Is Playtesting a Game in Development Welcome?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fuesar, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Fuesar

    Fuesar Footpad

    There's a very good chance that 2 of my friends and I will attend Gary Con this year (yay!) We've been doing Gen Con since 1989 and only recently learned about Gary Con. We're all Wisconsin natives...and have lived all our lives in Wisconsin. Needless to say, we're excited!

    Anyhow, I'm developing a fastplay card game called "The President". Yes it's themed. Yes it's politically themed. I think it's pretty cool (who, at some point in their life didn't want to be President? Now you can!) Yes it's in development. I've playtested a bit and am working to playtest version 1.0 of the game.

    This being my first excursion to Gary Con, my question is: is playtesting games common/acceptable/encouraged at Gary Con?
  2. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    I'm pretty sure that games have been play tested there before. People run severe adaptations, heavily homeruled variants, and hybrid games. Unless the game is in some form highly controversial (i.e. pornographic, racist, etc.) I can't imagine that there would be objection.
  3. Donal

    Donal Administrator

    I have to ask. You're a Wisconsin native and a regular convention goer. How come it took 4 years to discover us? What are we doing wrong in getting the word out? I don't mind guys living 500+ miles away never having heard of us... but Wisconsin natives?
  4. mark

    mark Spellbinder

    Maybe it was one of those Vancian invites that you fired off and got forgotten? ;)
  5. Fuesar

    Fuesar Footpad

    I don't think you're doing anything wrong :D It's true I've been to GenCon nearly every year since 1989. But guess how many other conventions I've been to in my entire life? 3! I've been to Geekcon here in Madison (only to ease my son (5) into the industry) the last couple years and Pointcon once about 10-15 years ago (I graduated from UWSP). Don't get me wrong, I'd love to attend more cons but I have a pretty demanding job, married with 3 kids (one of whom is severly autistic) and am in the middle of earning my MBA! Needless to say, time is tight.

    That said, once I decided I wanted to add a springtime Con, finding you was easy! Trust me I had a similar experience that went something like this:

    "GARY CON? COOL!" **scratches head, face perplexed** "Why didn't I know about this...."
  6. lucailario

    lucailario Chevalier

    Let me say: that's a little shame.
  7. mark

    mark Spellbinder

    We're very well known in Italy . . . ;)
  8. lucailario

    lucailario Chevalier

    Yes, that's true!
  9. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    A significant percentage of the foreign attendees of Gary Con come from Italy. I'm not sure why it so well known there compared to other non-US nations, but that's the facts... :D
  10. geekpreacher

    geekpreacher Spellbinder

    The answer is simple: Italians are COOL and SMART. They know how to find the good gaming. Of course, the best thing you can do is take an Italian and a Norwegian out to dinner. Now that's fun. :D
  11. kaskoid

    kaskoid Chevalier

    Italians are just plain weird, especially ones named Luca and Gianfranco!
  12. red wizard

    red wizard Troubadour

    Maybe Lake Geneva should adopt a sister city in Italy. Or perhaps a "Godfather" city?

    We'll make them a deal they can't refuse... :cool:
  13. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member

    I think Tim meant to say "weird" because they are so fraking' awesome! Luca and Gianfranco are alright in my book. Anyone that comes all that way to celebrate at Gary Con has got to be good people.
  14. mark

    mark Spellbinder

    Hear! Hear! :)
  15. lucailario

    lucailario Chevalier

    Damn my memory I've been not able to recall the name of the guy came from Norway that attended GaryConIII. Can anybody help me?
  16. geekpreacher

    geekpreacher Spellbinder

    He goes by "Manny" but his name is Emmanuel Nordstrom. Manny is a good friend of mine and we try and see each other each time he is in the US. In fact, *cough*, I might add that I'm the one that told him about GaryCon. I knew he'd be in the US around that time so he made sure to make it. It was fun.

    If you would like to get in touch with me, send me a message on Facebook. Sorry I haven't been around recently but life has kicked into high gear.
  17. lucailario

    lucailario Chevalier

    Do not forget him! The last Gary Con has been his first convention! From nothing to the TOP! :D
    Found on Facebook: there is written "Nordrum".
  18. geekpreacher

    geekpreacher Spellbinder

    Yes, I apologize for the typo. Nordstrom, in the US, is actually the name of a department store.

    Manny is a great guy. I'm glad I was able to talk him into coming to GaryCon.....though I have to say knowing that the Blackburns were going to be there (Writers for Knights of the Dinner Table and Hackmaster) also helped me to convince him.


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