Lejendary Adventure (1999/2005 - GG)

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    Unfortunately I have no news on the Mongoose product. I suspect it has been so long that most folks will have discarded the system and are playing something that is actually supported with new products. It is very sad IMO.
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    As I've found regardless of whether you're playing the game or not "all things by Gary" are worth checking out and Legendary Adventures is no exception. The classes can be used directly with D&D by reversing the levels so thats no problem. The monsters take a little more effort but as some of them were in D20 products thats already been done for you somewhat (depending if you agree with the converter or not! ;) ). The magic items are good you just need a few tweeks. I've never seen the redo or the new redo versions but I have the original players, masters, beasts, screen and some miscellany and I might just sit down and play it some day but I would need someone that doesn't get turned off by illustrations (as some of them were very strong flavored not horrid or anything but the opposite).
  3. I did this a while back as an NPC order and thought I'd put it here as well...(you may have seen it on Dragonsfoot).

    The Dock Worker Order
    Low Society
    The loading and unloading of goods from seafaring vessels has given rise to this specialized group of laborers. Their society is found in all towns and cities that have a port for trade. Typical places for association are waterfront dives, docks and wharves, portside inns and taverns.
    The required Abilities are Physique, Urbane, Waterfaring, Unarmed Combat

    12th Rank, Hand. Physique only possessed. No benefit save contact.
    11th Rank, Hoister. Physique and Urbane possessed. Guild membership available. Add 1 point to Weapons Ability.
    10th Rank, Wharfie. Physique, Urbane and Waterfaring possessed. Gain a pack mule and add 2 points to Urbane Ability.
    9th Rank, Docker. All four required Abilities possessed. Gain a small 2-wheeled cart and lading tackle. Add 2 points to each of the four required Abilities possessed, but addition to Physique Ability can not then cause the Avatar to move to higher Rank. If this would occur, then limit addition to the last point total in the category.
    8th Rank, Teamster. Physique at 61. Add 3 points to each of the other Abilities.
    7th Rank, Longshoreman. Physique at 71. Add 3 points to each of the other Abilities.
    6th Rank, Stevedore. Physique at 81. Add Mechanics Ability at 20 or add 10 to Mechanics if already possessed.
    5th Rank, Foreman. Physique at 91. Add 2 points to each of the other Abilities.
    4th Rank, Pier Chief. Physique at 101. Add 2 points to each of the other Abilities.
    3rd Rank, Wharf Captain. Physique at 111. Add Commerce Ability at 20 or add 10 to Commerce if already possessed.
    2nd Rank, Quay Master. Physique at 121. Add 2 points to each of the other Abilities.
    1st Rank, Port Boss. Physique at 131. Add Evaluation Ability at 20 or add 10 to Evaluation if already possessed.
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    Thanks for the news deogolf, I didn't knew it.

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