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    The Collector's Trove and Gary Con would like to announce an ongoing series of events at Gary Con that pay special attention to the early days of wargaming prior to the introduction of Dungeons & Dragons. The special events will be gathered under the aegis: Legends of Wargaming.

    These time capsule events bring Gary Con attendees the classic board and miniature wargames that were a staple during the early days of the Lake Geneva Tactical Studies Association (LGTSA), International Federation of Wargaming (IFW), Castle & Crusade Society, Midwest Military Simulation Association (MMSA), and Gen Con. Each event will present the history of the game and its significance to the hobby of war gaming, board gaming, and even role-playing games. The original rules, vintage figures, and authentic accessories will be used during play. When possible, the events will involve individuals who played, refereed, and authored the games along side Gary Gygax and his friends during this golden age of miniature and board gaming.

    This is your chance to experience what it was like to play these games at the earliest Gen Cons and Gary Gygax’s own dining table and basement sand table in Lake Geneva!

    The games will be taught and refereed so interest is all that is required by players. Even if you don’t sign up to play be sure to stop by to view the displays, ask questions, and watch the fun of classic board and miniature gaming!

    New Events!

    In addition to our regular offerings, we are proud to host the following new events:

    Alien Space by Lou Zocchi 1973 (David Thornley)
    Avalon Hill Classics (John Ferguson)
    Battle of Emridy Meadows, Chainmail 1971 (Keith Sloan)
    Charge! or How to Play Wargames 1967 (Jeff Perren)
    Dark Tower by Milton Bradley 1981 (Tim Arthur)
    Dune by Avalon Hill 1979 (Brett Fuller)
    Fletcher Pratt's Naval Wargaming 1940 (M. Griffith)
    Gary Gygax's Dragonchess 1985 (Douglas Waltman)
    Magic Realm by Avalon Hill 1979 (Brett Fuller)
    Awful Green Things From Outer Space in 3D by Tom Wham 1979 (Jim Wampler)
    Twilight of Battleships, General Quarters 1975 (David Thornley)
    War of the Ring by SPI 1977 (Brett Fuller)
    Wizard's Quest by Avalon Hill 1979 (Brett Fuller)

    Returning Events:

    The following are the returning Legends of Wargaming events currently scheduled for Gary Con. To find these events in the registration catalog type "Legends of Wargaming" into the search field and all will be conveniently be pulled up for you!


    8:00 AM Knights of Camelot (Douglas Waltman)
    8:00 AM Escape from Colditz (George Henion)
    9:00 AM Sturmgeschutz & Sorcery -- Panzers vs. Dragons (Mike Reese, Ben Reese)
    9:00 AM Circus Maximus Qualifier - Aegyptus (Gizmo Mathboy)
    10:00 AM Nuclear War (Edwin Stahlnecker)
    10:00 AM Dungeon! (Dave Megarry)
    12:00 PM Dawn Patrol Warmup (George Henion)
    2:00 PM Quest! The Underworld of Tekumel (Bill Hoyt)
    2:00 PM Dungeon! (Dave Megarry)
    2:00 PM Battle of the Hundred (Terry Kuntz)
    3:00 PM Dawn Patrol Hot Rod City (George Henion)
    6:00 PM Battle on the Ice (Mike Mornard)
    6:00 PM Divine Right (1979) (Mark Clover)
    7:00 PM Source of the Nile (Ross Maker)
    7:00 PM Fury of the Celts (Kevin Maurice)
    7:00 PM Dawn Patrol The Baron Strikes Back (George Henion)


    8:00 AM Knights of Camelot (Douglas Waltman)
    8:00 AM Siege of Bodenburg (Paul Stormberg)
    8:00 AM Dawn Patrol Early War (George Henion)
    8:00 AM Battle of the Hundred (Terry Kuntz)
    9:00 AM Circus Maximus Qualifier - Gallia (Gizmo Mathboy)
    10:00 AM Dungeon! (Dave Megarry)
    12:00 PM Dawn Patrol Mid-War (George Henion)
    1:00 PM Don't Give Up The Ship! (Mike Carr)
    2:00 PM Dungeon! (Dave Megarry)
    6:00 PM Dawn Patrol Late War (George Henion)
    6:00 PM Arab-Israeli War: Sinai Clash (Tibor Ipavic)
    7:00 PM Quest! The Underworld of Tekumel (Bill Hoyt)
    7:00 PM Source of the Nile (Ross Maker)
    7:00 PM Iron Bottom Sound (John Bobek)
    7:00 PM Legions of the Petal Throne (Victor Raymond)
    7:00 PM Viking Raid! (Terry Kuntz)


    8:00 AM Dawn Patrol Brisfits at Dawn (Skip Williams)
    8:00 AM Knights of Camelot (Douglas Waltman)
    8:00 AM Warriors of Mars! (Edwin Stahlnecker)
    8:00 AM Battle of the Moathouse (Paul Stormberg)
    9:00 AM Little Wars For Queen and Country (John Bobek)
    9:00 AM Sturmgeschutz & Sorcery -- Krunchy Outside… (Mike Reese, Ben Reese)
    9:00 AM Circus Maximus Qualifier - Hispania (Gizmo Mathboy)
    10:00 AM Dungeon! (Dave Megarry)
    10:00 AM Annual Interplanar Melee Battle Madness! (Dave "Zeb" Cook)
    10:00 AM Battle for Blumville (Allen Hammack)
    12:00 PM Dawn Patrol Open Gaming (George Henion)
    1:00 PM Remagen Bridgehead (Jon Pickens)
    2:00 PM Dungeon! (Dave Megarry)
    2:00 PM Little Wars For Queen and Country (John Bobek)
    2:00 PM Battle for Blumville (Steve Winter)
    2:00 PM Cavaliers and Roundheads (Jeff Perren, Terry Kuntz)
    3:00 PM Gary Gygax's Dragonchess (Douglas Waltman)
    3:00 PM Quest! The Underworld of Tekumel (Bill Hoyt)
    4:00 PM Arneson's D&D Battle in the Skies 1973 (M. Griffith)
    6:00 PM Arab-Israeli War: Jiradi Pass (Tibor Ipavic)
    7:00 PM Iron Bottom Sound (John Bobek)
    7:00 PM Circus Maximus Finals (Gizmo Mathboy)
    7:00 PM Battle of Brown Hills (Nathan Lyke, Mike Sefton)
    8:00 PM Dawn Patrol Open Gaming (George Henion)


