Lake Geneva Summer Con?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by falconer, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. falconer

    falconer Level 0 Character

    I have gone to three of the summer LGGCs and one Winter Dark as well as "GaryCon Ø". I guess what I’m trying to say is that these events have become of major importance in my life. Well, I would have loved to go to GaryCon I, but I had to miss it due to other commitments—among other things, I am a church choir director, and it is Lent. But also it seemed like the “lesser” convention, since it was short, and the “bigger” LGGC was coming up. In retrospect, it looks like it was a kick-ass convention in its own right. Which I never doubted, but, again, I’m now an out-of-towner and I could only pick one, so it would have been the traditional LGGC.

    Well, today I learned that LGGC is canceled. So my summer plans are screwed, and any hope of Lake Geneva Gaming must wait apparently another 11 months. I’m not placing the blame anywhere. I “understand” what is going on pretty much as well as most people. But I’m still, hopefully understandably, upset.

    The real problem is that March will always be a very problematic month for me to travel in. Am I alone in that?

    I’m just wondering if people have given thought to the format of a summer convention (and a possible satellite winter convention) which was the format when the Great One was alive and the Trolls still had “business incentive” to run the Lake Geneva conventions. Believe me, I totally love and understand the idea of honoring the approximate date of Gary Gygax’s repose. But logistically, and er, wife-ically, a “summer vacation trip up to Lake Geneva” is 100% possible every year for the rest of my life. But a mid-March, “drop work, drop school, drop church, drop wife to travel to a lodge in Wisconsin and play games” is like a whole world of difference. It just won’t fly.

    Well, I’ll stop there. I’d love to hear your thoughts, particularly Luke’s. As I said, I’m sure this is not a new thought. And please accept my apologies for being a newbie to this forum and questioning everything right off the bat. My thoughts are offered in all humility and reverence. Thanks for reading.

    --Michael Falconer
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  2. kaskoid

    kaskoid Chevalier

    Summer is out of the question; competing with Origins and GenCon? Early June is still late spring; summer rates skyrocket in LG in the summer.
    For myself, I'm not thrilled about March, either. I would prefer April; less chance of a storm catching you and the rates are still low. It's a 400 mile drive for me but I will do it barring a blizzard.
  3. falconer

    falconer Level 0 Character

    It never occured to me that we (Gygax fans? The supposed GaryCon audience...) might be in the same market as Origins or GenCon. I’ve never gone to those. I sort of figured the subtext of the whole LGGC concept was that it was “the real GenCon revived”. But I am genuinely curious whether others of you do go to these other conventions and would feel disappointed or inconvenienced from having to choose one over the other.

    As for rates, do you mean for renting a hall? Somehow TLG was able to pull it off. Of course, they are a commercial enterprise and might even have been willing to take a hit. Maybe Trigee contributed, I don’t know. I would be willing to pay more for admission, for whatever it’s worth.
  4. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member


    I am sorry that Gary Con doesn't fit your schedule. There are some other events- Gaming Hoopla I believe held later in the spring. My motivation is not commercial/profit. Please refer to Knights of the Dinner Table 150 for more details, but the bottom line is that my family finds it cathardic to have Gary Con in March. I understand your point of view and perhaps someday things may change. Until then, you are invited and welcome to join us in March.

  5. geekpreacher

    geekpreacher Spellbinder

    Well, as you guys know, GaryCon I was in the middle of Lent for me as well and it's pretty hard to take off during that time but I made sure that I was able to do so. All I can say is that my churches were very understanding.

    As for school, I got back to Tennessee Monday night about 8 PM and had to be up at 5:30 AM the next morning for a midterm. And let me tell you, these mid-terms on the graduate level aren't nearly as easy as I would like.

    All I can say is that GaryCon I may not be that convenient but I'm more than ready to go whenever possible simply because it honors an individual who, imo, has been a great influence on my favorite hobby and an inspiration in other areas as well.

    So, Luke, you guys keep it up and I'll do my darndest to be there in 2010 in March. (Now if I can just destroy Jolly's videos of me dozing off. ;) )
  6. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member

    Wow GP! Respect. I didn't realize that it was Lent and you had finals. Thanks for making those sacrafices and it was great to have you at Gary Con. I sure hope you can swing it next year too!

  7. francisca

    francisca Troubadour

    Yeah, my wife said I should give up gaming for Lent next year. :eek:
  8. the keeper

    the keeper Spellbinder

    SHE'S THE ANTI-CHRIST!!!! :twisted: :lol:
  9. maiden

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    Yes, the Gygax Family would love to see GaryCon merged with the Troll Lord Games summer convention or spring convention. After all, this is what Gary would have wanted, EVERYONE, welcomed to the convention. Steve and Davis gave Gary much to look forward to during his final years and I will always support their efforts.

    I observered an unintended consequence of GaryCon - the Troll Lord Games summer convention would be replaced, as there are only so many conventions you guys can attend. Gary would frown upon the demise of the TLG convention, as we had so much pleasure welcoming them to Lake Geneva., many dinners on our porch, many gamers welcomed to our home and Steve and Davis were so generous of their time and efforts to Gary in his final years. I want to see the conventions merged in respect to Gary. The Troll Lords truly showed Gary their respect - no one else was there creating a gaming enviornment for him - they were warriors! They forged a new Lake Geneva Convention out of respect for him and did it without help from any one, well, maybe except my occassional front porch party featuring brats, burgers, smoked turkey and lots of New Glarus Beer!

