Jeff Dee, Jack Herman?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mordrin, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. Rex

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    Still got the fingers crossed for Dee and Herman, however, I brought up the name Bill Willingham running a V+V game at Garycon to a few friends of mine and the mad dash to the computer to verify the Garcon info, was comparable to a buffalo stampede.

  2. Bill Willingham

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    Update time!

    Both Jeff Dee and Jack Herman are confirmed! They will be attending Gary Con, along with my humble self. All flights, badges and rooms and such are already arranged.

    The big three day V&V event is confirmed. Sadly, you will be stuck with pre generated player characters, as three days for an entire campaign just isn't enough time to do everything. Also doing characters on the spot would not allow me time to produce hand-drawn character counters for each player -- which is a must!
  3. dndgeek

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    Great news; thanks for the update
  4. Rex

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    Awesome News with an Awesome sauce topping. There is going to be so much Awesome in that building, it may explode from Awesomeness.

  5. javier

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    True that Rex... lol. great point.
  6. Oh sweet gods, please run a Champions game! I never get a chance to play my favorite system only the GM it. I will most definitely sign up for this game and feel compelled to give you big hug and buy you a drink!
  7. clangador

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    Sounds pretty awesome!
  8. prolificvoid

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    I always hate being the potential buzz kill, Clangador, but the post you quoted was done by Bill on March 3rd, 2011, which would've been in reference to Gary Con III, past, and not the upcoming one.
    BUT WE CAN SURE HOPE FOR A REPEAT - which would rock!!!
  9. Melf

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    I noticed the timeline on this as well. I haven't heard if they are planning on returning for another maraton V&V game or not. I should probably shoot an email and ask them to return! Let me make a note for myself here....
  10. clangador

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    Well either way, I am sure the con will be enjoyable. :mrgreen:
  11. Melf

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    I have some great news. Jeff Dee is coming to Gary Con IV and he plans to run V&V as well as his Empire of the Petal Throne conversion and Cavemaster- a new primitive RPG of his own design! So keep your eyes open for his games when you register for events. They are sure to fill up fast.

  12. chainsaw

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    Very interesting, thanks!
  13. clangador

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    That is very good news!
  14. Mark Siefert

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    I guess that means Bethróm, his Tékumel version for his Pocket Universe rules. (Get it? Bethróm? Pocket Universe? Eh?) I definitely want in on this.

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