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    Howdy All,

    The Collector's Trove and Gary Con would like to announce an ongoing series of events at Gary Con that pay special attention to the dawn and golden age of roleplaying games. The special events will be gathered under the aegis: Legends of Roleplaying.

    These time capsule events bring Gary Con attendees the fun of classic roleplaying games that were a staple during the early days of the hobby and Gen Cons past. The original rules, vintage figures, and authentic accessories will be used during play when possible. Sometimes the events will involve individuals who played, refereed, developed, and designed these games during the golden age of role-playing. Most events will be taught and so all that is needed is interest to play. This gives Gary Con attendees a chance to experience what it was like to play these games at the earliest Gen Cons and even Gary Gygax’s own home at 330 Center St. in Lake Geneva!

    When Gary passed in 2008, Gary's family, friends, and fans gathered in the small space at the American Legion Hall in Lake Geneva. They were there to pay respects and play games in his honor. That was Gary Con 0. The Gary Cons that followed were no less intimate but were growing. Such growth was a testament to Gary's greater legacy of gaming but it meant losing a little of that camaraderie and closeness to Gary. Legends of Roleplaying attempts to recapture that spirit and share Gary's games and other games from the dawn of the role-playing game phenomena.

    Many of our tables will be set-up to allow walk-up players who want to try one of the classic role-playing games. Just look for the tabletop standees that indicate the game being played and ask to join! If you wish to register ahead of time just click on Legends of Roleplaying to find our complete list of events!

    Special Events!

    In addition to the Legends of Roleplaying events, Gary Con and The Collector's Trove are proud to present the following incredible events:

    Friday 6 pm: Gary Con Legends of Roleplaying Tournament, Depths of Terror. If you have ever wished you could go back in time and play in one of those early classic Dungeon & Dragons tournaments now is your chance!

    The third annual Legends of Roleplaying Tournament! Last year's tournament had 100 participants with Zeb Cook, Allen Hammack, Harold Johnson, and Steve Winter among our fantastic dungeon masters!

    For those who have never played a tournament, they are open to anyone who knows how to play Dungeons & Dragons (edition really doesn't matter). You have fun playing like any other RPG with the added excitement of seeing which adventuring group accomplishes the most and is the best team in play. The top scoring team wins Silver Badges (or an equivalent credit towards higher badges) to next year's Gary Con!

    The Legends of Roleplaying Tournament, is an annual single-round tournament inspired by legendary tournaments of the past. Each year we create an all-new adventure that revisits or sequels an original classic tournament adventure. The same ones that became the legendary TSR adventure modules we know and love. Each new tournament will be designed and even DMed by the TSR legends themselves!

    This year's dungeon is so diabolical, Gary Gygax himself secreted part of it in the deepest levels of Greyhawk Castle. That's right! This year's Gary Con Legends of Roleplaying Tournament will be from the depths of Greyhawk Castle itself!

    Dungeon Masters for the tournament will feature a number of Gary Con veterans. While dungeon master assignment is random, this is a standard, non-featured event and you could end up in a game with one of your favorite TSR designers, like Harold Johnson, Steve Winter, or Allen Hammack!

    Teams will consist of nine players and will be formed after registration via email, so that when you arrive for your time-slot you and your team will be ready to adventure! Requests to be with other players on the same team will also be handled at this time. Teams will also be formed at a pre-tournament briefing an hour before the slot begins for on site sign-ups. You could team-up with a couple of friends or join some other Gary Con attendees and make new friends!

    Join the Legends of Roleplaying adventure and be legend!

    Saturday 2 pm, 6 pm: Gaming at Gary's House. Each year since the 40th Anniversary of D&D, the owners of Gary Gygax's former home at 330 Center St. in Lake Geneva have invited us to run special sessions of Original Dungeons & Dragons during Gary Con. This year, two sessions will be offered to Gary Con attendees. The adventure for these sessions will be a Gary Con first! An incredibly deep original Greyhawk Castle level by Rob Kuntz - an adventure that was last run at 330 Center St. in 1974 in the very same dining room in which we will be playing! This will be the first time this adventure has been offered to the public in nearly 44 years!

    Thursday 12 pm, Saturday 10 pm: Secrets of Blackmoor. This is a feature length documentary film about the origins of RPGs. It presents the story of the Twin Cities gamers and their search for the Fog of War via the discovery of an old war game from the 1880's called: Strategos. Over a span 10 years, their efforts at creating the ultimate war game experience gives rise to D&D the first published RPG in 1974.

    Friday 11 pm, Saturday 10 pm: There Be Dragons—Gary Gygax's Epic Fight for Dungeons & Dragons. Gary Gygax founded TSR, the company that brought Dungeons & Dragons to the world, with childhood friend Don Kaye in 1973.

    On this adventure, like so many he created, Gary was warned, There Be Dragons. His 12-year epic would be woven with immense challenges, tragic loss, incredible luck, troubling retreats, and brilliant victories. Join RPG historian Paul Stormberg along with co-host, screenwriter, Adam Turner, as they show a video-preview their soon to be released podcast, There Be Dragons.

    Paul and Adam retrace Gary's fight for the heart and soul of the company from 1973 through 1985. Their conversation follows a path of Gary's own letters, internal company memos, documents, and newsletters, industry gossip rags, personal stories, and filmed-interviews with the people who were there. Never before has this tale been told with such astounding insights and discoveries as well as heart-wrenching recollections and stunning revelations.

    Become a Legends of Roleplaying Game Master!

    Each year, Legends of Roleplaying sponsors and selects dozens and dozens of events to gather under our banner. Currently we are seeking new Game Masters to teach and demonstrate just about any 1989 or earlier role-playing game.

    Oftentimes our referees come up with new twists on the theme and use the old rules and even vintage equipment to conduct novel new games, so let your imagination run wild! Contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in being a part of this phenomenal program!

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