!
    I found out about this thing called a medical wavier, how to apply for it, where to go, who to see & spent another 6 months jumping through hoops, but in the end I was still just a civilian.
    Since that time I been just an average Joe with an average life. Most of the people I know have some form of a military background & these individuals are some of my closest friends. I also try to do my part to help in anyway I can. (I was even a private sub-contrator for Battlestations 21; the new training facility at Great Lakes.)
    OKAY!! I'm babbling here, the point is I will always be willing to stand toe-to-toe with any of our countries service men & women, on the front line, anytime, any day. They know first hand what the cost of freedom is.
    & that MORON, Elfdart, should just go to the latrine & have someone toss in an O.D. green 'pineapple', (wish I had one), in the doorway behind him.
    I'd also like to apologize for my vulger language used in the previous post. My only excuse is to many Spotted Cows after a long days work & an article that would have been better off never written!!
    Deekin T.
  9. Emperor Xan

    Emperor Xan Troubadour

    Luke, I've had similar experiences, some just a matter of days ago. I was called a brainwashed dumbass because I chose to serve in part because of the Montgomery GI Bill/Army College Fund. I came out 20% disabled, but the experience was worth it in numerous (and some unquantifiable) ways. Most people have no clue how much soldiers sacrifice for the defense of their nation.I know of E-7s who were on food stamps just so they could support their families and still serve.

    I grew up in one of the rougher neighborhoods in the East Bay Area, so I resent people saying that it's only hillbillies. For some, the military is a way to escape the inner city and all of the crime that goes with it. Such people deserve recognition for not giving into the pressures of the streets. I have nothing but respect for those I met during my time who belong to the latter category. If that weren't enough, there are those who choose to serve so that they can expedite their citizenship. I wonder if the military haters are aware of that.

    Just like last GC, I'm going to be wearing my field jacket at GC III. I still have both coats from when they were issued to me in '95, complete with the original name tapes issued for my uniforms and I'm never taking them off. They're great reminders of what the military instilled in me: just how diverse and how few are the numbers of people willing to serve.
  10. ScottyG

    ScottyG Chevalier

    What a tool. It's common enough though.
    Your dad took a lot of knocks like that. I've read some Ernie bashing. Maybe it's a rite of passage or something.
    I wouldn't waste much time responding though, who you gonna convince?
  11. dndgeek

    dndgeek Troubadour

    Its so easy to shoot your mouth off on the Internet, with no fear of consequences. He's probably 14.
  12. Dale

    Dale Administrator

    I was thinking 12.
  13. ScottyG

    ScottyG Chevalier

    It brings to mind a favorite RE Howard quote:
  14. francisca

    francisca Troubadour

    Guys like Elfdart aren't worth responding to. Nothing to be gained by wrestling with internet trolls.
  15. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member

    A lesson I should have learned already. I tried a level response without insult and that failed miserably. Lesson learned.

    Funny that Scotty mentioned that quote from Conan. I was just listened to that on audiobook when I went to sleep last night. A very good opening few pages to that story.

  16. ScottyG

    ScottyG Chevalier

    It's tough to top Howard on Swords & Sorceery, and the Conan stories are the peak of his writing.
  17. deogolf

    deogolf Chevalier

    He's probably another Socialist looking for a hand-out somewhere! :shock: :twisted:

    Sorry, he's just a boob! :p
  18. geekpreacher

    geekpreacher Spellbinder

    Wow. I will try and wade carefully on this topic because I know it's an emotional one. Thankfully, I don't know Colin but I have to say I respect him for having the nerve to come out and share this story many years later. One can easily "edit" their own personal history and try and make themselves look better than they are but to admit to doing something like this and risk the negative impact it may still have on you is, from my viewpoint, humbling.

    I've had to work in a job where I put my integrity on the shelf quite a few times and it began to eat away at me. In fact, it felt as if it was taking a bit of my soul each day I went into work (I was in collections & also did repossessions). I often found myself skirting the edges of ethical behavior and acting in a way that was inappropriate. However, I was afraid of "doing the right thing" because I knew it might cost me my job and I had a family to take care of.

    However, one day it finally got to be too much and I woke up and didn't like the man staring me back in the mirror. I went in to work, helped my guys finish their tasks, gave my keys to the Assistant Manager and left never looking back.

    It took me a while to build up my own personal integrity after having that type of job but I'm thankful I did. Later on, in another job, I dealt with a manager that was demeaning to women. I asked the ladies if they appreciated that "humor" and they said no. Unfortunately, they felt the need to report my questions to the manager who then proceeded to try and fire me. I went over his head, kept my job and went on record saying this man was a filthy, vile dirt bag.

    It's hard to stand against what we believe to be wrong and not everyone has the fortitude to stand up to those difficult decisions. However, with time and life experience hopefully they will build those experiences. (Military service is one of those places in our culture that helps one to inculcate that virtue and for that alone it is to applauded.)

    So, someone like the man who wrote this article may have found this to be a growing experience and one can hope that it has helped him to develop the courage to stand up against such activities in the future.

    On a similar note, this story just goes to show what the corporate mindset will often lead people to do for the sake "of the job." If someone at a frakkin' RPG company was willing to do something like this can we just imagine what people working for financial firms and other similar industries are doing? It's quite scary when you think about it.
  19. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member

    I agree with much of what you said Derek. I wish I had Colin's email. I wanted to let him know that his article struck an emotional chord with me and I should have chosen my words more carefully. I believe he made a poor choice at the time. But my words insinuated that i thought him to be morally flawed as a person. I think the fact that he wrote the article and responded to my comments and others politely and reasonably, says alot about his character today.
  20. deogolf

    deogolf Chevalier

    Yeah, Elfdart just should have kept his nose out of it. It had nothing to do with him at all. Luke and Colin were having a decent discussion of it all and both sides were respectful. Unfortunately, a lot of people on the internet don't know when to shut up and get out of the way.

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