    Meantime, I would love for Gary's children, Luke and Ernie, to be part of developing Gary's legacy works! And have asked them to do so! What fun for everyone! Gail Gygax
  10. Dale

    Dale Administrator


    I recall that when discussions were about doing Gary Con that the idea (then) was to merge one of the Troll Lord Cons (was it winter con?) into Gary Con. I think Steve was there as the ideas were going back and forth. Not sure, but I'm sure someone will come along and correct me as my memory after the funeral is a little fuzzy.

    I'm not sure why the merger of the TL Con did not occur, it only makes sense. Steve and the Troll Lord guys were going to be there, but at the last minute Steve had a family medical issue and he had to cancel the trip.

    As for Gary Con, this year there was 150+ people there- and next year it will probably be around 250+ people. I've heard from so many that did not find out until it was to late. There was a lot of positive energy & vibe during and after the event that made GCI a success. It was great to see everyone gather for a happier event.
  11. francisca

    francisca Troubadour

    Welcome to the boards, Mrs. Gygax. As I told the various Gygaxi at GaryCon, thanks for sharing Gary with us.

    For what it is worth:
    If there is to be only one con, I'd actually prefer the March date, as LG is less busy and less expensive at that time of the year. I would think that would be a bit more enabling for many of us. I think the March date is a natural, mostly for reasons Luke has articulated, but also because many of us attend Origins and GenCon during the summer, and regional Cons at other times of the year. Besides, there are not a few of us gamers who enjoy time outside during the summer.
  12. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member

    I would love to have 2 conventions one in March and one in July to remember dad. But unfortunately there are limited resources to make it happen. So for now, Gary Con will continue to be in March due to personal preference as well as logistical concerns. But I would like to see LGCC revived.
  13. GeneWeigel

    GeneWeigel Footpad

    Well, I for one totally misconstrued that as an official announcement of switching the time period!

    You know if it really had to switch then I guess I'd rethink it over.

    Perhaps even a third con in the fall, it can be called the Convention of Elemental Gary where its so hard core that everyone eats their polyhedral dice for lunch and dons cone hats made of copies of "B2"... ;) Just kidding!

    Seriously, if it came down to a tug of war then I'm going to the one that is the most relaxed and the most traditional "Gary era TSR" feel.
  14. shalaban

    shalaban Chevalier

    I am glad Gary Con will not be temporally moved. :!: This is the only Convention I can make consistently. :arrow:
  15. mordrin

    mordrin Spellbinder Staff Member

    While I don't think most GaryCon attendees who come a long way could swing twice a year, something around June/July for those of us who are locals could be nice to have (not really a suggestion for Luke and Co, mind you, just musing and replying to Phillip).

    Unfortunately small cons in this area tend to avoid summer months like the plague.

    Competition with Origins/GenCon? Assumption that people want to make good outdoor use of the good weather while we have it?

    Chicago-area, there's nothing I know of from early May to late September.
    My list of Chicago Cons I know: ... 11&t=34954

    SE Wisconsin, the only summer one I know of is Milwaukee Summer Revel (6/12-6/14/09). I have no idea what that one is like. I'm guessing it sprang up after GenCon left and maybe after GameFest folded, but I don't really know. Tom Wham used to run events there and have a link on his page, but he doesn't anymore. Don't know if anything should be read into that or not. I haven't gotten any replies about whether anyone's attended and would or wouldn't recommend it.
  16. geekpreacher

    geekpreacher Spellbinder

    Not a problem, Luke. It was pleasure and I'm glad I could be a part of it. As a young lad, I often dreamed of going to GenCon at Lake Geneva but it was never to be. I'm just thankful for the opportunity to go and meet all these great gamers.

    My friend, you have a very cruel wife! Doesn't she realize that you must decide what to give up in Lent? Besides, I don't think you're gaming every day, are you? ;)
  17. Donal

    Donal Administrator

    Definitely a slippery slope. My friend's wife asked him to give up gaming for a summer. You know, it's warm, nice outside, play with the kids who aren't in school. Seemed harmless enough, what's 10 weeks? It's now been 4 years... he hasn't played since.
  18. qstor

    qstor Level 0 Character

    *Maybe* it can be moved to Milwaukee? It might make it easier for people coming from far out of town. I'd LOVE to come. I'm in the DC area. :)

    I think with the press the first convention got there might be around 300 people next year.

  19. dndgeek

    dndgeek Troubadour

    I wouldn't be surprised at all if there were more people than that. I'd like the convention to remain as is (despite being at the tail end of winter), because the location and date have meaning. I came from CT.
  20. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member

    I am planning on keeping Gary Con in March for the time being- and in Lake Geneva as long as that is feasible. Speaking of which I need to find a decent and affordable venue pretty quickly! I am afraid I will have to cap attendance at 250 for Gary Con II. Which has its advantages, but I think a few people will be disappointed with the limited attendance. So make sure to pre-reg as soon as we open it up.

    As far as getting to Lake Geneva for Gary Con, it is pretty easy really. You can catch a flight to Milwaukee or Chicago and drive less than 1 1/2 hours and you are in Lake geneva. The hotels are inexpensive so the costs are about the same.

    Hope to see you at Gary Con II.


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