    8:00 AM Avalon Hill Naval War (Edwin Stahlnecker)
    8:00 AM Knights of Camelot (Douglas Waltman)
    8:00 AM Civilization (Mark Clover)
    8:00 AM Dawn Patrol Open Gaming (George Henion)
    9:00 AM Wreckus Maximus (Gizmo Mathboy)
    10:00 AM Nuclear War (Edwin Stahlnecker)
    10:00 AM Strategos N (Ross Maker)

    Free Events -- No Ticket Required!

    Open Every Day: The Gary Con Museum: 45 Years of Adventures! Each year in the Legends of Wargaming room, The Collector's Trove online auction house (www.thecollectorstrove.com) in conjunction with Gary Con, creates museum-quality displays featuring the history of the gaming hobby--The Gary Con Museum!

    This year we are proud to present: 45 Years of Adventures!

    Beginning in 1975, pre-made adventures made their debut with the Temple of the Frog and took the gaming world by storm! Take a stroll through the fascinating historical timeline and view amazing artifacts from the history of adventure modules! See original tournament adventures, manuscripts, art work, memorabilia, and a world class collection of the most sought after adventures ever amassed!

    Open Every Day: Chainmail Jousting—Saddle Up! Step up to the lists and see how you fare in the annual, Gary Con Chainmail Jousting Tourney! A dedicated gaming table will be set up with a beautiful diorama of vintage 70mm Elastolin figures and self-guided instructions to play. Face off with one of your friends or make a new one and challenge him to a tilt! Just 5-10 minutes to joust!

    Additional Special Events!

    In addition to the Legends of Wargaming events, we are proud to present the following incredible events:

    Friday 11 pm, Saturday 10:00 pm: There Be Dragons—Gary Gygax's Epic Fight for Dungeons & Dragons with Paul Stormberg and Adam Turner: Gary Gygax founded TSR, the company that brought Dungeons & Dragons to the world, with childhood friend Don Kaye in 1973. On this adventure, like so many he created, Gary was warned, There Be Dragons. His 12-year epic would be woven with immense challenges, tragic loss, incredible luck, troubling retreats, and brilliant victories. Join RPG historian Paul Stormberg along with co-host, screenwriter, Adam Turner, as they show a video-preview their soon to be released podcast, There Be Dragons.

    Paul and Adam retrace Gary's fight for the heart and soul of the company from 1973 through 1985. Their conversation follows a path of Gary's own letters, internal company memos, documents, and newsletters, industry gossip rags, personal stories, and filmed-interviews with the people who were there. Never before has this tale been told with such astounding insights and discoveries as well as heart-wrenching recollections and stunning revelations.

    Current Legends VIPs:

    · John Bobek
    · Mike Carr
    · Bill Hoyt
    · Terry Kuntz
    · Ross Maker
    · David Megarry
    · Bob Meyer
    · Michael Mornard
    · Jeff Perren
    · Mike Reese
    · David Wesely

    Become a Legends of Wargaming Marshal!

    Each year, The Collector’s Trove seeks out new events to host for Legends of Wargaming. Currently we are seeking new Game Marshals to teach and demonstrate just about any 1980s or earlier miniature game or board game.

    This year we are excited to have the following new Legends of Wargaming Marshals join us: David Thornley, John Ferguson, Tim Arthur, Brett Fuller, and Jim Wampler. Welcome aboard!

    Oftentimes our referees come up with new twists on the theme and use the old rules and even vintage equipment to conduct novel new games, so let your imagination run wild! Contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in being a part of this phenomenal program!
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    Paul - you and your team have put together a great line up. Thanks for all the passion and energy that you guys put into LoWG to make this part of Gary Con truly amazing.

  3. paul j. stormberg

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    Howdy Luke,

    Thanks! Could not do it with out your support!

    Futures Bright,

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    Thank you Paul, I'm very excited about this year's event --

    Mike Reese and I (his little kid whose now approaching 40...) are excited to be running 3 Legends games. I'll be volunteering in between health permitting.

    We've done a lot of work on our Dragons vs Tanks series of games! These are going to be fantastic.

    We have a special Star Wars Surprise too! Have you ever wondered how Lightsabers and Blasters would fare against Bows, Spears, and Spells...and Dragons? (not Ewoks. I'm not talking about Ewoks).

    Plus! We've done some real work on the Tractics game, and it'll be both a nostalgic callback to one of, if not the, first WWII wargames as well as provide a fun, more exciting experience than in previous years.

    Everything is based off new scenarios with some rules cleaning, and large volumes of miniatures.

    You can find all three games under Legends of Wargaming, run by Mike Reese and Benjamin Reese. I hope to see you all there!
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