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    Geekpreacher, I'm not sure why you chose my comment to quote, but I must say that for me the saying "death before dishonor" isn't just an expression. Part of it has to do with where I come from and my paternal family's military lineage. I catch a lot of hell from people because I'd rather tell them the unvarnished way I see things than coddle their egos. I grew up like this; and, no, this doesn't mean I see myself as some sort of saint, but I've rarely had to compromise my principles and the people who've caused me to do so got the reprisals they so richly deserved for doing so.

    Just because Colin came clean doesn't absolve him of any disappointment I should feel for doing what he did. For me, it's not who he did it to as much as it is the fact of what he did. I obviously don't have the intimate connection to the situation that Luke does, but that doesn't change how I feel. People who know me quite well can attest that, if nothing else, I hold morality in high regard.
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    Luke, I have no idea how strong is the sense of respect has (or is supposed to have) a typical US citizen for the US army. I can not say nothing about it.

    What I want you to know is that Elfdart (whoever he is, maybe even an old WotC affiliated) has proven to be childish or to appear to be (ok, maybe I'm a little bit paranoid, but after Colin's article it will not surprise me that an old WotC affiliated behave in this way).

    Putting stress on you (as a person in an already stressing situation for the other US citizen's sake) is also from my utterly-Italian-point-of-view a next-to-criminal behavior and I wonder if any authority has nothing more to say about it.

    I personally do not like the whole situation, I can understand it, even Colin has shown his best by telling the truth and he has made something more to rebuild some parts of your father reputation.

    In my culture this is enough to being accepted again at the dinner table.

    My two cents.
  3. geekpreacher

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    I chose your comment because it seemed to sum up much of the thought in the thread and I hope you don't take it in a negative manner because I didn't mean it in that manner.

    I agree that one will still feel disappointment toward those who made bad decisions and/or compromised their principles. I disappointed quite a few people (including my own family) when I made those mistakes. It's taken me a long time to personally overcome those areas in my life and to develop (to some degree) those virtues which help one make better decisions.

    Not everyone has the advantage of growing up in a system of values where integrity & morality is emphasized and I respect those who have had the privilege to grow up in such an environment. My own story is long and varied and this would not be the place to discuss it but, I guess, ultimately I find it powerful that in a time in history when such a story could be used for sensationalized purposes that this individual chose to not do so and, in fact, came across (at least to me) as someone who regretted past decisions.

    I hope that helps clarify where I'm coming from and, again, I didn't mean any offense by quoting you. I just thought that your post stated a position which it seems many hold to on this part of the internet and it's one that is, sadly, often not found in quite a bit of society today.

  4. Emperor Xan

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    I wasn't offended as much as surprised. I've been described, on more occasions than I wish to recount, as an implacable schmuck. I just call 'em like I see 'em and refuse to cushion reality in a fantasized use of "civilized" language. To me, that's just code for denial of truth. My feelings concerning Colin are probably not like most people's not in that he disclosed this incident, but rather that he chose the path of cowardice. It is the slippage of morality of this sort that I can't tolerate. It is admirable that Colin chose to share his remorse concerning his behavior, but that by no means excuses the route he took.
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    Well, as one of the sidekicks at that table (pretty sure that Kim Mohan and I were there when Colin came by), I bear him no ill-will. While at TSR there were many times that I had to obey orders. As Gary pointed out bluntly to me, when you accept the king's geld...

    You gotta pick your battles. To achieve the greater good, sometimes I had to compromise. Luckily I was never ordered to Do Wrong. I caused quite a bit of in-house problems railing against those who did Wrong Things (as I perceived them). In those worthwhile skirmishes I was lucky that Gary kept me from being canned by the B's, and even facilitated the permanent removal of certain people.

    I don't think Colin did anything Bad. Any info he got was in fact quite innocuous and merely corroborative, easily (and prolly already) acquired by the PoG through other sources.

    Elfdart is a Known over at Dragonsfoot, and has not earned any respect in those quarters.

  6. Druvas

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    Good Lord! That was going reasonably well until Elfdart popped in. What a dick. I'm embarrassed to say he's on Dragonsfoot... And F%#k him for his statements on your military service. If it were me he was belittling like that and we met face to face to repeat his crap, he'd be on the business end of my fist.

    <collects self>

    I'd say Collin was asking forgivness with this article, and Luke, if it is yours to extend, I would do so. It certainly wasn't easy, and the moral blame should go to the one giving the orders for him to spy on your father. As many have said, Collin was a kid in his dream job. He made the wrong decsion and it took him a while to admit that, but his lack of moral courage at the time was made up for in the end.

    Stay safe over there. See you at GC3. Registered and reserved my room last week! w00t!
  7. lucailario

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    Stupidity vs Paranoia: 1-0
    I'm impressed about Elfdart's behaviour.
    I'm still wandering about why does he behave like his.
  8. bloodymage

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    Yeah, Elfdart is one of our problem children. Moderating is hard on any forum and Dragonsfoot is a zoo sometimes... maybe describing it as an asylum would be more apt. :shock:

    The admission by Colin can be chalked up tp immaturity IMO. It's obvious he's come a long way since those days.

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